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Mecca or Makkah most probably refers to:

  • Mecca (Makkah al-Mukarramah) in Saudi Arabia, the holiest site in Islam
    • Makkah Province, the province surrounding that city
    • Mecca, a place or goal around which an activity or interest is centred, derived from the Arabian city, [1]
      • "Black mecca", city in the U.S. attracting black Americans to live there

Mecca may also refer to:

Similar words:

  • Mecha, piloted or remote-controlled vehicles in certain subgenres of science fiction
  • MEChA, an organisation of Chicano students in the United States
  • Meccano, a metal construction kit toy
  • Mekka, one of the earlier aliases of DJ Jake Williams, best known as JX, and currently known as Rex the Dog