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As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
11001 Andrewulff 1979 MF André Wulff, German amateur astronomer
11002 Richardlis 1979 MD1 *
11003 Andronov 1979 TT2 *
11004 Stenmark 1980 FJ1 Lars Stenmark, Swedish nanotechnology specialist
11005 Waldtrudering 1980 PP1 Waldtrudering, a residential area in Munich, Bavaria, where the discoverer and his family have lived since 1980
11006 Gilson 1980 TZ3 *
11011 KIAM 1981 UK11 Moscow's Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics*
11012 Henning 1982 JH2 *
11013 Kullander 1982 QP1 Sven Kullander, Swedish physicist
11014 Svätopluk 1982 QY1 Svätopluk, king of Great Moravia*
11015 Romanenko 1982 SJ7 Yuri Victorovitch Romanenko, Russian cosmonaut*
11016 Borisov 1982 SG12 Galin Borisov, Bulgarian astronomer*
11017 Billputnam 1983 BD *
11019 Hansrott 1984 HR Hans Rott, Austrian composer
11020 Orwell 1984 OG George Orwell, British writer
11021 Foderà 1986 AT2 Giorgia Foderà Serio, Associate Professor of History of Astronomy at the University of Palermo*
11022 Serio 1986 EJ1 Giorgia Foderà Serio, Associate Professor of History of Astronomy at the University of Palermo*
11027 Astaf'ev 1986 RX5 *
11037 Distler 1989 CD6 *
11039 Raynal 1989 GH2 Guillaume Thomas François Raynal, French historian and philosopher*
11040 Wundt 1989 RG1 Wilhelm Wundt, German physiologist and psychologist*
11041 Fechner 1989 SH2 Gustav Fechner, German experimental psychologist*
11042 Ernstweber 1989 VD1 Ernst Heinrich Weber, German physician*
11043 Pepping 1989 YX6 Ernst Pepping, German composer*
11050 Messiaen 1990 TE7 Olivier Messiaen, French composer, organist, and ornithologist*
11051 Racine 1990 VH12 Jean Racine, French playwright, or René Racine, Canadian astronomer*
11055 Honduras 1991 GT2 Honduras*
11056 Volland 1991 LE2 Hans Volland, German astronomer*
11061 Lagerlöf 1991 RS40 Selma Lagerlöf, Swedish author, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1909*
11063 Poynting 1991 VC6 John Henry Poynting, English physicist*
11064 Dogen 1991 WB *
11066 Sigurd 1992 CC1 *
11067 Greenancy 1992 DC3 *
11072 Hiraoka 1992 GP *
11073 Cavell 1992 RA4 Edith Cavell, English nurse who was executed by the Germans in World War I*
11074 Kuniwake 1992 SC1 *
11075 Dönhoff 1992 SP26 Countess Marion Dönhoff (Marion Hedda Ilse, Gräfin Dönhoff), German journalist and Hitler resistance participant
11079 Mitsunori 1993 AJ *
11082 Spilliaert 1993 JW Léon Spilliaert, 19th/20th-century Belgian painter
11083 Caracas 1993 RZ6 Caracas, Venezuela*
11084 Giò 1993 SG3 Nickname of Giuseppe Schilirò, Italian student
11085 Isala 1993 SS6 *
11086 Nagatayuji 1993 TC1 *
11087 Yamasakimakoto 1993 TK1 *
11090 Popelin 1994 CT12 Claudius Popelin, French poet*
11091 Thelonious 1994 DP Thelonious Sphere Monk, jazz pianist and composer*
11092 Iwakisan 1994 ED *
11094 Cuba 1994 PG17 Cuba*
11095 Havana 1994 PJ22 Havana, Cuba*
11098 Ginsberg 1995 GC2 *
11099 Sonodamasaki 1995 HL *
11100 Lai 1995 KC *
11101 Českáfilharmonie 1995 SH Czech Philharmonic Orchestra*
11102 Bertorighini 1995 SZ4 Alberto Righini, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Florence and Arcetri Observatory
11103 Miekerouppe 1995 SX19 Mieke Rouppe, member of the Dutch resistance in The Hague in World War II
11104 Airion 1995 TQ *
11105 Puchnarová 1995 UR2 Dana Puchnarová, Czech painter and graphic artist
11107 Hakkoda 1995 UU4 *
11108 Hachimantai 1995 UJ6 *
11109 Iwatesan 1995 UG8 *
11111 Repunit 1995 WL A repunit ("repeated unity") is a number consisting solely of the digit 1. The term was coined by Albert H. Beiler in his 1964 book Recreations in the Theory of Numbers
11112 Cagnoli 1995 WM2 Antonio Cagnoli, 18th-19th century Italian astronomer, who helped establish the Società Italiana ("Italian Society"), a.k.a. the Società dei XL ("Society of the Forty"), ancestor of the Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze detta dei XL ("National Academy of Sciences known as the Forty")
11115 Kariya 1995 WC7 *
11118 Modra 1996 PK Astronomické observatórium Modra-Piesok (Astronomical Observatory of Modra-Piesok), near Modra, Slovakia
11119 Taro 1996 PS9 *
11120 Pancaldi 1996 QD1 *
11121 Malpighi 1996 RD1 Marcello Malpighi, Italian physiologist*
11122 Eliscolombini 1996 RQ2 *
11123 Aliciaclaire 1996 RT24 *
11124 Mikulášek 1996 TR9 Zdeněk Mikulášek, Czech astronomer
11126 Doleček 1996 TC15 *
11127 Hagi 1996 UH1 *
11128 Ostravia 1996 VP Latin name for Ostrava, Czech Republic
11129 Hayachine 1996 VS5 *
11132 Horne 1996 WU *
11133 Kumotori 1996 XY *
11134 České Budějovice 1996 XO2 České Budějovice, Czech Republic
11135 Ryokami 1996 XF3 *
11136 Shirleymarinus 1996 XW12 *
11137 Yarigatake 1996 XE19 *
11138 Hotakadake 1996 XC31 *
11140 Yakedake 1997 AP1 Yakedake volcano, Japan
11141 Jindrawalter 1997 AX14 Jindřich Walter, Czech physicist
11142 Facchini 1997 AP17 *
11144 Radiocommunicata 1997 CR1 Radio communication, in honour of the Kleť broadcasting tower staff
11145 Emanuelli 1997 QH1 Pio Emanuelli, Italian astronomer
11146 Kirigamine 1997 WD3 Kirigamine, one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains"
11147 Delmas 1997 XT5 *
11148 Einhardress 1997 XO8 *
11149 Tateshina 1997 XZ9 Tateshina volcano, one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains"
11150 Bragg 1997 YG1 Sir William Henry Bragg, English physicist*
