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As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
12001 Gasbarini 1996 ED9 Ron Gasbarini, Canadian amateur astronomer
12002 Suess 1996 FR1 Franz Eduard Suess, Austrian geologist
12003 Hideosugai 1996 FM5 Hideo Sugai (b. 1930), a retired teacher, is a Japanese amateur astronomer. He has been observing variable stars since 1951, and his data have been reported to the Variable Star Observers League in Japan.
12005 Delgiudice 1996 KA3 Maria del Giudice, friend and now wife of one of the discovery team's observers and measurers, Frank Shelly
12007 Fermat 1996 TD7 Pierre de Fermat, (1601-1665), a lawyer in Toulouse, is considered the greatest amateur mathematician of all time.
12008 Kandrup 1996 TY9 An exceptional researcher, teacher and mentor at the University of Florida, Henry E. Kandrup (1955-2003) will be remembered for his dedication to students. His eccentric and energetic lecturing style and love of nonlinear dynamics are now reflected in his celestial namesake, an unusual minor planet on a chaotic trajectory.
12012 Kitahiroshima 1996 VH8 Kitahiroshima, a city in Hokkaido in northeastern Japan.
12013 Sibatahosimi 1996 VU8 Sibatamachi-hosiwomirukai, founded in 1986, is an amateur astronomers' club in Sibata town, Miyagi prefecture.
12014 Bobhawkes 1996 VX15 Robert (Bob) Lewis Hawkes, Canadian physicist
12016 Green 1996 XC George Green (1793-1841), a self-taught miller's son of Nottingham, was instrumental (along with Gauss) in making the theories of electricity and magnetism a part of mathematical physics.
12022 Hilbert 1996 XH26 David Hilbert (1862-1943), professor at Göttingen and one of the greatest mathematicians of all time.
12032 Ivory 1997 BP5 Sir James Ivory, Scottish mathematician.
12033 Anselmo 1997 BD9 Anselmo Antonini (b. 1946), an amateur astronomer in the Montelupo Group.
12035 Ruggieri 1997 CP13 Guido Ruggieri, Italian amateur astronomer
12040 Jacobi 1997 EK8 Carl Gustav Jakob Jacobi, (1804-1851), professor at Königsberg and Berlin.
12042 Laques 1997 FC Pierre Laques (b. 1934) started his career at the private observatory of the Chateau D´Abadia near Hendaye, moving to the Pic du Midi, where the 1-m telescope had just been built. He is one of the codiscoverers of the satellite Saturn XII (Helène).
12044 Fabbri 1997 FU Luciano Fabbri (b. 1945), an amateur astronomer in the Montelupo Group.
12045 Klein 1997 FH1 Felix Klein (1849-1925), a professor of mathematics at Erlangen and later at Göttingen.
12047 Hideomitani 1997 GX3 In 1975, Hideo Mitani (b. 1946) founded a library of nature photographs, including astronomical photographs. It became the most famous library of its kind in Japan and cultivated many other nature photographers.
12050 Humecronyn 1997 HE14 Hume Blake Cronyn, Canadian businessman and politician
12051 Pícha 1997 JO Jaroslav Pícha, Czech meteorologist and amateur astronomer
12052 Aretaon 1997 JB16 Aretaon, a Trojan warrior who was killed by Teucer.
12053 Turtlestar 1997 PK2 Turtle Star Observatory, Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany
12056 Yoshigeru 1997 YS11 Yoshida Shigeru (1952-1997), a Japanese physician.
12057 Alfredsturm 1998 DK1 Alfred Sturm co-founder with Martin Geffert of the Starkenburg Observatory (Starkenburg-Sternwarte) in Heppenheim, Germany
12061 Alena 1998 FQ2 Alena Ruth Robbins, the mother of the discoverer.
12064 Guiraudon 1998 FZ15 In 1961 Jean-Claude Guiraudon founded the Fédération Nationale des Clubs Scientifiques, which later evolved into the Association Nationale Sciences Techniques Jeunesse. He now works at the international level with MILSET, the Mouvement International pour le Loisir Scientifique Et Technique, which he helped create.
12065 Jaworski 1998 FA33 Victor Jaworski (b. 1984) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his physics project.
12067 Jeter 1998 FH42 Crystal Lynn Jeter (b. 1984) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her zoology project.
12068 Khandrika 1998 FZ53 Harish Gautam Khandrika (b. 1987) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his earth and space sciences project.
12070 Kilkis 1998 FK63 Siir Sirinyasam Kilkis (b. 1984) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her mathematics project.
12071 Davykim 1998 FV63 Davy Kim (b. 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his mathematics project.
12072 Anupamakotha 1998 FA65 Anupama Kotha (b. 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her medicine and health project.
12073 Larimer 1998 FD66 Curtis James Larimer (b. 1986) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his computer science project.
12074 Carolinelau 1998 FZ68 Caroline Sue-Yuk Lau (b. 1984) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her microbiology project.
12075 Legg 1998 FX69 Tiffany Amelia Legg (b. 1987) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her earth and space sciences project.
12079 Kaibab 1998 FZ73 The Kaibab Formation, a massive limestone layer of Permian age that forms the bedrock of much of Northern Arizona.
12084 Unno 1998 FL125 Juza Unno (a.k.a. Sano Shoichi), Japanese mystery writer and pioneer of science fiction
12086 Joshualevine 1998 HC22 Joshua Levine (b. 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his chemistry project.
12087 Tiffanylin 1998 HB30 Tiffany Fangtse Lin (b. 1984) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her biochemistry project.
12088 Macalintal 1998 HZ31 Jeric Valles Macalintal (b. 1986) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his physics project.
12089 Maichin 1998 HO35 Diana Marie Maichin (b. 1983) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her physics project.
12091 Jesmalmquist 1998 HS96 Jessica Lea Malmquist (b. 1987) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her behavioral and social sciences project.
12093 Chrimatthews 1998 HF99 Christina Marie Matthews (b. 1986) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her medicine and health project.
12094 Mazumder 1998 HX99 Mark Mohan Mazumder (b. 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his medicine and health project.
