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For the parent company of this website, see Mediabistro.
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Owner Mediabistro Inc.
Created by Laurel Touby
Launched 1996
Current status Active

Mediabistro is a website that offers resources for medial professionals. It publishes various blogs which analyze the mass media industry, including the film and the publishing industries. It also provides job listings, courses, and seminars for journalists.[1] The site was founded in 1993 by Laurel Touby as "a gathering place for professionals in journalism, publishing and other media-related industries in New York City".[2] Mediabistro has since grown[3] into an international resource for media professionals.

On July 17, 2007, the site was acquired by WebMediaBrands, later known as Mediabistro, for $20 million in cash plus a two year earn-out that could result in an additional $3 million.[4] In August 2014, Digital Media Guggenheim purchased MediaBistro for $8 million.[5]


The site publishes several popular blogs such as TV Newser, about the broadcasting industry, and various FishBowl blogs which cover gossip in the journalism communities of New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.[6] GalleyCat covers the publishing industry and TVSpy the local news.

TV Newser[edit]

TV Newser is a "ticker" blog which covers daily developments in the American news media and broadcast industry. The site was founded (as CableNewser) by former Towson University student Brian Stelter in January 2004, who maintained the site until joining The New York Times as a media reporter in July 2007.[7] The site's Managing Editor is currently former MSNBC producer Chris Ariens. Editor Kevin Allocca was hired in July 2009, and Alissa Krinsky serves as a contributor to the site.

TV Newser's most popular feature is "The Scorecard," hour-by-hour Nielsen ratings for the major cable news channels HLN, MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN from the hours of 4PM EST to 12AM EST.

Brian Williams, of NBC Nightly News, has described the blog as "the closest thing to the bible of what's going on in [the news broadcasting] industry". CNN's Miles O'Brien said of it "makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a cocktail party of all people who know what's going on in my business." Both MSNBC's Dan Abrams and CNN's Jeff Greenfield have lauded the site for being good at separating fact from fiction. According to Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, TV executives pay attention to the website all the time.[6] USAToday describes it as "the Energizer Bunny of media blogs".[8] According to the New York Times, TV Newser is "read religiously by network presidents, media executives, producers and publicists ... because it provides a quick snapshot of the industry on any given day".[6]


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