11151 Oodaigahara 1997 YZ2 Mount Ōdaigahara, one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains", in the National Park of Yoshino-Kumano and a UNESCO world heritage site
11152 Oomine 1997 YH5 Mount Ōmine, in the middle of the Kii peninsula, in the National Park of Yoshino-Kumano, one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains", a UNESCO world heritage site
11154 Kobushi 1997 YD10 Mount Kobushi, one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains", in the Oku-Chichibu area, stretching over the three states of Kōshū, Bushu, and Shinshu
11155 Kinpu 1997 YW13 Mount Kinpu, one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains", in the Oku-Chichibu area
11156 Al-Khwarismi 1997 YP14 Al-Khwarizmi, Persian scientist*
11158 Cirou 1998 AJ6 *
11159 Mizugaki 1998 BH1 *
11161 Daibosatsu 1998 BA8 *
11163 Milešovka 1998 CR Milešovka, the highest mountain in the Bohemian Highlands (Czech České středohoří), on the occasion of 100 years of observations from the meteorological observatory there
11166 Anatolefrance 1998 DF34 Anatole France, French writer
11167 Kunžak 1998 FD3 Kunžak, a village with a little observatory in south Bohemia, the Czech Republic*
11169 Alkon 1998 FW33 Family name of a Ceres Connection program winner's grandfather*
11173 Jayanderson 1998 FA59 *
11174 Carandrews 1998 FR67 Carolyn Andrews Ceres Connection winner 2002*
11176 Batth 1998 FD68 *
11184 Postma 1998 HJ9 Sep Postma, member of the Dutch resistance in World War II
11187 Richoliver 1998 KO4 *
11189 Rabeaton 1998 QQ43 *
11190 Jennibell 1998 RM52 *
11191 Paskvić 1998 XW16 Ivan Paskvić (Paquich Ja'nos), Croatian founder and director of the Buda Observatory on St. Gellért's Hill, built by Nagyszombat University after its move
11193 Mérida 1998 XN96 *
11194 Mirna 1998 YE Mirna river, Croatia
11195 Woomera 1999 AY22 Woomera, South Australia
11196 Michanikos 1999 BO9 *
11197 Beranek 1999 CY25 *
11201 Talich 1999 EL5 Václav Talich (1883–1961), a well-known Czech conductor.
11202 Teddunham 1999 FA10 Edward W. Dunham (b. 1952), an astronomer at the Lowell Observatory.
11203 Danielbetten 1999 FV26 Daniel Price Betten (b. 1987), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his earth and space sciences project.
11206 Bibee 1999 FR29 Kristin Page Bibee (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her biochemistry project.
11207 Black 1999 FQ58 Maribeth Joanne Black (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her microbiology project.
11212 Tebbutt 1999 HS John Tebbutt, Australian astronomer.
11219 Benbohn 1999 JN20 Benjamin Josef Bohn (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his engineering project.
11225 Borden 1999 JD36 Timothy Calvin Borden (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his environmental science project.
11227 Ksenborisova 1999 JR43 Ksenia V. Borisova (b. 1983), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her medicine and health project.
11228 Botnick 1999 JW49 Aaron Michael Botnick (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his computer science project.
11229 Brookebowers 1999 JX52 Brooke Nacole Bowers (b. 1986), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her zoology project.
11238 Johanmaurits 2044 P-L Duke Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen, Dutch humanist who governed Dutch Brazil in the 17th century
11239 Marcgraf 4141 P-L Georg Marcgraf, Dutch astronomer who studied the southern skies from Brazil in the 17th century
11240 Piso 4175 P-L Willem Piso, Dutch physician who studied the flora and fauna of Brazil in the 17th century
11241 Eckhout 6792 P-L Albert Eckhout, Dutch painter who took part in an expedition to Brazil in the 17th century
11242 Franspost 2144 T-1 Frans Post, Dutch painter, one of the first European artists active in the Americas in the 17th century
11243 de Graauw 2157 T-1 Matthijs W. M. de Graauw, Dutch infrared and submillimeter astronomer
11244 Andrékuipers 4314 T-2 André Kuipers, Dutch physician and European Space Agency astronaut
11245 Hansderijk 3100 T-3 Johannes A. F. de Rijk (a.k.a. Bruno Ernst), Dutch science writer
11246 Orvillewright 4250 T-3 Orville Wright, American aviator.
11247 Wilburwright 4280 T-3 Wilbur Wright, American aviator.
11248 Blériot 4354 T-3 Louis Blériot, French aviator.
11249 Etna 1971 FD Mount Etna, Sicily.
11251 Icarion 1973 SN1 Icarion, the son of Ebalus of Sparta. By the nymph Periboea, Icarion was the father of Penelope.
11252 Laërtes 1973 SA2 Laërtes, king of Ithaca, was the son of Arcisius, who in turn was a son of Zeus. Laërtes was the husband of Anticleia and father of Odysseus.
11253 Mesyats 1976 UP2 Gennadij Andreevich Mesyats (b. 1936), a Russian physicist.
11254 Konkohekisui 1977 DL2 Konko Hekisui (1909–1989), a Japanese poet and sometime director of the library in Konko, Okayama prefecture.
11255 Fujiiekio 1977 DC4 Fujii Ekio (1910–1990), an amateur astronomer and sometime director of the Okayama Astronomy Museum.
11256 Fuglesang 1978 RO8 Christer Fuglesang, the first Swedish astronaut
11257 Rodionta 1978 TP2 Tatiana Vladimirovna Rodionova (b. 1964) is an engineer in Orenburg, wife of Igor' Victorovich Rodionov, building engineer, and the discoverer's friend.
11258 Aoyama 1978 VP1 Aoyama Gakuin, a Christian educational institute founded in 1874, is the discoverer's Alma Mater.
11261 Krisbecker 1978 XK Kris Jay Becker (b. 1959), a senior computer scientist at the United States Geological Survey Astrogeology Science Center.
