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This article is about the video game, for the similarly spelt 'Medieval' period of European history, see the Middle Ages.

This article is about the series in general. For the first game in the series, see MediEvil (1998 video game).

The latest logo of the franchise
Genres Action-Adventure
Hack and slash
Developers SCE Cambridge Studio
Publishers Sony Computer Entertainment
Creators Chris Sorrell
Jason Wilson
Composers Andrew Barnabas
Paul Arnold
Platforms PlayStation
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Vita
Platform of origin PlayStation
First release MediEvil
October 1, 1998
Latest release MediEvil: Resurrection
September 1, 2005

MediEvil is a series of action-adventure hack n' slash video games developed by SCE Cambridge Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The main protagonist of the series is a cowardly, skeletal undead knight, Sir Daniel Fortesque. The name of the series is a portmanteau of medieval and evil.



MediEvil is the first game in the series. It was released in Europe and North America in October 1998. Zarok, an evil sorcerer attempts to ensare the land of Gallowmere under his evil reign, but unwittingly brings his old nemesis, Sir Daniel Fortesque, back to life. The player takes control over Sir Dan who must face hordes of zombies, pumpkins and other monsters as he traverses through Gallowmere.

MediEvil was one of the first games to support a DualShock controller on the PlayStation. It also came on a Twin Pack CD bundled with C-12: Final Resistance in 2003[1]

MediEvil 2[edit]

MediEvil 2 is the second installment in the series. It is a direct sequel to the first game. It was released in North America in April 2000 and in May 2000 in Europe. It takes place 500 years after the first game's events. It is set in Victorian London and features several improvements over the original, including improved enemy AI, increased strategy combat, bigger and more detailed levels, more powerful and diverse range of strategic weapons, more playable characters, more player control and more detailed characterization and storyline.[2]

MediEvil: Resurrection[edit]

MediEvil Resurrection is the third installment in the series. It is a reimagining of the first installment, MediEvil. It was released in North America and Europe in September 2005 as a PSP launch title. Many things such as level design, characters, and plot elements were changed drastically. Some levels from the original were not included at all while completely new levels and characters were introduced. Half of the soundtrack is also completely original and fully orchestrated. The game is also much more comical and cartoon-styled than its predecessors. Also, unlike the previous two games in the franchise, there is no alternate ending regardless of whether the player collects all the chalices.

Sir Daniel Fortesque[edit]

Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir Daniel Fortesque.jpg
Name Sir Daniel Fortesque
Birth Date c. 1250
Birth Place Gallowmere
Death Place Gallowmere
Allegiance Kingdom of Gallowmere
Rank Commander of the Army
Commands Royal Battalion
Battles Battle of Gallowmere
Awards Knighthood of Gallowmere, Hall of Heroes

For years, Dan had regaled the nobles of Gallowmere with tales of slain dragons and vanquished legions. The King was so impressed that he made Dan a knight and appointed him head of the Royal Battalion. Of course it was just an honorary post – Gallowmere had not seen war in many centuries – but the King liked stories, and Daniel was an excellent storyteller. But then, in 1286 the evil sorcerer Zarok returned from years in exile. Embittered and filled with wrath, he threatened to unleash an army of demons that he built using the "darkest of magic". The King was in desperate need of a hero and he knew exactly who he wanted.

Daniel was dragged from his bed and thrust at the front of King's army to face the undead horde. The battle commenced and within seconds Dan fell to the ground, struck in the eye with the very first arrow fired. His wound was fatal and the army was left to continue the fight without him.

Embarrassed by Dan's poor show, and realising the people needed to feel safe, King Peregrin declared that Sir Daniel Fortesque had died in mortal combat, seconds after slaying the sinister wizard. A hero's tomb was erected to Dan, the history books inscribed with tales of his valour.

Appearances in other games[edit]

Dan appears as a playable golfer in Hot Shots Golf 2 and is playable in the fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Also, the PSP launch game WipEout Pure, which was released alongside MediEvil: Resurrection, features a MediEvil-styled ship that was built by the team at Sony Cambridge. The PS2 game Ghosthunter, which was also developed by SCE Cambridge Studio, features a reference to Sir Daniel in the form of a character named Colonel Fortesque and also contains several medieval scenarios and undead knights which were implanted to provide a visual connection to the MediEvil series.