12099 Meigooni 1998 HQ124 DDavid Nima Meigooni (b. 1986) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his biochemistry project.
12101 Trujillo 1998 JX2 Chadwick Aaron Trujillo (b. 1973), of the California Institute of Technology, specializes in the study of Kuiper belt objects.
12102 Piazzolla (1998 JB4) Astor Piazzolla, Argentinean composer best known for his distinct nuevo tango.
12104 Chesley 1998 KO6 Steven R. Chesley (b. 1965), of the Solar System Dynamics Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is an expert in determination of the orbits of minor planets and application to the study of earth-impact probability.
12106 Menghuan 1998 KQ31 Meng Huan (born 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his earth and space sciences project.
12111 Ulm 1998 LU Ulm, a city in Germany on the banks of the Donau river.
12113 Hollows 1998 OH12 Fred Hollows (1929–1993), a New Zealand-born ophthalmologist.
12117 Meagmessina 1999 JT60 Meagan Elizabeth Messina (born 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her earth and space sciences project.
12118 Mirotsin 1999 NC9 Yauhen Adolfovich Mirotsin (b. 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his mathematics project.
12119 Memamis 1999 NG9 Megan Marie Miskowski (born 1984) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her environmental science project.
12123 Pazin 1999 OS Pazin, a Croatian town in the Istrian Peninsula and the administrative center of Istria County.
12124 Hvar 1999 RG3 Hvar, a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, located off the Dalmatian coast.
12125 Jamesjones 1999 RS4 James Jones, Canadian astronomer
12127 Mamiya 1999 RD37 Rinzo Mamiya (1780–1844), an explorer and surveyor of the northern area of Japan.
12128 Palermiti 1999 RP43 Mike Palermiti, director of an observatory in Florida.
12130 Mousa 1999 RD146 Ahmed and Sarah Shaker Mousa, American finalists, 2000–2006 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) *
12131 Echternach 2085 P-L Eddy Echternach, Dutch author, science writer and astronomy popularizer
12132 Wimfröger 2103 P-L Willem Albertus Fröger, Dutch-Argentinian amateur astronomer
12133 Titulaer 2558 P-L Chriet Titulaer, Dutch science writer and astronomer, co-presenter, with Henk Terlingen, of the Dutch television coverage of the Apollo Moon landings
12134 Hansfriedeman 2574 P-L Johannes Lambertus Maria ("Hans") Friedeman, 20th-century Dutch journalist and space enthusiast
12135 Terlingen 3021 P-L Henk Terlingen, Dutch journalist, co-author, with Chriet Titulaer, of the Dutch television coverage of the Apollo Moon landings
12136 Martinryle 3045 P-L Martin Ryle, 20th-century British astrophysicist and radio-astronomer, inventor of the aperture synthesis technique of interferometry
12137 Williefowler 4004 P-L William Alfred Fowler, 20th-century American nuclear astrophysicist
12138 Olinwilson 4053 P-L Olin C. Wilson, 20th-century American spectroscopist, co-discoverer, with Manali Kallat Vainu Bappu, of the Wilson-Bappu effect
12139 Tomcowling 4055 P-L Thomas G. Cowling, 20th-century British astrophysicist
12140 Johnbolton 4087 P-L John G. Bolton, 20th-century Australian radio astronomer pioneer
12141 Chushayashi 4112 P-L Chushiro Hayashi, Japanese astrophysicist
12142 Franklow 4624 P-L Frank J. Low, American physicist and infrared astronomer, inventor of the gallium-doped germanium bolometer
12143 Harwit 4631 P-L Martin O. Harwit, Czech-American astrophysicist and infrared astronomer, director (1987–1995) of the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum
12146 Ostriker 6035 P-L Jeremiah P. Ostriker, an American astrophysicist.
12150 De Ruyter 1051 T-1 Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter, 17th-century Dutch admiral
12156 Ubels 1042 T-2 Egbert Ubels, Dutch fireman who perished on 9 May 2008 while fighting a shipyard fire in De Punt (Drenthe, Netherlands), along with colleagues Raymond Patrick Soyer and Anne Kregel
12164 Lowellgreen 3067 T-2 Lowell Clark Green (b. 1925), a Lutheran pastor/theologian for more than half a century and Renaissance/Reformation scholar, now resident in Buffalo, New York.
12165 Ringleb 3289 T-2 Peter Ringleb, German neurologist, member of the team who cared for the second discoverer
12166 Oliverherrmann 3372 T-2 Oliver Herrmann, German neurologist, member of the team who cared for the second discoverer
12167 Olivermüller 4306 T-2 Oliver Müller, German cardiologist, member of the team who cared for the second discoverer
12168 Polko 5141 T-2 Norbert Polko, German astronomical assistant
12169 Munsterman 2031 T-3 Henk Munsterman, Dutch amateur astrophotographer
12170 Vanvollenhoven 2372 T-3 Pieter van Vollenhoven, Dutch professor of risk management at the Technical University of Twente and Dutch ambassador of the International Year of Astronomy
12180 Kistemaker 5167 T-3 Jacob Kistemaker (1917–2010), Teylers professor at Leiden University.
12173 Lansbergen 3135 T-3 Philippus Lansbergen, 16th-17th-century Dutch Calvinist minister and astronomer, author of the first Dutch popular book on astronomy
12182 Storm 1973 UQ5 Theodor Storm (1817-1888), a German writer.
12185 Gasprinskij 1976 SL5 Ismail Gasprinskij (1851-1914) was a Crimean-Tatar teacher, enlightener, writer, publisher and public figure.
12186 Mitukurigen 1977 ER5 Mitukuri Genpo (1799–1863), a physician of Western medicine in the late Edo period.
12187 Lenagoryunova 1977 RL7 Elena (Lena) Viktorovna Goryunova (born 1961), hydrologist at Sebastopol Institute of Hydrography.
12189 Dovgyj 1978 RQ1 Stanislav Alekseevich Dovgyj (born 1954), a corresponding member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, is a scientist in the field of mechanics.
12190 Sarkisov 1978 SE5 Pavel Djibraelovich Sarkisov (born 1932), rector of the D. I. Mendeleev Moscow Chemical-Technological University.