11263 Pesonen 1979 OA Lauri Pesonen (b. 1944), an emeritus Professor of geophysics at the University of Helsinki.
11264 Claudiomaccone 1979 UC4 Claudio Maccone, Italian scientist at the Alenia Spazio in Turin, participant in the design of several scientific space missions
11268 Spassky 1985 UF5 Igor' Dmitrievich Spassky (b. 1926), a specialist on shipbuilding and a great authority on creation of ice-resistant oil-and-gas production platforms and high-speed railway transport. He is an honored citizen of Saint Petersburg.
11269 Knyr 1987 QG10 Igor' Ivanovich Knyr (b. 1963), an engineer and specialist on the introduction of new techniques in industry and a friend of the discoverer's family.
11277 Ballard 1988 TW2 Robert D. Ballard (b. 1942), a marine scientist.
11278 Telesio 1989 SD3 Bernardino Telesio (1509–1588), an Italian philosopher and natural scientist.
11280 Sakurai 1989 TY10 Yukio Sakurai (b. 1953), a local government official and an amateur astronomer in Japan.
11282 Hanakusa 1989 UY2 Kiyotaka Hanakusa (b. 1956), director of the Seiwa Kogen Observatory since 1995, is an astronomy scholar and popularizer of astronomy in Kumamoto Prefecture.
11284 Belenus 1990 BA Belenus, husband of Belisana, is the Gaulish god of light, with responsibilities also to sheep and cattle.
11289 Frescobaldi 1991 PA2 Girolamo Frescobaldi, Italian composer.
11292 Bunjisuzuki 1991 RC28 Bunji Suzuki (b. 1955), a high-school teacher and an amateur astrophysicist specializing in comets.
11296 Denzen 1992 KA Aoudou Denzen, 18th-19th-century Japanese painter and copper plate engraver of the Edo period
11298 Gide 1992 RE6 André Gide (1869–1951), a French writer, humanist and moralist.
11299 Annafreud 1992 SA22 Anna Freud (1895–1982), the youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud, escaped with her father in 1938 Austria and settled in London. In 1936 she published Das Ich und die Abwehrmechanismen. She is considered the founder of child psychoanalysis.
11302 Rubicon 1993 BM5 The Rubicon (Latin Rubico) was a small river that separated ancient Cisalpine Gaul from Italy.
11304 Cowra 1993 DJ Cowra in New South Wales, Australia, is a tourist destination.
11309 Malus 1993 PC7 Étienne-Louis Malus (1775–1812), a French physicist.
11311 Peleus 1993 XN2 Peleus, king of the Myrmidons in Thessaly, helped Heracles conquer Troy. He was married to the goddess Thetis.
11313 Kügelgen 1994 GE10 Gerhard von Kügelgen (1772–1820) and his son Wilhelm von Kügelgen (1802–1867), prominent German painters.
11314 Charcot 1994 NR1 Jean-Martin Charcot (1825–1893), one of France's greatest medical clinicians.
11315 Salpêtrière 1994 NS1 "Salpêtrière Hospital", a famous neurological clinic.
11316 Fuchitatsuo 1994 TR3 Tatsuo Fuchi (b. 1952), a computer technology specialist and amateur astronomer.
11317 Hitoshi 1994 TX12 Hitoshi Hasegawa (b. 1957), a computer programer and an amateur planetary scientist.
11321 Tosimatumoto 1995 DE1 Tosikazu Matumoto (b. 1941), a comet hunter in Takefu, Fukui prefecture.
11322 Aquamarine 1995 QT Aquamarine is the name of a Japanese duo group, Sachiko (b. 1975) and Mimas (b. 1971). They sing of stars and the universe. Their COSMOS is the main theme song of the "Star Week" event, produced by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.
11323 Nasu 1995 QC2 Eiichi Nasu (b. 1955) was chief editor of the newsletter Astro Oita of the Astronomical Society of Oita for more than ten years, beginning in 1979. He is now the director of this society.
11324 Hayamizu 1995 QQ3 Tsutomu Hayamizu (b. 1962), associate director of the Sendai Space Hall and Observatory since 1997.
11325 Slavický 1995 SG Klement Slavický (1910–1999), an outstanding Czech composer.
11326 Ladislavschmied 1995 SL Ladislav Schmied, Czech amateur astronomer
11328 Mariotozzi 1995 UL Mario Tozzi, Italian geologist, author, and president of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park
11332 Jameswatt 1996 GO20 James Watt, Scottish mathematician and engineer.
11333 Forman 1996 HU Milos Forman (b. 1932), a Czech films director.
11334 Rio de Janeiro 1996 HM18 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
11335 Santiago 1996 HW23 Santiago, Chile.
11336 Piranesi 1996 NS3 Giambattista Piranesi, 18th-century Venetian architect and etcher, one of the main inspirers of neoclassicism
11337 Sandro 1996 PG1 Sandro Bartolini (b. 1974), the elder son of the first discoverer.
11338 Schiele 1996 TL9 Egon Schiele, Austrian painter
11339 Orlík 1996 VM5 Orlík, castle in South Bohemia, Czech Republic
11341 Babbage 1996 XE2 Charles Babbage, a British mathematician.
11348 Allegra 1997 BG9 Allegra Noccioli (b. 1999) is the daughter of Fabrizio Noccioli, an amateur astronomer in the Montelupo Group.
11349 Witten 1997 JH16 Edward Witten (b. 1951), a physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and one of the premier theoretical physicists of our time.
11350 Teresa 1997 QN4 Teresa Chercoles (b. 1951), wife of Rafael Pacheco, passes many nights at home while Pacheco and his colleagues are at the observatory enjoying the minor planets.
11352 Koldewey 1997 WP22 Eberhard Koldewey (b. 1937), at the DLR Institute of Space Sensor Technology and Planetary Exploration, contributed to the upgrade of the Bochum telescope at the European Southern Observatory, where he participated in many observing campaigns on minor planets. The naming is on the occasion of his retirement.
11353 Guillaume 1997 XX5 Guillaume Scholl (b. 1987) tested early versions of an automatic code for detecting minor planets developed by his father, astronomer Hans Scholl of the Observatoire de la Côte d´Azur. As a result, recent versions of the code are more user friendly.
11356 Chuckjones 1997 YA Charles Martin "Chuck" Jones, American animator, artist, screenwriter, producer, and director of animated films.
