Medial pectoral nerve

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Medial pectoral nerve
Nerves of the left upper extremity.gif
Nerves of the left upper extremity. (Medial anterior thoracicvisible in upper right.)
Latin nervus pectoralis medialis
Innervates pectoralis minor, pectoralis major
medial cord
Gray's p.933
TA A14.2.03.017
FMA FMA:65293
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The medial pectoral nerve (medial anterior thoracic) arises from the medial cord (sometimes directly from the anterior division of the inferior trunk) of the brachial plexus and through it from the eighth cervical and first thoracic roots.

It passes behind the first part of the axillary artery, curves forward between the axillary artery and vein, and unites in front of the artery with a filament from the lateral nerve.

It then enters the deep surface of the pectoralis minor muscle, where it divides into a number of branches, which supply the muscle.

Two or three branches pierce the muscle and end in the pectoralis major muscle. A mnemonic to differentiate the medial pectoral nerve, which pierces both pectorals, from the lateral pectoral nerve, which pierces only the pectoralis major, is "Lateral Less, Medial More".

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