12191 Vorontsova 1978 TT8 Margarita Alekseevna Vorontsova (born 1923), a pediatrician at the Simferopol children's hospital
12197 Jan-Otto 1980 FR2 Jan-Otto Carlsson, Swedish professor of inorganic chemistry at Uppsala University
12199 Sohlman 1980 TK6 Michael Sohlman (born 1944) is a well-known Swedish specialist in economics and finance, executive director of the Nobel Fund, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
12211 Arnoschmidt 1981 KJ Arno Schmidt, German novelist.
12214 Miroshnikov 1981 RF2 Mikhail Mikhailovich Miroshnikov (b. 1926), director of the Vavilov State Optical Institute from 1966 to 1989.
12218 Fleischer 1982 RK Randall Craig Fleischer (b. 1959), the ebullient and multi-talented music director and conductor of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra.
12219 Grigor'ev 1982 SC8 Mikhail Grigor'evich Grigor'ev, Russian chief (1957–1962) of the space-vehicle launch site now known as the Plesetsk Cosmodrome (see also 11824)
12220 Semenchur 1982 UD6 Semen Ivanovich Churyumov, Ukrainian doctor of philosophy and socionics, senior lecturer in the mathematics department at the Kiev National Aviation University
12221 Ogatakoan 1982 VS2 Ogata Koan (1810-1863), a medical doctor with knowledge of European medicine in the late Edo period.
12222 Perotto 1982 WA Pier Giorgio Perotto, Italian electronics engineer
12223 Hoskin 1983 TX Michael Anthony Hoskin, British historian of astronomy
12224 Jimcornell 1984 UN2 James Cornell, American astronomer
12225 Yanfernández 1985 PQ Yanga Rolando Fernández, Canadian astronomer
12226 Caseylisse 1985 TN Casey Lisse (Carey Michael Lisse), American astronomer
12227 Penney 1985 TO3 Big John Penney is representative of the team of workers who find a deep and abiding love for the challenges and rigors of wintering at South Pole Station.
12234 Shkuratov 1986 RP2 Yurij G. Shkuratov, Ukrainian director of the Institute of Astronomy of Kharkiv National University
12235 Imranakperov 1986 RB12 Imran Gurru ogly Akperov, Rector of the International Banking Institute in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
12237 Coughlin 1987 HE Thomas B. Coughlin, of the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission team and programs manager of the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University.
12238 Actor 1987 YU1 Actor, the alleged father of Cteatos and Eurytos, two Greek warriors who beat Nestor in the chariot race.
12239 Carolinakou 1988 CN4 Carolina Carreira Nakou (b. 2001), the daughter of Sandra Carreira and Thodoris Nakos. The latter works on galactic lenses at the Royal Observatory at Uccle.
12240 Droste-Hülshoff 1988 PG2 Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, German author and poet.
12241 Lefort 1988 PQ2 Gertrud Freiin von le Fort (1876-1971), German poet.
12242 Koon 1988 QY Koon, a notable fighter, the eldest son of Antenor.
12244 Werfel 1988 RY2 Franz Werfel, Czech poet.
12252 Gwangju 1988 VT1 Gwangju, Korea.
12257 Lassine 1989 GL4 George Lassine (1953-2003), a member of the Belgian astronomical club Astronomie Centre Ardenne-Neufchâteau.
12258 Oscarwilde 1989 GN4 Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, poet, and writer.
12259 Szukalski 1989 SZ1 Albert Szukalski, Belgian artist.
12261 Ledouanier 1989 TY4 Henri Rousseau, French post-impressionist painter, nicknamed "Le Douanier" ("The Customs Officer").
12262 Nishio 1989 UL Tomoaki Nishio (b. 1963), an editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide, the Japanese monthly astronomical magazine.
12267 Denneau 1990 KN1 Larry Denneau, American software engineer for the Moving Object Processing System of Pan-STARRS
12270 Bozar 1990 QR9 The name "Bozar" for the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels was inspired by the language of Brussels residents.
12272 Geddylee 1990 SZ3 Geddy Lee (Gary Lee Weinrib), Canadian bassist, vocalist and keyboardist for the band Rush
12275 Marcelgoffin 1990 VS5 Marcel Goffin (1913-1999), an accomplished amateur violin maker.
12276 IJzer 1990 WW1 IJzer, a river in Flanders.
12278 Kisohinoki 1990 WQ2 Kiso cypresses, (Kiso hinoki in Japanese), used as building materials for castles during the Edo era
12279 Laon 1990 WP4 Laon, the capital of the Aisne department in northern France.
12280 Reims 1990 WS4 Reims, a city in the French department of Marne, the old capital (Durocortorum, later Remi) of the Roman province Belgica.
12281 Chaumont 1990 WA5 Chaumont, Haute-Marne, France
12282 Crombecq 1991 BV1 Michelle Crombecq (b. 1946), a secretary at the port of Antwerp.
12284 Pohl 1991 FP Frederik Pohl, American author
12287 Langres 1991 GH5 Langres, a French city in the south of the Haute-Marne department.
12288 Verdun 1991 GC6 Verdun, France.
12289 Carnot 1991 GP7 Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot, (1796-1832) a French physicist.
12291 Gohnaumann 1991 LJ2 Gottfried Naumann (Gottfried Otto Helmut Naumann), German ophthalmic pathologist.
12292 Dalton 1991 LK2 John Dalton, British physicist and chemist.
12294 Avogadro 1991 PQ2 Amedeo Avogadro, Italian scientis.
12295 Tasso 1991 PE3 Torquato Tasso, an Italian writer and poet.
12298 Brecht 1991 PL17 Bertolt Brecht, German dramatist, stage director, and poet.
12301 Eötvös 1991 RR12 Loránd Eötvös, Hungarian physicist.
12306 Pebronstein 1991 TM14 Peter Bronstein (b. 1947), father in-law of the discoverer.
12309 Tommygrav 1992 DD3 Tommy Grav, Norwegian astronomer
12310 Londontario 1992 DE4 London, Ontario, the Canadian city.
12317 Madicampbell 1992 HH1 Margaret Diane Campbell, Canadian astronomer
12318 Kästner 1992 HD7 Erich Kästner, German author and journalist.
12320 Loschmidt 1992 PH1 Josef Loschmidt (1821-1895), Czech physicist.
12321 Zurakowski 1992 PZ1 Paul R. Zurakowski (b. 1927), volunteer director of the Chabot Observatory Telescope Makers' Workshop for more than 30 years.