11359 Piteglio 1998 BP24 Piteglio, a village in Tuscany
11360 Formigine 1998 DL14 Formigine, a small Italian town located 10 km south of Modena.
11363 Vives 1998 EB12 Juan Luis Vives (1492–1540), a Spanish humanist.
11364 Karlštejn 1998 FB3 The Gothic castle at Karlstejn was built in 1348 by Charles IV in the Kingdom of Bohemia, 27 km from the capital, Prague, to guard the crown jewels and state charters. The castle has survived well preserved to the present day, and it symbolizes Czech statehood within Europe.
11365 NASA 1998 FK126 NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
11369 Brazelton 1998 QE33 Mary Augusta Brazelton (b. 1986), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her mathematics project.
11370 Nabrown 1998 QD35 Nachelle Diane Brown (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her engineering project.
11371 Camley 1998 QO38 Brian Andrew Camley (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his biochemistry project.
11373 Carbonaro 1998 QG49 Nicole Jean Carbonaro (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her physics project.
11374 Briantaylor 1998 QU60 Brian W. Taylor (b. 1964), a Lowell Observatory instrumentation software specialist, designed the controller for LONEOS and other observatory CCD cameras.
11376 Taizomuta 1998 SY5 Taizo Muta (b. 1937) is a physicist. His main interest is in the application of quantum field theory to particle physics. He is a discoverer of the MS-bar scheme in quantum chromodynamics. An amateur astronomer, he is currently serving as president of Hiroshima University.
11377 Nye 1998 SH59 Ralph A. Nye (b. 1945), Lowell Observatory's instrument designer.
11378 Dauria 1998 SV60 Florida amateur astronomer Tippy D´Auria (b. 1935) is founder of the Winter Star Party.
11379 Flaubert 1998 SY74 Gustave Flaubert, French author.
11384 Sartre 1998 SW143 Jean-Paul Sartre, French writer and philosopher.
11385 Beauvoir 1998 SP147 Simone de Beauvoir, French author, philosopher, and feminist.
11392 Paulpeeters 1998 WC3 Paul Peeters, Belgian amateur astronomer.
11400 Raša 1999 AT21 Raša river, Croatia
11401 Pierralba 1999 AF25 *
11404 Wittig 1999 BX4 Sigmar Wittig, German chairman of the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center, head of the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery at the University of Karlsruhe, vice-president of the German Research Foundation and chair of the European Space Agency Council
11406 Ucciocontin 1999 CY14 Aurelio (Uccio) Contin, Croatian pharmacist, amateur scientist, diver and naturalist
11408 Zahradník 1999 EG3 Rudolf Zahradník, Czech chemist, co-founder of the Czech school of quantum chemistry, founding father and first president of the Učená společnost České republiky (Learned Society of the Czech Republic), and first president of the Akademie věd České republiky (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
11409 Horkheimer 1999 FD9 Jack Horkheimer, American popularizer of astronomy
11413 Catanach 1999 JG21 Therese Ann Catanach, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)*
11414 Allanchu 1999 JU26 Allan Chu, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)*
11417 Chughtai 1999 JW117 *
11419 Donjohnson 1999 KS2 Don Johnson, American actor*
11421 Cardano 1999 LW2 Gerolamo Cardano (a.k.a. Jérôme Cardan), Italian mathematician, physician, astrologer, and gambler*
11422 Alilienthal 1999 LD7 Alfred Lilienthal, Jewish author, or Alfred Lilienthal, businessman in Berlin in the 1930s, or Andor Lilienthal, Soviet chess player?*
11423 Cronin 1999 LT24 *
11425 Wearydunlop 1999 MF Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop, Australian surgeon*
11426 Molster 2527 P-L Lucia Glen Molster, daughter of Dutch astronomers Frank and Nathalie Molster
11427 Willemkolff 2611 P-L Willem Johan Kolff, Dutch-born American internist, inventor of the kidney dialysis machine
11428 Alcinoös 4139 P-L Alcinoös, King of the Phaiacians, father of Nausicaa*
11429 Demodokus 4655 P-L Demodokus, blind minstrel in the Odyssey*
11430 Lodewijkberg 9560 P-L Lodewijk van den Berg, Dutch-born American astronaut
11431 Karelbosscha 4843 T-1 Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha, Dutch tea planter, co-founder of the Lembang Observatory near Bandung in the Dutch East Indies, uncle of Rudolf Albert Kerkhoven
11432 Kerkhoven 1052 T-2 Rudolf Albert Kerkhoven, Dutch tea planter, co-founder of the Lembang Observatory near Bandung in the Dutch East Indies, nephew of Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha
11433 Gemmafrisius 3474 T-3 Gemma Frisius (a.k.a. Gemma Phrysius, Gemma Reyneri), 16th-century Dutch geographer, scientist, and physician, teacher of Mercator
11437 Cardalda 1971 SB Carlos Cardalda, 19th-20th-century Argentine amateur astronomer, cofounder of the Asociación Argentina "Amigos de la Astronomía" (Argentinian Association of Amateur Astronomers) and instrumental in founding the Asociación de Aficionados a la Astronomía Uruguay
11438 Zel'dovich 1973 QR1 Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich, Soviet physicist*
11441 Anadiego 1975 YD Ana Teresa Diego, an outstanding undergraduate student at La Plata Astronomical.
11442 Seijin-Sanso 1976 UN14 Seijin-Sanso, near Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture, is the observing station where famed comet and nova hunter Minoru Honda discovered four of his 12 novae. He was observing there in 1990 on the last night of his life.
11444 Peshekhonov 1978 QA2 Vladimir Grigor'evich Peshekhonov, Russian specialist in naval and space navigation, director of the Central Scientific Research Institute "Electropribor", St. Petersburg ]
11445 Fedotov 1978 SC7 Victor Andreevich Fedotov (1933–2001), the brilliant conductor of performances in Mariinskij Theatre for more than 35 years.
11446 Betankur 1978 TO8 Agustín de Betancourt (Avgustin Avgustinovich Betankur), Spanish engineer and urban planner*
11449 Stephwerner 1979 QP Stephanie C. Werner, German geophysicist and areologist
11450 Shearer 1979 QJ1 Andrew Shearer, Irish astrophysicist
11451 Aarongolden 1979 QR1 Aaron Golden, Irish astrophysicist
11473 Barbaresco 1982 SC Barbaresco is a beautiful little town in the Langhe region of Piedmont.
11476 Stefanosimoni 1984 HH1 Stefano Simoni, Italian amateur astronomer.
11480 Velikij Ustyug 1986 RW5 Veliky Ustyug, Russia*
11481 Znannya 1987 WO1 The scientific society Znannya was founded in Kiev in 1948 by Ukrainian astronomer Sergej Konstantinovich Vsekhsvyatskij and other scientists. Znannya propagates knowledge in astronomy, physics, history and other sciences in Ukraine and elsewhere.
