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Industry Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Development
Public Relations
Online Marketing
Founded Chattanooga, Tennessee (January 1, 1999, as Cross Computer Consulting Incorporated as Coptix Inc., January 1, 2002, Rebranded as Medium April 9, 2009)
Headquarters Chattanooga, Tennessee
Key people
Josiah Roe, President
Rob Righter, Vice President of Technology
Andy Montgomery, Vice President of Operations
Number of employees
Website Medium

Founded as Cross Computer Consulting on January 1, 1999, incorporated as Coptix Inc. on January 1, 2002, and re-branded as Medium on April 9, 2009, Medium is a Chattanooga, Tennessee based graphic design, web design, and web development company with clients such as Rock/Creek, Chattem, redbox, Olan Mills, Hardee's,[1] PGi, Alberto-Culver, and Yanmar. Medium is a member of the AIGA & the American Advertising Federation.

Bill Cahan Spoofs[edit]

Medium gained attention throughout the design community when in January 2007 it produced and distributed via YouTube a series of video spoofs of the Cahan & Associates promotional video featuring noted designer Bill Cahan.[2]

Karl Rove Photo Hoax[edit]

Medium gained national media attention in April 2007 after a prank in which, the previous month, they photoshopped a photo of White House advisor Karl Rove to make him appear to be holding a folder with the Coptix (the former named of Medium) logo on the cover.[3] Blogs such as Wonkette - which called the hoax photo "a crime scene"[4] - and DailyKos ran the doctored photo and claimed (as Wonkette put it) that it proved "without a doubt that Karl Rove is illegally running all the White House e-mail through a private company" to avoid the automatic archiving of the White House email system.[5] Sites that fell prey to the hoax had failed to notice Sleestaks also had been added to the photograph in a television shown in the background.


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