12323 Haeckel 1992 RX Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), German naturalist.
12324 Van Rompaey 1992 RS3 Pierre Van Rompaey (b. 1921), a Belgian architect and an artist of surreal figurative paintings.
12325 Bogota 1992 RH7 Bogotá, the capital of Colombia
12326 Shirasaki 1992 SF Shuichi Shirasaki, Japanese anaesthesiologist, the finalist in the selection of a Japanese astronaut candidate in 1999
12327 Terbrüggen 1992 SX1 Dietrich Terbrüggen (b. 1941), a well-known German surgeon.
12329 Liebermann 1992 SR23 Max Liebermann (1847-1935), a German painter.
12339 Carloo 1992 YW1 Carloo, a small hamlet south of the Royal Observatory at Uccle.
12340 Stalle 1992 YJ2 Stalle, a hamlet in the eastern part of the municipality of Uccle.
12341 Calevoet 1993 BN4 Calevoet is a hamlet in the southwestern part of the municipality of Uccle. The name means "grassless ford". However, the name also means "bare foot", which gave birth to the legend that Charlemagne crossed the small river at Calevoet barefooted.
12342 Kudohmichiko 1993 BL12 Michiko Kudoh (b. 1942) has been associated with the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. She reaches out to other astronomers through her web site.
12343 Martinbeech 1993 DT1 Martin Beech, British-Canadian astronomer
12350 Feuchtwanger 1993 HA6 Lion Feuchtwanger, a German author.
12353 Màrquez 1993 OR9 Gabriel Garc{í}a Màrquez (1927-2014), a Columbian novelist.
12352 Jepejacobsen 1993 OX6 Jens Peter Jacobsen, a Danish writer and poet.
12354 Hemmerechts 1993 QD3 Kristien Hemmerechts, a Flemish author.
12355 Coelho 1993 QU3 Paulo Coelho (b. 1947), a Brazilian lyricist and novelist.
12356 Carlscheele 1993 RM14 Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a Swedish apothecary.
12357 Toyako 1993 ST1 Lake Toya ("Toyako" in Japanese), part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido
12359 Cajigal 1993 SN3 With his founding in 1831 of the Military Academy of Mathematics, Juan Manuel Cajigal y Odoardo (1803-1856) initiated the study of mathematics and engineering in Venezuela. His installation of the first astronomical telescopes in Caracas was recognized with the establishment of El Observatorio Cajigal there in 1888.
12360 Unilandes 1993 SQ3 The Universidad de Los Andes, founded in Mérida in 1785, is one of the most important educational institutions in Venezuela.
12362 Mumuryk 1993 TS1 Mumuryk Keiko Yuharo, Japanese painter and illustrator, whose work appears on posters for the Japanese International Space Station and the STS-123 mission
12363 Marinmarais 1993 TA24 Marin Marais (1656-1728), the central figure in the French school of bass-viol composers and performers that flourished during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
12364 Asadagouryu 1993 XQ1 Asada Gouryu (1734-1799), an astronomer in the Japanese Edo period.
12365 Yoshitoki 1993 YD Takahashi Yoshitoki (1764-1804), chief of the Edo National Astronomical Observatory at Edo, Japan, from 1795 to 1804.
12366 Luisapla 1994 CD8 Luisa Pla, Spanish-Venezuelan teacher of French, born in Villarrobledo co-founder (with her husband, Manuel Sanchez Jordan) of the Lope de Vega high school in Valencia, founder of Spanish history studies at La Universidad de Carabobo
12367 Ourinhos 1994 CN8 Ourinhos, São Paulo, Brazil
12368 Mutsaers 1994 CM11 Charlotte Mutsaers, Dutch writer
12369 Pirandello 1994 CJ16 Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936), a Sicilian writer.
12370 Kageyasu 1994 GB9 Takahashi Kageyasu, Japanese astronomer and geographer
12372 Kagesuke 1994 JF Shibukawa Kagesuke (1787-1856), chief of the Edo National Astronomical Observatory in Edo, Japan, from 1809 to 1856.
12373 Lancearmstrong 1994 JE9 Lance Armstrong (b. 1971), an American cyclist and cancer survivor.
12374 Rakhat 1994 JG9 Rakhat, a planet with the first known extraterrestrial life in the novel The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell. First contact is established when a group of specialists organized by Jesuits is sent to the planet.
12376 Cochabamba 1994 NW1 Cochabamba, a city in Bolivia.
12379 Thulin 1994 PQ11 Ingrid Thulin (1929-2004), a Swedish screen actor.
12380 Sciascia 1994 PB14 Leonardo Sciascia (1921-1989), a Sicilian novelist and polemicist.
12381 Hugoclaus 1994 PH30 Hugo Claus, Flemish writer.
12382 Niagara Falls 1994 SO5 Niagara Falls
12383 Eboshi 1994 TF1 Eboshi-iwa (also known as Uba Shima), a large hat-shaped rock visible from the coast, symbol of Southern Beach of Chigasaki, Kanagawa prefecture
12384 Luigimartella 1994 TC2 Luigi Martella (b. 1956), a well-known Italian amateur astronomer.
12386 Nikolova 1994 UK5 Simona Rumenova Nikolova, Bulgarian-Canadian astronomer
12387 Tomokofujiwara 1994 UT11 Tomoko Fujiwara, Japanese assistant professor of astronomy at Kyushu University
12388 Kikunokai 1994 VT6 Kikunokai, Japanese traditional dance troupe
12391 Ecoadachi 1994 WE2 Adachi Ward (Eco-Adachi Ward), one of 23 wards of Tokyo, known for its environmentalism
12395 Richnelson 1995 CD2 Richard Nelson, American astrophysicist
12396 Amyphillips 1995 DL1 Amy Phillips (b. 1956) received her MS in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona. She has studied issues in remote sensing and properties of optical materials in harsh environments. She has also worked in the field of intellectual property, and is active in rural and suburban land-use issues.
