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Medium Productions was a record label created in 1993 primarily to publish the music of Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri, and Mick Karn, ex-members of the band Japan and Rain Tree Crow. Medium was a means to release their own music with other collaborating artists, without 'big record label' compromise. Fifteen CDs of innovative and largely instrumental music were produced over a ten-year period. Medium Productions folded in 2004 as the founders decided it was time for a change of direction and became more involved in other projects (such as Porcupine Tree, Nine Horses). The entire MP catalog has been re-released on the Voiceprint Music label beginning in 2001.


  • MPCD1 (1993): "Beginning to Melt" - Jansen/Barbieri/Karn
  • MPCD2 (1994): "Seed" - Jansen/Barbieri/Karn (4-track EP)
  • MPCD3 (1995): "Stone to Flesh" - Jansen & Barbieri
  • MPCD4 (1995): "Other Worlds in a Small Room" - Jansen & Barbieri
  • MPCD5 (1997): "Indigo Falls" (Richard & Suzanne Barbieri)
  • MPCD6 (1997): "Changing Hands" - Jansen/Barbieri/Nobukazu Takemura
  • MPCD7 (1999): "Pulse" - Steve Jansen & Yukihiro Takahashi
  • MPCD8 (1999): "Liquid Glass" - Mick Karn & Yoshihiro Hanno
  • MPCD9 (1999): "_ism" - Jansen/Barbieri/Karn
  • MPCD10 (1999): "Pulse Remix" - Steve Jansen & Yukihiro Takahashi (remixes by 4 Hero, Reflection, Spacer, Fantastic Plastic Machine, DJ Spooky)
  • MPCD11 (1999): "Medium Label Sampler" (selected tracks plus exclusive live track "Life Without Buildings")
  • MPCD12 (2001): "Each Eye a Path" - Mick Karn
  • MPCD13 (2001): "Playing in a Room with People" - Jansen/Barbieri/Karn (live album [one studio track] recorded with Steven Wilson & Theo Travis)
  • MPCD14 (2001): "Kinoapparatom" - Steve Jansen & Claudio Chianura (live soundtrack recorded for the silent film Man with a Movie Camera)
  • MPCD15 (2003): "Each Path a Remix" (remixes by Torn, Chianura, Hanno, Barbieri, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Paul Wong)


Prior to forming the Medium Productions label, Jansen & Barbieri released music as The Dolphin Brothers ("Catch the Fall", 1987, EMI/Virgin), and simply as Jansen & Barbieri ("Stories Across Borders", 1991, Virgin). The former includes vocals by Jansen and has a laid-back 80s electro-pop sound. The latter is an instrumental album very similar to music found on the Medium releases, particularly "Stone to Flesh"; three tracks from "Stories Across Borders" are performed live on MPCD13. Also falling in this time period was the Rain Tree Crow release with David Sylvian in 1991.

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