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This is a list of media outlets in the Canadian city of Lethbridge, Alberta.


Frequency Call letters Branding Format Owner Notes
88.3 FM CKXU-FM CKXU 88.3 FM campus radio CKXU Radio Society
91.7 FM CBBC-FM CBC Radio 2 public music Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Repeater of CBR-FM Calgary
93.3 FM CJBZ-FM B93 contemporary hit radio Jim Pattison Group
94.1 FM CJOC-FM Classic Hits 94.1 CJOC classic hits Clear Sky Radio
95.5 FM CHLB-FM Country 95 country music Jim Pattison Group
98.1 FM CKBD-FM The Bridge modern rock Clear Sky Radio
99.3 FM CKUA-FM-2 CKUA public radio CKUA Radio Foundation Repeater of CKUA Edmonton
100.1 FM CBRL-FM CBC Radio One news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Repeater of CBR Calgary
104.3 FM CHFA-1-FM Ici Radio-Canada Première news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French, repeater of CHFA Edmonton
106.7 FM CJRX-FM Rock 106 active rock Rogers Media
107.7 FM CFRV-FM 107.7 The River adult contemporary Rogers Media


OTA channel PSIP Call letters Network
46 2.1 CKAL-DT-1 City
7 7.1 CISA-DT Global
13 13.1 CFCN-DT-5 CTV
17 17.1 CJIL-DT The Miracle Channel

Lethbridge previously received CBC Television from a rebroadcaster of CBRT in Calgary, and Radio-Canada from a rebroadcaster of CBXFT in Edmonton. However, these repeaters--along with all of the CBC's owned-and-operated rebroadcasters--went off the air on August 31, 2012. Most Lethbridge residents didn't lose access to CBC or Radio-Canada programming, however, as they are still carried on cable.

The cable television provider in Lethbridge is Shaw Cable. Network programming from the United States is received on cable via affiliates from Spokane, Washington, which is in the Pacific Time Zone. This means American prime time shows on weekdays run from 9PM–12 midnight. Also, except for PBS, HDTV network programming is from Seattle. On digital cable, U.S. network programming (in standard resolution) is available from Detroit in the Eastern Time Zone. Prime time shows on weekdays run from 6PM-9PM.


  • Lethbridge Herald - Daily paper. Owned by Glacier Ventures International Corp. and Alta Newspaper Group Limited Partnership
  • Lethbridge Sun Times - Weekly paper. Published by Lethbridge Herald.
  • Lethbridge Journal - Weekly paper. Published by Lethbridge Herald.
  • The Meliorist - Weekly, independent student newspaper at the University of Lethbridge
  • The Endeavour - Weekly, produced by the Advertising/Public Relations & Print Journalism students at Lethbridge College

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