12397 Peterbrown 1995 FV14 Peter Brown, Canadian astronomer
12398 Pickhardt 1995 KJ3 Wilhelm Pickhardt (b. 1923) studied geology at the Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn. He conducted research at the Mining Research Institute for Bituminous Coal and held an adjunct professorship at the Technical University of Berlin.
12399 Bartolini 1995 OD Corrado Bartolini, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Bologna
12400 Katumaru 1995 OA1 Katumaru Okuni (b. 1932), the younger brother of the discoverer.
12401 Tucholsky 1995 OG10 Kurt Tucholsky, German writer and satirist*
12405 Nespoli 1995 RK Paolo Angelo Nespoli, Italian Mission Specialist astronaut
12406 Zvíkov 1995 SZ1 Zvíkov Castle, Czech Republic
12407 Riccardi 1995 SC2 *
12408 Fujioka 1995 SP2 *
12409 Bukovanská 1995 SL3 Marcela Bukovanská, Czech researcher in meteorics
12411 Tannokayo 1995 SQ3 Kayo Tanno, Japanese elementary school teacher and science educator, who worked on the staff of the Saga prefecture Space and Science Museum during 2002–2006
12412 Muchisachie 1995 ST4 Muchi Sachie, Japanese music teacher
12413 Johnnyweir 1995 SQ29 Johnny Weir (born July 2, 1984), American athlete, figure-skating champion and Olympian, talented in many spheres of artistic endeavor
12414 Bure 1995 SR29 Pavel Bure, ice hockey player
12415 Wakatatakayo 1995 SW52 Takayo Wakata, mother of the Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata
12418 Tongling 1995 UX2 Tongling, Anhui
12421 Zhenya 1995 UH5 *
12423 Slotin 1995 UQ16 Louis Slotin, Canadian physicist and chemist
12426 Racquetball 1995 VL2 Racquetball, sport*
12431 Webster 1995 YY10 Alan Reginald Webster, British-Canadian engineer
12433 Barbieri 1996 AF4 Cesare Barbieri, Italian astronomer*
12435 Sudachi 1996 BX Citrus sudachi, a small, round, green citrus fruit that is a specialty of Tokushima prefecture, Japan
12437 Westlane 1996 BN6 Westlane Secondary School, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
12439 Okasaki 1996 CA3 *
12440 Koshigayaboshi 1996 CF3 Koshigayaboshi, "the star of Koshigaya", southeast Saitama prefecture, Japan, in honour of the city's fiftieth anniversary in 2008
12442 Beltramemass 1996 DO1 *
12443 Paulsydney 1996 EQ2 *
12444 Prothoon 1996 GE19 *
12445 Sirataka 1996 HE2 *
12446 Juliabryant 1996 PZ6 *
12447 Yatescup 1996 XA12 Yates Cup, Canadian sports trophy
12448 Mr. Tompkins 1996 XW18 Mr. Tompkins, character from George Gamow's books
12460 Mando 1997 AF5 *
12464 Manhattan 1997 AH8 Manhattan Island, New York, USA*
12465 Perth Amboy 1997 AD10 Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA*
12468 Zachotín 1997 AE18 Zachotín, Czech Republic
12470 Pinotti 1997 BC9 *
12471 Larryscherr 1997 CZ6 *
12472 Samadhi 1997 CW11 Samadhi Hindu/Buddhist concept
12473 Levi-Civita 1997 CM19 Tullio Levi-Civita, Italian mathematician*
12477 Haiku 1997 EY20 The Haiku, Japanese poetic form
12478 Suzukiseiji 1997 EX25 *
12479 Ohshimaosamu 1997 EG27 *
12481 Streuvels 1997 EW47 Stijn Streuvels, Flemish writer
12482 Pajka 1997 FG1 Paula Pravdová
12485 Jenniferharris 1997 GO1 *
12490 Leiden 1997 JB13 Leiden, Netherlands, seat of the University of Leiden
12491 Musschenbroek 1997 JE15 Pieter van Musschenbroek, Dutch scientist, inventor of the Leyden jar
12492 Tanais 1997 JP16 Tanais, ancient Greek name of the Don river
12493 Minkowski 1997 PM1 Hermann Minkowski, German mathematician*
12494 Doughamilton 1998 DH11 Douglas Peary Hamilton, American astronomer
12496 Ekholm 1998 FF9 Andreas Ekholm, astronomer, latterly of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona*
12498 Dragesco 1998 FY14 Jean Dragesco, Romanian-born French astronomer
12500 Desngai 1998 FB49 Desmond Ngai, Canadian finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) *
12501 Nord 1998 FL66 *
12504 Nuest 1998 FS75 Jennifer Elizabeth Nuest, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) *
12506 Pariser 1998 FR108 *
12509 Pathak 1998 FY117 *
12511 Patil 1998 FQ121 *
12513 Niven 1998 HC20 Ivan M. Niven, Canadian-American mathematician
12514 Schommer 1998 HM26 Robert Schommer, American astrophysicist
12515 Suiseki 1998 HE43 *
12517 Grayzeck 1998 HD52 Edwin John Grayzeck, American astronomer, Archive Manager, Small Bodies Node of the Planetary Data System, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland, College Park
12519 Pullen 1998 HH55 *
12522 Rara 1998 HL99 Prem Vilas Fortran M. Rara, Filipino winner of the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) +
12524 Conscience 1998 HG103 *
12526 de Coninck 1998 HZ147 Herman de Coninck, Flemish writer and poet*
12527 Anneraugh 1998 JE3 Anne C. Raugh, American astronomer
12529 Reighard 1998 KG41 *
12530 Richardson 1998 KO46 *
12533 Edmond 1998 LA *
12534 Janhoet 1998 LB3 Jan Hoet, founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (SMAK)) in Ghent and Artistic Director of the Marta Museum in Herford, Germany*
