Mecca Mall

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Mecca Mall
Mecca mall.jpg
Internal View of Mecca Mall
Location Amman, Jordan
Opening date 2003
Developer Raied Ayoubeen
Management Kurdi Group
Owner Kurdi Group
No. of anchor tenants 0
Total retail floor area 95,000 m²

Mecca Mall (Arabic: مكة مول‎) is a shopping mall in the Jordanian capital, Amman. It is located on Mecca Street, and this is the reason the mall was named Mecca Mall.


The mall in general and almost all of the food court area is reserved for families only. The mall management defines families as any group of people that includes at least one woman. A man (or men) sitting on a table in the family section will get accosted by security and asked to leave despite having paid for their meal. This is applicable even if the handful of tables men are allowed to use are all occupied. The mall management justifies this by claiming that young men can't be trusted to behave themselves around women, and are assumed to be ill-intentioned by default if sitting on a table by themselves or with other men. Moreover based on the same policy, mall security will prevent male(s) unaccompanied by a woman from even entering the mall on weekends and public holiday(s). This is unique to Mecca Mall.[1][2]


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