Media in Red Deer, Alberta

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This is a list of media in Red Deer, Alberta.



Until August 2009, Red Deer was served by a local television station, CHCA-TV channel 6, carrying programming from Canada's E! network. CHCA closed on August 31, 2009 due to economic troubles endured by its parent company, Canwest.[1]

All of the city's other television services are rebroadcasters of stations from Edmonton. Red Deer is not designated as a mandatory market for digital television conversion; currently, no station in the region has a digital transmitter in operation.

After CHCA dropped its longtime affiliation with CBC Television in 2005, Edmonton's CBXT set up a rebroadcaster in Red Deer. Radio-Canada outlet CBXFT already operated a rebroadcaster there. They were shut down with the CBC's other rebroadcasters in 2012, meaning Red Deer residents need cable to watch CBC and Radio-Canada programming.

Cable television in Red Deer is served by Shaw Communications, who operates a local community channel under the "Shaw TV" name. Discounting Shaw TV, Red Deer, with a population approaching 100,000, is one of the largest standalone urban centres in Canada (i.e. one that is not part of a larger metropolitan area) without a local TV station.