12537 Kendriddle 1998 MT34 *
12539 Chaikin 1998 OP2 Andrew Chaikin, author and writer on space exploration*
12540 Picander 1998 OU9 *
12542 Laver 1998 PN1 *
12548 Erinriley 1998 QJ25 *
12553 Aaronritter 1998 QZ46 *
12556 Kyrobinson 1998 QG48 *
12557 Caracol 1998 QQ54 The ancient Mayan city of Caracol*
12561 Howard 1998 SX7 Ron Howard American Actor, director, producer*
12562 Briangrazer 1998 SP36 Brian Grazer American Producer*
12564 Ikeller 1998 SO49 Ingeborg Bickel-Keller (b. 1941), the discoverer’s wife.
12565 Khege 1998 SV53 *
12566 Derichardson 1998 SH54 Derek Charles Richardson, Canadian astrophysicist
12567 Herreweghe 1998 SU71 Philippe Herreweghe, Belgian conductor*
12568 Kuffner 1998 VB5 Moriz von Kuffner(in German), Austrian brewer, alpinist and founder of the Kuffner Observatory(in German) in Vienna
12572 Sadegh 1999 NN8 Cameron Sadegh (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his chemistry project.
12574 LONEOS 1999 RT Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search (LONEOS)
12575 Palmaria 1999 RH1 *
12576 Oresme 1999 RP1 Nicole Oresme, French philosopher*
12577 Samra 1999 RA13 Shamsher Singh Samra (b. 1986), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his earth and space sciences project.
12578 Bensaur 1999 RF17 Benjamin Paul Saur (b. 1983), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his physics project.
12579 Ceva 1999 RA28 *
12580 Antonini 1999 RM33 *
12583 Buckjean 1999 RC35 *
12585 Katschwarz 1999 RN64 Kathleen Alice Schwarz (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her environmental science project.
12593 Shashlov 1999 RQ136 Anthon Michailovich Shashlov (b. 1986), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his computer science project.
12595 Amandashaw 1999 RD149 Amanda Bryce Shaw (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her mathematics project.
12596 Shukla 1999 RT154 Kavita M. Shukla (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her biochemistry project.
12598 Sierra 1999 RC159 Elizabeth Sierra (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her biochemistry project.
12599 Singhal 1999 RT160 Akshat Singhal (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his computer science project.
12601 Tiffanyswann 1999 RO178 Tiffany Nichole Swann (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her botany project.
12602 Tammytam 1999 RT183 Tammy Tam (b. 1985), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her biochemistry project.
12603 Tanchunghee 1999 RF184 Tan Chun Ghee (b. 1984), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his chemistry project.
12604 Lisatate 1999 RC194 Lisa Michelle Tate (b. 1986), a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her behavioral and social sciences project.
12606 Apuleius 2043 P-L Lucius Apuleius, 2nd-century Roman writer and orator
12607 Alcaeus 2058 P-L Alcaeus, 7th-6th-century B.C. Greek poet
12608 Aesop 2091 P-L Aesop (Herodotus Aisopos of Sardes), 6th-century B.C. Greek slave who won his freedom with his fine fables
12609 Apollodoros 2155 P-L Apollodoros of Athens, 2nd-century B.C. Greek scholar and stoic, author of a much used Chronika
12610 Hãfez 2551 P-L Schamsoddin Mohammed Hãfez, 14th-century Persian poet
12611 Ingres 2555 P-L Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 18th-19th-century French painter
12612 Daumier 2592 P-L Honoré Daumier, 19th-century French painter and lithographer
12613 Hogarth 4024 P-L William Hogarth, 18th-century English painter and copper-plate engraver
12614 Hokusai 4119 P-L Katsushika Hokusai, 18th-19th-century Japanese wood-carver and painter
12616 Lochner 4874 P-L Stephan Lochner, 15th-century German painter of the Cologne school
12617 Angelusilesius 5568 P-L Angelus Silesius (Johannes Scheffler), 17th-century German baroque poet
12631 Mariekebaan 3051 T-1 Marieke Baan (b. 1961), a Dutch public information officer.
12632 Mignonette 3105 T-1 Mignonette Saavedra (b. 1931), Chilean psychologist.
12633 Warmenhoven 3119 T-1 Adrie Warmenhoven (b. 1961), Dutch astronomy popularizer and educator.
12634 LOFAR 3178 T-1 LOFAR (LOw-Frequency ARray), a novel radio telescope, proposed by Leiden astronomer George Miley and inaugurated in 2010.
12635 Hennylamers 4220 T-1 Henny Lamers, Dutch astrophysicist.
12636 Padrielli 4854 T-1 Lucia Padrielli, Italian radio-astronomer.
12637 Gustavleonhardt 1053 T-2 Gustav Leonhardt (1928–2012), Dutch harpsichord player and conductor.
12640 Reinbertdeleeuw 1231 T-2 Reinbert de Leeuw, Dutch conductor, pianist and composer.
12641 Hubertushenrichs 1310 T-2 Hubertus Frederik Henrichs (b. 1949), a Dutch astronomer.
12642 Davidjansen 1348 T-2 David Jona Jansen (b. 1968), a Dutch astronomer in Leiden.
12643 Henkolthof 3180 T-2 Henk Olthof (b. 1944), a Dutch astronomer from Groningen.
12644 Robertwielinga 3285 T-2 Robert Wielinga (b. 1962), a Dutch physics teacher, active amateur astronomer and popularizer of astronomy.
12649 Ascanios 2035 T-3 Ascanios, the son of Aeneas.
12657 Bonch-Bruevich 1971 QO1 Aleksej Mikhajlovich Bonch-Bruevich (b. 1916), a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
12658 Peiraios 1973 SL Peiraios, son of Klytios, was a friend of Telemachos.
12659 Schlegel 1973 UR5 The brothers August Wilhelm (1767-1845) and Friedrich (1772-1829) Schlegel, both famous writers, philologists and teachers at the University of Jena.
12661 Schelling 1976 DA1 Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling (1775-1854), professor of philosophy in University of Jena.
12664 Sonisenia 1978 SS5 Sonya (Sofiya) and Senya (Semen) are charming and talented children of Mark Ziselevich Orlovskij, Kiev journalist, executive in the publishing trade and friend of the discoverer.