11484 Daudet 1988 DF2 Alphonse Daudet, French novelist*
11485 Zinzendorf 1988 RW3 Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf, German religious and social reformer*
11492 Shimose 1988 VR3 Nobuo Shimose (born 1944) is well known in Yamaguchi prefecture as a professional cameraman of the first order, as well as an amateur astronomer. He is also the leader of the Yamaguchi Astronomical Society and the Hagi Astronomical Club.
11494 Hibiki 1988 VM9 Sea of Hibiki, between the Fukuoka and Yamaguchi prefecture
11495 Fukunaga 1988 XR Yasutoshi Fukunaga (born 1951) is a well-known amateur astronomer in Yamaguchi prefecture, the site of frequent star parties. He is the head of the astronomy club in his home in the Syunan area.
11496 Grass 1989 AG7 Günter Grass, German writer, sculptor and graphic artist.
11498 Julgeerts 1989 GS4 Julien Armand Geerts (born 1909) is a well-known commercial artist in Belgium. He was for many years a good friend of the discoverer's parents.
11499 Duras 1989 RL Marguerite Duras (Marguerite Donnadieu), French writer and film director*
11500 Tomaiyowit 1989 UR Tomaiyowit, Earth Mother in the Luiseno creation story; together with Tukmit, she gave birth to the First People
11504 Kazo 1990 BT Kazo, a city in Saitama prefecture, 50 km north of Tokyo.
11506 Toulouse-Lautrec 1990 ES1 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French painter.
11508 Stolte 1990 TF13 Dieter Stolte (born 1934) served for 20 years as director general of ZDF, the public German TV net and one of the largest European TV stations. A professor of media research, Stolte initiated international TV channels (ARTE, 3SAT) in a European cooperation.
11509 Thersilochos 1990 VL6 Thersilochos, a Trojan warrior from the rich valleys of Paeonia. He showed up, together with Hector, at the battle for the dead body of Patrocles. He was later killed by Achilles.
11510 Borges 1990 VV8 Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986), an Argentine poet and short-story writer.
11514 Tsunenaga 1991 CO1 In 1613, Hasekura Tsunenaga (1571–1622) led the first Japanese mission across the Pacific to the Americas (in Mexico), and he continued across the Atlantic to Europe, where he met with king Philip III of Spain and pope Paul V. His portrait was designated a national treasure for the first time in Sendai in June 2001.
11516 Arthurpage 1991 ED Arthur Page, Australian astronomer, founder of the Astronomical Association of Queensland
11517 Esteracuna 1991 EA4 Maria Ester Acuna Castillo (born 1951), a caretaker at the Manuel Foster Observatory for several decades.
11518 Jung 1991 GB3 Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist.
11519 Adler 1991 GZ4 Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist.
11520 Fromm 1991 GE8 Erich Fromm (1900–1980), a German psychoanalyst.
11521 Erikson 1991 GE9 Erik H. Erikson (1902–1994), a German-American psychoanalyst.
11524 Pleyel 1991 PY2 Ignaz Jozef Pleyel (1757–1831), an Austro-French composer.
11528 Mie 1991 XH Mie Nagata (b. 1963), a lecturer at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo from 1988 to 1994.
11530 d'Indy 1992 CP2 Vincent d'Indy, a French composer.
11533 Akebäck 1992 EG6 Akebäck, small parish centrally situated on Gotland.
11537 Guericke 1992 HY6 Otto von Guericke, a German physicist.
11542 Solikamsk 1992 SU21 Solikamsk, a city in the Perm region of Russia on the Kama river, well known for its saltmines.
11545 Hashimoto 1992 UE4 Kunihiko Hashimoto (born 1951), a Japanese amateur astronomer and a long-time member of the Fukuoka Astronomical Society.
11546 Miyoshimachi 1992 UM6 Miyoshi Town, located in Saitama, was founded by the Kawagoe feudal lord, Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, in 1694.
11547 Griesser 1992 UP8 Markus Griesser, Swiss amateur astronomer
11548 Jerrylewis 1992 WD8 Jerry Lewis, American comedian.
11552 Boucolion 1993 BD4 Boucolion, father of Pedasos and Aesopos.
11553 Scheria 1993 BD6 The island of Scheria (Corfu), one of the Greek Ionian islands, was first mentioned in Homer's Odyssey.
11554 Asios 1993 BZ12 Asios, a Trojan warrior and one of the leaders in the assault on the Greek wall. He challenged Idomeneos and was killed by him.
11569 Virgilsmith 1993 KB2 The design and construction abilities of Virgil Smith (born 1941), of Corona, Arizona, have resulted in the successful completion of the Jarnac Observatory, located at the home of the second discoverer.
11571 Daens 1993 OR8 Adolf Daens, a Flemish priest at Aalst.
11572 Schindler 1993 RM7 Oskar Schindler (1905–1974), a German industrialist.
11573 Helmholtz 1993 SK3 Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821–1894), a German doctor, physiologist and physicist.
11574 d'Alviella 1994 BP3 Count Goblet d´Aviella, a Belgian historian.
11577 Einasto 1994 CO17 Jaan Einasto, Estonian astronomer, one of the discoverers of dark matter
11578 Cimabue 1994 EB Cimabue, a great Italian painter.
11579 Tsujitsuka 1994 JN Takashi Tsujitsuka (born 1961) is an elementary school teacher and a well-known amateur astronomer in Fukuoka prefecture. His main interests lie in observing stellar occultations at his private observatory, where he also indulges in his favorite pastime of polishing mirrors for reflecting telescopes.
11580 Bautzen 1994 JG4 Bautzen, Germany.
11581 Philipdejager 1994 PK9 Philip de Jager, a Belgian percussionist.
11582 Bleuler 1994 PC14 Eugen Bleuler, Swiss psychiatrist.
11583 Breuer 1994 PZ28 Jozef Breuer, an Austrian physician.
11584 Ferenczi 1994 PP39 Sándor Ferenczi, Hungarian psychoanalyst
11585 Orlandelassus 1994 RB17 Orlande de Lassus a.k.a. Roland Delattre, 16th-century Franco-Flemish composer.
11588 Gottfriedkeller 1994 UZ12 Gottfried Keller (1819–1890), a Swiss author.
11592 Clintkelly 1995 FA7 Clint Kelly, senior vice president for Advanced Technology Development at Science Applications International Corporation since 1988.
