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Mecca Leisure Group
Industry Nightclubs, cafes, casinos, hotels, theme parks
Headquarters London, England, UK
Key people
Michael Guthrie, Chairman
1950s advert for the Locarno ballroom

Mecca Leisure Group (also known as Mecca Leisure Ltd., Mecca Ltd, and Mecca Dance Ltd) was a British business that ran nightclubs, hotels, theme parks, bingo parlors and Hard Rock Cafes.[1] During the 1960s they were the centre of entertainment with numerous nightclubs throughout major UK towns and cities. Mecca ballrooms were used for the BBC TV show Come Dancing.[2] Eric Morley was a general manager of dancing at Mecca Leisure Group and was involved in the Miss World competitions.

Notable DJs performing at Mecca nightclubs include Jimmy Savile[3][4] from 1960[5] and Pete Waterman.


In 1989, Mecca Leisure Group acquired Pleasurama Plc.[6]

In 1990, the Rank Organisation made an offer of £512m to acquire Mecca Leisure Group, which was initially rejected, and then accepted two months later.[1][7]


Venue Opening Closure
Locarno Ballroom, Basildon[8] 1961
Blackpool Mecca 1965
Mecca Locarno, Coventry[9]
Ilford Palais[10]
Mecca Locarno Ballroom, Leeds[5] 1938 1969
Locarno, Liverpool 1948
Lyceum Theatre 1834
Southampton Royal Pier[11] 1963 1979
Stockport Plaza[12] 1965
Tottenham 1910 2004


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