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As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
130,001–131,000 [edit]
130078 Taschner 1999 WH2 Rudolf Taschner, professor of mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna
131,001–132,000 [edit]
131186 Pauluckas 2001 DS Paul Luckas, Australian amateur astronomer, supernova and minor planet hunter
131245 Bakich 2001 FF1 Michael E. Bakich, American historian of astronomy, author, and senior editor of Astronomy
131762 Csonka 2002 AD11 János Csonka, 19th-20th-century Hungarian engineer, inventor of the first Hungarian gas engine and co-inventor of the carburetor with Donát Bánki (this minor planet was discovered on the 150th anniversary of his birth)
131763 Donátbánki 2002 AJ11 Donát Bánki, 19th-20th-century Hungarian mechanical engineer, co-inventor, with János Csonka, of the carburetor in 1893
132,001–133,000 [edit]
132445 Gaertner 2002 GD178 Christian Gaertner, German craftsman, merchant, amateur astronomer, and astronomy populariser
132524 APL 2002 JF56 The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), developers of numerous space missions, including NEAR Shoemaker and many others
132661 Carlbaeker 2002 LO60 Carl Wilhelm Baeker, 19th century German watchmaker and amateur astronomer, discoverer and co-discoverer of six comets
132718 Kemény 2002 ON27 John George Kemeny (Kemény János György), 20th-century Hungarian-born American mathematician, co-developer of the BASIC programming language
132719 Lambey 2002 PF Bernard Lambey, French animator and popularizer of astronomy, co-founder of the Société astronomique de Montpellier (Astronomical Society of Montpellier)
132792 Scottsmith 2002 PB152 P. Scott Smith, American physics teacher, primarily responsible for inspiring the discoverer to become an astronomer
132798 Kürti 2002 PU167 Stefan Kürti, Slovakian amateur astronomer and minor planet discoverer
132820 Miskotte 2002 QX65 Koen Miskotte, Dutch confectioner and amateur astronomer, active within the Dutch Meteor Society
132824 Galamb 2002 QE79 József Galamb, Hungarian-born U.S. mechanical engineer
132825 Shizu-Mao 2002 QT85 Ye Mao (Shiqing), 13th-14th-century Chinese chief executive of Zibei County (now Wenchang City), Shizu ("earliest ancestor") of the discoverer
132874 Latinovits 2002 RV118 Zoltán Latinovits, 20th-century Hungarian actor (the minor planet was discovered on his 71st birth anniversary)
132904 Notkin 2002 RB237 Geoffrey Notkin, co-host of the popular Science Channel series Meteorite Men
133,001–134,000 [edit]
133007 Audreysimmons 2002 TB317 Audrey E. Simmons, American astronomer
133008 Snedden 2002 TU325 Stephanie Snedden, American astronomer
133009 Watters 2002 TT350 Shannon P. Watters, American astronomer
133161 Ruttkai 2003 QE31 Éva Ruttkai, Hungarian actress
133243 Essen 2003 RT1 Essen, in the German agglomeration "Ruhrgebiet", is the former center of German heavy industry
133250 Rubik 2003 RK8 Ernő Rubik, Hungarian architect and professor, internationally renowned for designing mechanical puzzles and games
133280 Bryleen 2003 SM17 Bryan and Eileen, son and daughter of the discoverer
133293 Andrushivka 2003 SA33 Andrushivka Astronomical Observatory, Zhytomyr, Ukraine, the discovery site (and its first discovery)
133296 Federicotosi 2003 SE36 Federico Tosi, Italian astronomer and space scientist
133404 Morogues 2003 SS170 Morogues, France, famous for its white wine "appellation Menetou-Salon", and also for being the apex of one of the triangles used by Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre in 1795 for the calculation of the meridian
133527 Fredearly 2003 TZ Frederick and Pearl Young, paternal grandparents of the discoverer
133528 Ceragioli 2003 TC2 Roger Ceragioli, American optician and telescope maker (formerly scholar of classical studies specializing in ancient Greek ethno-astronomy)
133536 Alicewhagel 2003 TZ9 Alice Whagel (b. 1969) has worked tirelessly for many years assisting amateur and professional astronomers with their CCD cameras and related equipment.