12670 Passargea 1979 SG2 Michael Paul Oskar Passarge (b. 1950), a prominent German amateur astronomer.
12674 Rybalka 1980 RL2 Anatolij Nikolaevich Rybalka (b. 1939), an obstetrician and gynaecologist, professor at the Crimean Medical University.
12675 Chabot 1980 TA4 Anthony Chabot (1813-1888), one of the pioneering hydraulic engineers of the late nineteenth century and a developer of municipal water facilities.
12680 Bogdanovich 1981 JR2 Carrie C. L. Bogdanovich, American amateur astronomer who assisted in organizing the Palomar Observatory's 1.2-m Schmidt Oschin Telescope plate archive
12682 Kawada 1982 VC3 Kawada Oukou (1830-1896), a Japanese classical scholar born in Tamashima, Okayama prefecture.
12686 Bezuglyj 1986 TT11 Michail Yur'evich Bezuglyj (b. 1963), a Ukrainian surgeon.
12687 de Valory 1987 YS1 Guy Louis Henri, Marquis de Valory, 18th-century French aristocrat, friend of Voltaire and ambassador for the Prussian King Frederic II
12688 Baekeland 1988 CK4 Leo Baekeland, Belgian-American chemist
12694 Schleiermacher 1989 EJ6 Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher (1768-1834), German philosopher and Protestant theologian.
12695 Utrecht 1989 GR3 Utrecht, the seat of the University of Utrecht
12696 Camus 1989 SF1 Albert Camus, French novelist and essayist.
12697 Verhaeren 1989 SK3 Émile Verhaeren, the Belgian poet.
12701 Chénier 1990 GE André Chénier (1762-1794), a French poet who died on the scaffold.
12702 Panamarenko 1990 SR6 Panamarenko (Henri Van Herwegen, b. 1940) is a famous Belgian artist.
12704 Tupolev 1990 SL28 Andrej Nikolaevich Tupolev (1888-1972), a known worldwide as an airplane designer.
12708 Van Straten 1990 UB4 Henri van Straten (1892-1944), a Belgium greatest lithographers.
12709 Bergen op Zoom 1990 VN4 Berg op Zoom, Netherlands
12710 Breda 1990 VQ5 Breda, Netherlands
12711 Tukmit 1991 BB Tukmit, Father Sky in the Luiseno creation story, who with Tomaiyavit bore the First People
12714 Alkimos 1991 GX1 Akimos, mythological son of Ares, who was, together with Automedon, in charge of Achilles' horses during the Trojan War
12715 Godin 1991 GR2 Louis Godin, 18th-century French astronomer who proposed to send expeditions to the equator and the polar sea to measure in both places an arc of one degree in order to find out the true shape of the Earth; in 1753 he joined La Condamine and Bouguer on an expedition to Peru to do this very thing
12716 Delft 1991 GD8 Delft, Netherlands
12718 Le Gentil 1991 LF1 Guillaume-Joseph Le Gentil (1725-1792), a French astronomer.
12719 Pingré 1991 LP2 Alexandre-Guy Pingré (1711-1796), a French astronomer.
12722 Petrarca 1991 PT1 Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), an Italian poet.
12727 Cavendish 1991 PB20 Henry Cavendish (1731-1810), a British eccentric and a physicist.
12729 Berger 1991 RL7 Hans Berger (1873-1941), a German medical doctor.
12734 Haruna 1991 UF3 Haruna Takahashi (b. 1994), the eldest daughter of the first discoverer.
12738 Satoshimiki 1992 AL Satoshi Hayakawa (b. 1992) and Miki Hayakawa (b. 1995) are children of the second discoverer and partners in his observations.
12742 Delisle 1992 OF1 Joseph-Nicolas Delisle (1688-1768), a French astronomer.
12747 Michageffert 1992 YN2 Michael Geffert, German astronomer
12750 Berthollet 1993 DJ1 Claude-Louis Berthollet (1748-1822), a French chemist.
12751 Kamihayashi 1993 EU Kamihayashi, Niigata prefecture, Japan
12753 Povenmire 1993 HE Hal and Katie Povenmire

12755 Balmer 1993 OS10 Johann J. Balmer (1825-1898), a Swiss mathematician.
12757 Yangtze 1993 RY11 Yangtze River, China.
12758 Kabudari 1993 SM3 Kabudari ("big tree" in Arawak), a native name from Palavecino, Lara, Venezuela
12759 Joule 1993 TL18 James Joule (1818-1889), an English physicist.
12760 Maxwell 1993 TX26 James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), a Scottish mathematician and physicist.
12761 Pauwels 1993 TP38 Thierry Pauwels (b. 1958), an astrometrist at the Royal Observatory at Uccle.
12762 Nadiavittor 1993 UE1 Nadia Vittor, aunt of Alberto Toso, one of the discoverers
12766 Paschen 1993 VV4 Louis Paschen (1865-1947), a German physicist and an outstanding spectroscopist.
12769 Kandakurenai 1994 FF Kurenai Kanda, Japanese actress and professional storyteller, member of the executive board of the Japan Space Forum.
12771 Kimshin 1994 GA1 Kim Shin, Japanese musician and synthesizer performer, whose compact disc Everlasting Space traveled into space with the shuttle Discovery in 2000
12773 Lyman 1994 PJ10 Theodore Lyman (1874-1954), an American physicist.
12774 Pfund 1994 PH22 August Hermann Pfund (1879-1949), a American physicist and professor of optics at Baltimore University.
12775 Brackett 1994 PX22 Frederick Sumner Brackett (1896-1972) , an U.S. physicist.
12776 Reynolds 1994 PT31 Osbourne Reynolds (1842-1912), a British engineer and physicist.
12777 Manuel 1994 QA1 Manuel Antolini (1959-2002), the son of the first discoverer.
12780 Salamony 1995 CE1 Sandra Noel Salamony, American creative director for Sky Publishing (Sky & Telescope, Night Sky, Beautiful Universe)
12782 Mauersberger 1995 ED9 Brothers Rudolf (1889-1971) and Erhard (1903-1982) Mauersberger were renowned German musicians and choirmasters.