11593 Uchikawa 1995 HK Yoshihisa Uchikawa (born 1947) is one of the leading amateur astronomers from Saga prefecture and the Kyushu district.
11595 Monsummano 1995 KN Monsummano Terme, a village in Northern Tuscany
11598 Kubík 1995 OJ The discoverer's brother, Jakub Saroun, is a talented amateur musician and photographer.
11600 Cipolla 1995 SQ2 Carlo Cipolla, a skillful chemist and amateur astronomer.
11602 Miryang 1995 ST54 Miryang, South Korea, birthplace of the discovery team leader's wife, Chung-hi Koh (Helen) Weber
11604 Novigrad 1995 UB1 Novigrad, also known as Novigrad Istarski and Cittanova d´Istria, a town and a municipality in Istria, Croatia.
11605 Ranfagni 1995 UP6 Piero Ranfagni, technician at Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory; on the staff of the TIRGO Telescope and in the project office of the Large Binocular Telescope
11606 Almary 1995 UU6 *
11612 Obu 1995 YZ1 *
11614 Istropolitana 1996 AD2 Universitas Istropolitana (Academia Istropolitana), Bratislava, Slovakia*
11615 Naoya 1996 AE4 *
11621 Duccio 1996 PJ5 *
11622 Samuele 1996 RD4 Samuele Marconi, amateur astronomer at the Pian dei Termini Observatory in San Marcello Pistoiese*
11623 Kagekatu 1996 TC10 *
11625 Francelinda 1996 UL1 Francesca and Linda Tesi, granddaughters of the co-discoverer Luciano Tesi
11626 Church Stretton 1996 VW2 Church Stretton, South Shropshire, England, the discovery site
11628 Katuhikoikeda 1996 VB5 Katuhiko Ikeda, Japanese professional engineer and amateur astronomer, who helps maintain the Moriyama Observatory
11636 Pezinok 1996 YH1 *
11637 Yangjiachi 1996 YJ2 *
11652 Johnbrownlee 1997 CK13 John W. Brownlee, planetary geologist, who worked on Mars Pathfinder and the Catalina Sky Survey
11656 Lipno 1997 EL6 Lipno dam, South Bohemia, Czech Republic
11657 Antonhajduk 1997 EN7 Anton Hajduk, Slovak astronomer*
11664 Kashiwagi 1997 GX24 *
11665 Dirichlet 1997 GL28 Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet, German mathematician*
11666 Bracker 1997 MD8 Steve Bracker, astronomy computer programmer*
11667 Testa 1997 UB1 Augusto Testa, Italian amateur astronomer
11668 Balios 1997 VV1 *
11669 Pascalscholl 1997 XY8 *
11670 Fountain 1998 AU9 *
11672 Cuney 1998 BC15 *
11673 Baur 1998 BJ19 Johann M. Baur, German amateur astronomer, founder of the Chaonis Observatory in northern Italy
11675 Billboyle 1998 CP2 *
11678 Brevard 1998 DT10 *
11679 Brucebaker 1998 DE11 *
11681 Ortner 1998 EP6 Johannes Ortner, Austrian space scientist, founder and director of the Summer School Alpbach
11682 Shiwaku 1998 EX6 *
11685 Adamcurry 1998 FW19 Adam Curry, American broadcaster*
11688 Amandugan 1998 FG53 *
11690 Carodulaney 1998 FV60 *
11691 Easterwood 1998 FO66 *
11693 Grantelliott 1998 FE69 *
11694 Esterhuysen 1998 FO70 *
11695 Mattei 1998 FA74 Janet Akyüz Mattei, American astronomer, for her leadership of the AAVSO
11696 Capen 1998 FD74 *
11697 Estrella 1998 FX98 Allan Noriel Estrella, Filipino student, winner of the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) +
11698 Fichtelman 1998 FZ102 *
11702 Mifischer 1998 FE117 *
11703 Glassman 1998 FL121 *
11704 Gorin 1998 FZ130 *
11706 Rijeka 1998 HV4 Rijeka, the principal seaport of Croatia, located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea.
11707 Grigery 1998 HW17 *
11709 Eudoxos 1998 HF20 Eudoxus of Cnidus*
11710 Nataliehale 1998 HS34 *
11711 Urquiza 1998 HV50 *
11712 Kemcook 1998 HB51 *
11713 Stubbs 1998 HG51 *
11714 Mikebrown 1998 HQ51 Michael E. Brown, astronomer*
11715 Harperclark 1998 HA75 *
11716 Amahartman 1998 HY79 Amanda Nicole Hartman, American Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2002 grantee[1]*
11718 Hayward 1998 HD95 Nicholas Mark Edward Alexander Hayward, British Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2002 grantee[1]*
11719 Hicklen 1998 HT98 *
11720 Horodyskyj 1998 HZ99 Ulyana N. Horodyskyj, American Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2002 grantee[1]*
11724 Ronaldhsu 1998 HH146 Ronald Hsu, American Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2002 grantee[1]*
11725 Victoriahsu 1998 HM146 Victoria Hsu, American Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2002 grantee[1]*
11726 Edgerton 1998 JA *
11727 Sweet 1998 JM1 *
11728 Einer 1998 JC2 *
11730 Yanhua 1998 KO31 *
11736 Viktorfischl 1998 QS1 Viktor Fischl Avigdor Dagan, Czech-Israeli writer
11739 Baton Rouge 1998 SG27 Baton Rouge, Louisiana*
11740 Georgesmith 1998 UK6 *
11743 Jachowski 1999 JP130 Matthew Jachowski, American Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2002 grantee[1]*
11746 Thomjansen 1999 NG4 *
11753 Geoffburbidge 2064 P-L Geoffrey Ronald Burbidge, British-American physicist*
11754 Herbig 2560 P-L George H. Herbig, American astronomer*
11755 Paczynski 2691 P-L Bohdan Paczyński, Polish astronomer (link is in Polish)
11756 Geneparker 2779 P-L Eugene Parker, American astronomer*
11757 Salpeter 2799 P-L Edwin Ernest Salpeter, Austrian astronomer*
11758 Sargent 4035 P-L Wallace Sargent, American astronomer*
11759 Sunyaev 4075 P-L Rashid Sunyaev, Uzbek astrophysicist*
11760 Auwers 4090 P-L Arthur Auwers (Georg Friedrich Julius Arthur von Auwers), 19th-20th-century German astronomer, director of the Potsdam Observatory from 1881, author of the first reference catalogue of fundamental star positions
11761 Davidgill 4868 P-L David Gill, 19th-20th-century British astronomer and instrument designer, director of the Cape Observatory