133537 Mariomotta 2003 TL10 Mario Motta, a well-known cardiologist, amateur astronomer and telescope maker.
133552 Itting-Enke 2003 UJ4 Sonja Itting-Enke, Namibian founder of the Cuno Hoffmeister Memorial Observatory and astronomical educator
133753 Teresamullen 2003 WU25 Teresa Mullen, American member of the Huachuca Astronomy Club of Sierra Vista, Arizona, and wife of vice-president Keith Mullen (see 159827 Keithmullen)
133892 Benkhaldoun 2004 RN8 Zouhair Benkhaldoun, researcher in Cadi Ayyad University's department of physics in Marrakech, Morocco
134,001–135,000 [edit]
134069 Miyo 2004 XP63 Miyo Itagaki, the discoverer's mother
134124 Subirachs 2005 AM Josep Maria Subirachs, Catalan sculptor and painter
134130 Apáczai 2005 AP11 János Apáczai Csere, Hungarian polyglot and mathematician
134160 Pluis 2005 BE3 Pluis, nickname of Aina Vandenabeele, the discoverer's niece, who died of leukemia at six months of age (this minor planet is a tribute to all children with cancer)
134244 De Young 2006 AA4 Mike De Young, American teacher, who ran the Rehoboth Christian School observatory and is the local liaison for the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Observatory
134329 Cycnos 2377 T-3 Cycnos, ally of Priam, son of Poseidon by a nymph, strangled by Achilles
134340 Pluto[1][2] Pluto, Roman god of the Underworld, similar to the Greek Hades (see also (134340) Pluto I Charon, (134340) Pluto II Nix, and (134340) Pluto III Hydra)
134346 Pinatubo 1991 PT2 Mount Pinatubo, active volcano on Luzon island in the Philippines
134348 Klemperer 1992 UX9 Victor Klemperer, German son of a rabbi, who kept a diary of life under the Nazi tyranny, starting in 1933
134402 Ieshimatoshiaki 1997 RG Toshiaki Ieshima, member of Matsue Astronomy Club
134419 Hippothous 1998 MV47 Hippothous, one of the sons of King Priam
135,001–136,000 [edit]
135069 Gagnereau 2001 PV28 Éric Gagnereau, French animator and popularizer of astronomy, co-founder of the Société astronomique de Montpellier (Astronomical Society of Montpellier) and of the Observatoire des Pises
135268 Haigneré 2001 SX115 Claudie and Jean-Pierre Haigneré, French astronauts (Claudie was born in Le Creusot, the discovery site)
135561 Tautvaisiene 2002 FK5 Gražina Tautvaišienė, Lithuanian astronomer, director of the Teorinės fizikos ir astronomijos institutas (Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy) in Vilnius since 2003
135799 Ráczmiklós 2002 RZ111 Miklós Rácz (b. 1947), a Hungarian physicist, the head of the technical department of the Konkoly Observatory between 2000 and 2011.
135978 Agüeros 2002 TD304 Marcel Agüeros, French-Puerto Rican astronomer
135979 Allam 2002 TZ368 Sahar Allam, Egyptian astronomer
135980 Scottanderson 2002 TG369 Scott F. Anderson, American astronomer
136,001–137,000 [edit]
136108 Haumea 2003 EL61 Haumea, Hawaiian goddess of childbirth and fertility, a personification of stone, and two of her daughters, Hiʻiaka and Namaka
136199 Eris 2003 UB313 Eris, goddess of discord, + and her daughter Dysnomia (Greek Δυσνομία, "lawlessness") ((136199) Eris I Dysnomia)
136367 Gierlinger 2004 EU11 Richard Gierlinger (b. 1967), an Austrian amateur astronomer and telescope builder.
136472 Makemake 2005 FY9 Makemake, creator deity of the people of Rapa Nui (Easter Island; the discovery team previously used the codename "Easterbunny" for this object)
136473 Bakosgáspár 2005 GB Gáspár Bakos, father of the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope Network (HATNet)
136518 Opitz 2005 SF70 Nándor Opitz (1922–1995), a Hungarian engineer, aviator and the first Hungarian FAI Diamond Badge glider pilot.
136557 Neleus 5214 T-2 Neleus, husband to Chloris and father of the Greek Nestor, banished with his other children to Messina and later killed by Heracles
136666 Seidel 1995 SE The work of Cesky Krumlov photographers Josef Seidel (1859–1935) and his son Frantisek (1908–1997) depicts both people and places of the southeast part of Sumava
136743 Echigo 1995 WW1 Echigo, a name of an old administrative area in Japan.
136818 Selqet 1997 MW1 Selqet, ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, protector of the other gods from the destroyer, Apep
136824 Nonamikeiko 1997 RJ5 Keiko Nonami, member of Matsue Astronomy Club
137,001–138,000 [edit]
137039 Lisiguang 1998 UX31 Li Siguang, founder of and pioneer in modern Chinese geology
137052 Tjelvar 1998 VO33 Tjelvar, first inhabitant of Gotland
137165 Annis 1999 FP68 Jim Annis, American astronomer
137166 Netabahcall 1999 FS81 Neta Bahcall, Israeli-American astronomer
137217 Racah 1999 NH64 Giulio Racah, founder of physics in Israel
137632 Ramsauer 1999 WG2 Alfred Ramsauer (b. 1928) has been a member of the Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft since 1952.
138,001–139,000 [edit]
138221 Baldry 2000 EC207 Ivan Baldry, British astronomer
138445 Westenburger 2000 JF2 Carl-Heinz Westenburger, German painter, printmaker and conservationist
138979 Černice 2001 CM32 Černice is a small pleasant old South Bohemian village situated above the Vltava river
139,001–140,000 [edit]
139028 Haynald 2001 DL89 Lajos Haynald, 19th-century Hungarian cardinal and Archbishop of Kalocsa-Bács, botanist, patron of the sciences, who had the astronomical observatory (Haynald Obszervatórium) built in Kalocsa
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