12787 Abetadashi 1995 SR3 Tadashi Abe, Japanese amateur astronomer
12788 Shigeno 1995 SZ3 Toramatsu Shigeno, Japanese amateur astronomer, and the discoverer's father-in-law
12790 Cernan 1995 UT2 Eugene Andrew Cernan, American astronaut
12796 Kamenrider 1995 WF Kamen Rider, a Japanese TV character.
12799 von Suttner 1995 WF6 Bertha Félicie Sophie von Suttner, Austrian peace activist and Nobelist
12800 Oobayashiarata 1995 WQ7 Arata Oobayashi (1957-1999), a Japanese amateur astronomer and computer engineer.
12801 Somekawa 1995 XD *
12802 Hagino 1995 XD1 *
12810 Okumiomote 1996 BV Okumiomote (奥三面), northern Niigata prefecture, Japan, archaeological site submerged by the damming of a river in 2000
12811 Rigonistern 1996 CL7 Mario Rigoni Stern, Italian author*
12812 Cioni 1996 CN7 *
12813 Paolapaolini 1996 CU8 *
12814 Vittorio 1996 CG9 *
12817 Federica 1996 FM16 *
12818 Tomhanks 1996 GU8 Tom Hanks, American actor*
12820 Robinwilliams 1996 JN6 Robin Williams, American actor*
12828 Batteas 1997 AU9 *
12833 Kamenný Újezd 1997 CV1 Kamenný Újezd, village in Czech Republic
12834 Bomben 1997 CB13 *
12835 Stropek 1997 CN13 Václav Stropek, technician at Kleť Observatory
12838 Adamsmith 1997 EL55 Adam Smith, 18th-century key figure of the Scottish Enlightenment, author of An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
12840 Paolaferrari 1997 GR5 Paola Ferrari, Librarian of the town of San Marcello Pistoiese in Italy and contributor to the Pian dei Termini Observatory
12843 Ewers 1997 GH27 Dick Ewers, NASA pilot*
12845 Crick 1997 JM15 Francis Harry Compton Crick, OM, British physicist and biochemist*
12846 Fullerton 1997 MR *
12848 Agostino 1997 NK10 *
12852 Teply 1998 FW30 Grant Teply, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
12855 Tewksbury 1998 HS32 Carolyn Morgan Tewksbury, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)*
12859 Marlamoore 1998 KK1 Marla Hoke Moore, American astronomer
12860 Turney 1998 KT32 Shannon Quinn Turney, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)*
12861 Wacker 1998 KW33 David "Buzz" Wacker, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)*
12863 Whitfield 1998 KE48 *
12866 Yanamadala 1998 KL65 Vijay Yanamadala, American finalist, 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)*
12867 Joëloïc 1998 LK2 *
12868 Onken 1998 MZ7 *
12870 Rolandmeier 1998 MK37 *
12871 Samarasinha 1998 ML37 Nalin Harsha Samarasinha, American astronomer
12872 Susiestevens 1998 OZ5 Susie Stevens, American teacher, 2002 winner of an Intel Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award*
12873 Clausewitz 1998 OU7 Carl von Clausewitz, Prussian general and military thinker*
12874 Poisson 1998 QZ Siméon Denis Poisson, French mathematician, geometer and physicist*
12878 Erneschiller 1998 QH11 Ernest Schiller, American teacher, 2002 winner of an Intel Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award*
12880 Juliegrady 1998 QM25 Julie Grady, American teacher, 2002 winner of an Intel Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award*
12881 Yepeiyu 1998 QF31 Ye Peiyu, Chinese teacher, 2002 winner of an Intel Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award*
12895 Balbastre 1998 QO99 *
12893 Mommert 1998 QS55 Michael Mommert (b. 1982) has analysed Herschel and Spitzer space telescope observations of transneptunian and near-Earth objects, finding further evidence for links between these populations. He has provided insight into the physical properties of the Plutinos and the cometary component of the NEO population.
12896 Geoffroy 1998 QV102 Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, French naturalist, or Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, French zoologist, or, Henry Geoffroy, French painter*
12897 Bougeret 1998 RY5 Jean-Louis Bougeret, French astronomer*
12898 Mignard 1998 RK6 Either or both of the brothers Pierre and Nicolas Mignard, French painters*
12909 Jaclifford 1998 SK58 *
12910 Deliso 1998 SP59 *
12911 Goodhue 1998 SQ59 *
12912 Streator 1998 SR60 *
12916 Eteoneus 1998 TL15 Eteoneus, son of Boethous, King Menelaus of Sparta's weapon-carrier during the Trojan War, who helped Odysseus in his attempts to return home
12923 Zephyr 1999 GK4 *
12926 Brianmason 1999 SO9 Brian Mason, New Zealand-born meteoriticist and lunar geologist (not to be confused with American astronomers Brian Dewitt Mason and Brian Scott Mason)
12927 Pinocchio 1999 SU9 Pinocchio, character from Carlo Collodi's eponymous tale
12928 Nicolapozio 1999 SV9 Nicola Pozio, accountant for the Spaceguard Foundation
12931 Mario 1999 TX10 Mario Sposetti, father of the discoverer
12932 Conedera 1999 TC12 Marina Conedera, wife of the discoverer
12934 Bisque 1999 TH16 *
12972 Eumaios 1973 SF1 *
12973 Melanthios 1973 SY1 *
12974 Halitherses 1973 SB2 *
12975 Efremov 1973 SY5 Yurij Nikolaevich Efremov, Russian astronomer
12976 Kalinenkov 1976 QK1 *
12978 Ivashov 1978 SD7 *
12979 Evgalvasil'ev 1978 SB8 Evgenij Aleksandrovich Vasil'ev, Ukrainian educator, creator of the Artek pioneer camp "Lesnoj" in Crimea
12984 Lowry 1979 QF2 Stephen C. Lowry, Irish astronomer
12999 Toruń 1981 QJ2 Toruń, Poland, birthplace of Nicolas Copernicus, whose Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and whose university houses the largest observatory in Poland
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