11762 Vogel 6044 P-L Hermann Carl Vogel, 19th-20th-century German astronomer and spectroscopist, director of the Potsdam Astrophysical Observatory (1882–1907)
11763 Deslandres 6303 P-L Henri-Alexandre Deslandres, 19th-20th-century French astrophysicist and director of the Paris and Meudon observatories, independent inventor of the spectroheliograph
11764 Benbaillaud 6531 P-L Édouard Benjamin Baillaud19th-20th-century French director of the Toulouse (1878–1907) and Paris (1907–1926) observatories, founder of the Observatoire du Pic du Midi, first president of the International Astronomical Union
11765 Alfredfowler 9057 P-L Alfred Fowler, 19th-20th-century British astrophysicist, first general secretary of the International Astronomical Union
11766 Fredseares 9073 P-L Frederick H. Seares, 19th-20th-century American astronomer, standardizer of the stellar magnitude system
11767 Milne 3224 T-1 E. Arthur Milne, 20th-century British mathematician and astrophysicist
11768 Merrill 4107 T-1 Paul W. Merrill, 20th-century American spectroscopist, first to detect a short-lived isotope of technetium in the atmospheres of stars, thus confirming stellar nucleosynthesis
11769 Alfredjoy 2199 T-2 Alfred H. Joy, 20th-century American astronomer, inventor of the T Tauri classification
11770 Rudominkowski 3163 T-2 Rudolph Minkowski, 20th-century German-American astronomer
11771 Maestlin 4136 T-2 Michael Maestlin, German astronomer*
11772 Jacoblemaire 4210 T-2 Jacob Le Maire, Dutch explorer, after whom the Straits of Lemaire are named; he was, along with Schouten, one of the first westerners to visit Tonga
11773 Schouten 1021 T-3 Willem Schouten, Dutch explorer who discovered Cape Horn
11774 Jerne 1128 T-3 Niels Kaj Jerne, British-born (of Danish parentage) immunologist, joint winner of the 1984 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology*
11775 Köhler 3224 T-3 Georges J. F. Köhler, German biologist, joint winner of the 1984 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology*
11776 Milstein 3460 T-3 César Milstein, Argentinian biochemist, joint winner of the 1984 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology*
11777 Hargrave 3526 T-3 *
11778 Kingsford Smith 4102 T-3 Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith, Australian aviator*
11779 Zernike 4197 T-3 Frits Zernike, Dutch physicist, winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize for Physics
11781 Alexroberts 1966 PL Alexander William Roberts, Scottish-South African astronomer
11782 Nikolajivanov 1969 TT1 Nikolaj Mikhajlovich Ivanov, Russian specialist in ballistics, head of the Russian Ballistic Center
11785 Migaic 1973 AW3 *
11786 Bakhchivandji 1977 QW *
11787 Baumanka 1977 QF1 *
11788 Nauchnyj 1977 QN2 Nauchnyj, Crimea, Ukraine, created at the same time as the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in 1945
11789 Kempowski 1977 RK *
11790 Goode 1978 RU *
11791 Sofiyavarzar 1978 SH7 *
11792 Sidorovsky 1978 SX7 *
11793 Chujkovia 1978 TH7 *
11795 Fredrikbruhn 1979 QM1 Fredrik Bruhn, Swedish systems engineer specialised in miniaturisation and robotics, co-founder of Rotundus AB
11796 Nirenberg 1980 DS4 *
11797 Warell 1980 FV2 Johan Warell, Swedish astronomer
11798 Davidsson 1980 FH5 Björn Davidsson, Swedish astronomer
11823 Christen 1981 VF Roland W. Christen, an optician and maker of affordable apochromatic refractors at the forefront of mechanical and optical design.
11824 Alpaidze 1982 SO5 Galaktion Eliseevich Alpaidze, Russian chief of the Plesetsk Cosmodrome (1963–1975)
11826 Yurijgromov 1982 UR10 Yurij Iosifovich Gromov, professor of humanities and social sciences at St. Petersburg University.
11827 Wasyuzan 1982 VD5 Wasyuzan, a hill commanding a fine view of the Inland Sea, in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture.
11830 Jessenius 1984 JE Jan Jesenius, Czech physician
11833 Dixon 1985 RW Roger Dixon, staff physicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory*
11836 Eileen 1986 CB Eileen Collins, astronaut, became in Feb. 1995 the first woman to pilot a shuttle mission.
11842 Kap'bos 1987 BR1 Kap'bos is a small village, about 20 km east of the city of Antwerp.
11844 Ostwald 1987 QW2 Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald, 19th-20th-century Latvian-German chemist, founder of the Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, Nobelist
11846 Verminnen 1987 SE3 Johan Verminnen, Flemish artist and songwriter.
11847 Winckelmann 1988 BY2 Johann Joachim Winckelmann, the German art historian.
11848 Paullouka 1988 CW2 Vital-Paul Delporte, alias Paul Louka, Wallonian artist.
11849 Fauvel 1988 CF7 Charles Fauvel, a French aviator.
11852 Shoumen 1988 RD Shoumen University, successfully to develop education in astronomy, largely as a result of contributions by the first discoverer.
11853 Runge 1988 RV1 Philipp Otto Runge, German painter and graphic artist.
11854 Ludwigrichter 1988 RM3 Adrian Ludwig Richter, German artist.
11855 Preller 1988 RS3 Friedrich Preller the Elder, German painter and etcher.
11860 Uedasatoshi 1988 UP Satoshi Ueda, Japanese amateur astronomer
11861 Teruhime 1988 VY2 Teruhime (1552–1627), wife and supporter of Kuroda Kanbe, who was instrumental in helping Japan end the Age of Civil Wars.
11868 Kleinrichert 1989 TY Michelle Kleinrichert Binzel, American adjunct professor of business management at Bentley College, wife of the discoverer
11870 Sverige 1989 TC3 Sverige (Sweden) is a nation in northern Europe, located on the Scandinavian peninsula together with Norway.
