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Medi 1 TV is a state-owned broadcasting channel in Morocco. It was launched in December 2006 as a news channel but has since shifted to more general programming and currently diffuses a large a number of entertainment programs such as Turkish soap operas and confession tabloid talk shows.


Medi 1 TV was founded in December 2006 as Medi 1 Sat, as an expansion of Franco-Moroccan radio Medi 1. The Channel was first designed as a pan-Maghreb news channel with a heavy involvement from the French Ministry of Foreign affairs. However with founding of France 24 the French withdrew from the channel in 2009 and it was taken over by CDG, the state-owned Moroccan pension funds who currently controls more than 80% of Medi1 TV. [1]

In 2010, due to financial difficulties Medi 1 Sat was redesigned as Medi 1 TV with a more general programming focused on entertainment to attract more viewership and appeal to advertisers.[1] Until then available only on satellite, it started broadcasting on UHF on 30 October 2010.[1] Despite this editorial shift, the company is still turning a net loss every year.[2]



  • Acacia (subsidiary of Fipar-Holding, itself a subsidiary of CDG):54%
  • CIMR 15%
  • MAMDA-MCMA 16%
  • Fond Mousahama (Jointly owned by Banque Populaire du Maroc and CDG): 10%
  • Maroc Telecom: 3%
  • Radio Méditerranée Internationale 2%

At its foundation:[1]

  • Compagnie internationale radio et télévision 30%
  • Maroc Telecom 28%
  • Fipar Holding 28%
  • Radio Méditerranée Internationale 14%

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