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Channel U
Saluran U
சேனல் U
Channel U logo
Launched SPH MediaWorks Channel U:
6 May 2001
MediaCorp TV Channel U:
1 January 2005
Closed SPH MediaWorks Channel U:
31 December 2004
Network SPH MediaWorks
(6 May 2001-31 December 2004)
MediaCorp TV
(1 January 2005-now)
Owned by SPH
(6 May 2001-31 December 2004)
(1 January 2005-now)
Picture format SDTV (480i 4:3)
PAL (576i 4:3)
DVB-T (Digital UHF)
HDTV (1080i 16:9)
Slogan SPH MediaWorks Channel U:
以優為先 (Translation: Putting Excellence [or You] First)
(6 May 2001-31 December 2004)
MediaCorp TV Channel U:
帶動亞洲流行 (Translation: Leading Asia's Trends)
(1 January 2005-30 November 2008)
最精彩 (Translation: The Most Exciting)
(1 December 2008-now)
Country  Singapore
Language Mandarin Chinese
Broadcast area Nationwide
Headquarters SPH MediaWorks Channel U:
Level 7, SPH Headquarters
82 Genting Lane
Tanjong Pagar, Central Region
Singapore 349567
Telephone: (65) 6319 7988
Faximile: (65) 6744 3318
(6 May 2001-31 December 2004)
MediaCorp TV Channel U:
Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Andrew Road
Aljunied, East Region
Singapore 299939
Telephone: (65) 6333 3888
Faximile: (65) 6251 5628
(1 January 2005-now)
Formerly called SPH MediaWorks Channel U
(6 May 2001-31 December 2004)
Replaced SPH MediaWorks Channel U
(6 May 2001-31 December 2004)
Sister channel(s) Channel 8
Channel 5
Channel NewsAsia
MediaCorp - Analogue (PAL-B) Channel 28 (UHF 527.250-MHz)
MediaCorp - Digital (DVB-T) Channel 29 (UHF 599.250-MHz) Multiplex carrying Mediacorp channels digitally.
StarHub TV Channel 107
MediaCorp (via SCTV socket) Channel 23 (UHF 487.250-MHz)
mio TV Channel 7 / 501

MediaCorp Channel U or Channel U (U頻道; pinyin: U Píndào) is Singapore's second free-to-air Chinese television channel in Singapore. It is the second of two Chinese free-to-air terrestrial channels in Singapore with the other being MediaCorp TV Channel 8.

It was created by Singapore Press Holdings|SPH on 6 May 2001 as an alternative Chinese channel to MediaCorp TV Channel 8. After SPH MediaWorks and MediaCorp merged on 1 January 2005, it now serves as a complementary to MediaCorp TV Channel 8.


When operated by the incumbent broadcaster SPH MediaWorks (a subsidiary of SPH) during its 1st 4-years, Channel U had a similar programming as MediaCorp TV Channel 8 with the foundation set up by staff transferred over to SPH MediaWorks from Television Corporation of Singapore such as Bryan Wong and Kim Ng. Due to lack of facilities and expertise, broadcaster SPH MediaWorks could only produced a limited number of local productions. Nonetheless, the channel quickly grew its popularity and viewership over the years, through efforts like airing Hong Kong and Taiwan prime time television dramas and variety shows, by being the 1st channel to air television programmes from Korea and also producing the local productions with good quality. These efforts paid off eventually as by its 3d year, Channel U had garnered more viewership than MediaCorp Channel 8.

However, this did not translate into profits for broadcaster SPH MediaWorks. Mounting losses from fierce competition and a small free-to-air television advertising demand caused the television business to be viewed as unsustainable. Thus, as "a rationalisation move to stem losses and enhance shareholder value.",[1] SPH MediaWorks was made to merge with MediaCorp with effect of 1 January 2005 and Channel U was operated by MediaCorp ever since. Upon merger with MediaCorp on 1 January 2005, Singapore aged 15–45 became Channel U's target audience and broadcasting hours was changed to begin at 15:00 SST on weekday and 10:00 SST on weekend. Channel U continued to air the Ren Ci charity shows (as it did previously when under SPH MediaWorks) and started to run Campus SuperStar a singing competition for teenagers. There are more locally-produced programmes on the channel, which included a revamp of the news bulletins, and the introduction of new current events and variety programmes.

Between 1 January 2005 and 14 August 2012, it exclusively aired 100% Entertainment, 23 hours after Taiwan's Gala Television's original broadcast, from Sundays to Thursdays, at 5pm and again before transmission ends. In 2010, there is a major programming refresh of Channel U during prime-time hours ever since post-merger. Channel U started having non-stop entertainment programmes on weekdays between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm with the best of acquired programmes from the region and quality local productions. Its weekend news bulletin News Club, which aired at 7pm, was replaced by current affairs programmes Money Week and World This Week, which were previously aired on Mediacorp Channel 8.

Slogan and mottos[edit]

  • 以優為先 (Putting Excellence [or You] First, 6 May 2001-31 December 2004. This slogan is a play on the channel name, as the Chinese word 優 sounds like the letter U.)
  • 帶動亞洲流行 (Leading Asia's Trends, 1 January 2005-30 November 2008)
  • 最精彩 (The Most Exciting, 1 December 2008-now, complements MediaCorp Channel 8's longtime former slogan, 最親切 (The Most Endearing))

Transmission times[edit]

Channel U was started transmission by the Campus SuperStar is played.

Before/After Channel U goes on/off air by the national anthem is played.[2]

During 'no transmission' periods, there would be continuous non-scheduled repeated-reruns of two random past Channel U local productions and the preview of latest programmes, all the way till the home shopping television programme starts. This is different from other non 24-hour channels, that would have test cards instead during the 'no transmission' periods.


Channel U is on air from 15:00 until 03:00 SST in daily with no transmission from around 03:00 until 07:00 SST.


Channel U is on air from 10:00 until 03:00 SST in daily with no transmission from 03:30 until 07:00 SST on Saturday and from 02:30 until 06:00 SST on Sunday.

At other times when programmes are not transmitted, still image of Channel U logo and today guide television broadcast listings schedule will be displayed with the background sound of Radio Sindo Trijaya Batam on FM 88.0-MHz.

Opening and Closing times[edit]


Channel U was starts up with national anthem played, station ident and first television programme.


Channel U was closes down with last television programme, station ident and finally the national anthem was broadcasts the end.


Every day before Channel U goes on air with television programme in promo and trailer from 07:00 until 12:00 SST on weekday.

Home Shopping[edit]

Every day before Channel U goes on air, there is a home shopping television programme from 12:00 until 15:00 SST on weekday and from 07:00 until 10:00 SST on weekend.


Channel U shares artists with Mediacorp TV Channel 8. For example, Jeanette Aw is the lead artist for Channel U's Jump! (2012) and Channel 8's Beyond (2012).

Also, since March 2010, Channel U airs the encore version of MediaCorp Channel 8's "News Tonight" an hour after original broadcast on MediaCorp Channel 8 on daily night at 23:00 SST.

This is probably due to lack of manpower and short of entertainment programming during prime-time.


Local programmes[edit]


Malaysian dramas[edit]

News programme and current affairs[edit]

Documentary and docudrama[edit]

Lifestyle and fashion[edit]



Foreign programmes[edit]





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