11871 Norge 1989 TP7 Norge (Norway) is a nation in northern Europe, well known for its beautiful coast.
11873 Kokuseibi 1989 WS2 "Kokuseibi" is another name for The National Museum of Western Art. It opened in 1959 to introduce Western arts to the Japanese public. The core of the collection was the Matsukata Collection of Impressionist-school paintings and Rodin sculptures.
11874 Gringauz 1989 XD1 Konstantin Gringauz (1918–1993) became involved in ionospheric studies early in his career. He participated in the launching of Sputnik 1 by constructing the beep-beep transmitter. During 1982-1986 he was responsible for designing and implementing plasma experiments aboard VEGA 1 and 2.
11875 Rhône 1989 YG5 Rhône river.
11876 Doncarpenter 1990 EM1 For the past 42 years, Don Carpenter (born 1938) has been associated with the Stanford research group devoted to passive and active whistler-mode probing of the earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere. In 1966 he discovered the plasmapause in the electron-density distribution of the magnetosphere.
11878 Hanamiyama 1990 HJ Hanamiyama, Japanese mountain.
11881 Mirstation 1990 QO6 The Russian space station Mir, launched in 1986, remained in service for more than 15 years as a laboratory for a wealth of scientific experiments performed on board by international crews.
11886 Kraske 1990 TT10 Konrad Kraske, a member of the supervisory board of the public German TV net ZDF since its foundation in 1962.
11887 Echemmon 1990 TV12 The hero Echemmon, son of the king of Troy Priamos, was killed together with his brother Chromios by Diomedes, king of Argos.
11895 Dehant 1991 GU3 Véronique Dehant, head of the section for time, earth rotation and space geodesy at the Royal Observatory, Uccle. She is currently involved with the NEIGE project, which plans a soft landing of a geodetic instrument on Mars. In 1999 she was awarded the Bomford prize for her work on the earth's nutation.
11896 Camelbeeck 1991 GP6 Thierry Camelbeeck (b. 1956), a seismologist at the Royal Observatory, Uccle.
11897 Lemaire 1991 GC7 Joseph F. Lemaire (born 1939), head of the Fundamental Dynamics section at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Uccle.
11898 Dedeyn 1991 GM9 Peter Paul De Deyn (born 1957), head of the Laboratory of Neurochemistry and Behavior at the Born-Bunge Foundation of the University of Antwerp.
11899 Weill 1991 GJ10 Kurt Weill, German-American composer.
11900 Spinoy 1991 LV2 Constant Spinoy, a famous Belgian artist and engraver.
11905 Giacometti 1991 VL6 Alberto Giacometti, Italian surrealist sculptor and painter*
11908 Nicaragua 1992 GC5 Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central American isthmus.
11911 Angel 1992 LF *
11912 Piedade 1992 OP5 *
11913 Svarna 1992 RD3 *
11914 Sinachopoulos 1992 RZ3 *
11915 Nishiinoue 1992 SJ1 Tsuyoshi Nishiinoue, Japanese scholar and popularizer of astronomy
11916 Wiesloch 1992 ST17 Wiesloch, Germany*
11921 Mitamasahiro 1992 UN3 *
11927 Mount Kent 1993 BA Mount Kent Observatory, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
11928 Akimotohiro 1993 BT2 *
11929 Uchino 1993 BG3 *
11930 Osamu 1993 CJ1 *
11933 Himuka 1993 ES *
11935 Olakarlsson 1993 FB8 Ola Karlsson (born 1973) has for several years been studying Jupiter Trojans, both by physical observations and by numerical integrations resulting in his thesis A Study of Jupiter Trojans.
11936 Tremolizzo 1993 FX9 Elena Tremolizzo (born 1972) is an attitude and orbit control systems engineer at the European Space Agency, involved in the SMART-1 mission to the Moon and the European global navigation satellite system, Galileo.
11941 Archinal 1993 KT1 Brent Archinal, American astronomer [2]
11942 Guettard 1993 NV Jean-Étienne Guettard, French naturalist and mineralogist*
11943 Davidhartley 1993 OF9 David Hartley, English philosopher*
11944 Shaftesbury 1993 OK9 Shaftesbury, England, or, (the most likely candidate, given his significance in British history) Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, English philanthropist; the 3rd Earl Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, English politician and philosopher, is possible but a less likely candidate*
11945 Amsterdam 1993 PC5 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
11946 Bayle 1993 PB7 Pierre Bayle, French philosopher*
11947 Kimclijsters 1993 PK7 Kim Clijsters, Belgian tennis player
11948 Justinehénin 1993 QQ4 Justine Hénin-Hardenne, Belgian tennis player
11949 Kagayayutaka 1993 SD2 *
11950 Morellet 1993 SG5 André Morellet, French economist, philosopher, and writer*
11955 Russrobb 1994 CA1 Russell Robb, Canadian astronomer
11956 Tamarakate 1994 CL14 *
11958 Galiani 1994 EJ7 *
11959 Okunokeno 1994 GG1 *
11963 Ignace 1994 PO16 *
11964 Prigogine 1994 PY17 Ilya Prigogine, Belgian-Russian chemist*
11965 Catullus 1994 PF20 Gaius Valerius Catullus, 1st-century B.C. Roman poet
11966 Plateau 1994 PJ20 *
11967 Boyle 1994 PW20 Robert Boyle, Irish natural philosopher*
11968 Demariotte 1994 PR27 *
11969 Gay-Lussac 1994 PC37 Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac, French chemist and physicist*
11970 Palitzsch 1994 TD Johann Georg Palitzsch, German astronomer
11974 Yasuhidefujita 1994 YF Yasuhide Fujita, Japanese amateur astronomer*
11976 Josephthurn 1995 JG *
11977 Leonrisoldi 1995 OA Leon Risoldi (b. 2009), the first grandson of one of the discoverers at Santa Lucia observatory.
11978 Makotomasako 1995 SS4 *
11980 Ellis 1995 SP8 Kerry Ellis, Canadian physicist
11981 Boncompagni 1995 UY1 Balthasar Boncompagni, Italian mathematician*
11987 Yonematsu 1995 VU1 *
11997 Fassel 1995 YU9 Deborah and Charles Fassel, Canadian amateur astronomers
11998 Fermilab 1996 AG7 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, USA


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