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The term medallion may refer to:

  • Medal (shortening of "medallion"), a carved or engraved circular piece of metal issued as a souvenir, award, work of art or fashion accessory
  • Medallion Air, a Romanian charter airline
  • Medallion (film), the original title of the 2012 film Stolen
  • Medallion Fund, a hedge fund managed by Renaissance Technologies
  • The Medallion, a 2003 action film
  • Eagle Medallion, an automobile built by Renault for AMC and later Chrysler, 1987–1989
  • Medallion Records (1919–1921), a record label
  • Medallion Shield, a rugby union competition for schools in Ulster
  • Medallion signature guarantee, a special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities in the United States
  • Medallion silvertip nudibranch, a species of sea slug
  • Medallion taxi, a permit granted by government in some cities, such as New York, to operate a vehicle for hire, also known in other jurisdictions as a certificate of public convenience and necessity
  • A small, circular, boneless portion of meat, e.g., beef medallion, pork medallion
  • A trademark used in the 1970s and 1980s in the United States to represent a building which was all electric, rather than using natural gas for water heating or radiant heat
  • Medaillon (architecture), a round or oval frame containing a decoration of a facade, an interior, a piece of furniture or equipment
  • Medallions (book), a short story collection by Zofia Nałkowska