Medri Bahri

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Medri Bahri ('Land of the Sea')
Medri Bahri ምድሪ ባሕሪ

Capital Debarwa
Languages Geez · Tigrinya
Government Monarchy
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Established 1137
 -  Italian Eritrea 1890
Today part of  Eritrea

Medri Bahri (Tigrinya: ምድሪ ባሕሪ?) was a medieval kingdom in the Horn of Africa. Situated in modern-day Eritrea, it was ruled by the Bahri Negus (also called the Bahri Negasi), whose capital was located at Debarwa.[1] The state's main provinces were Hamasien, Serae and Akele Guzai, all of which are today predominantly inhabited by the Tigrinya (who constitute over 50% of Eritrea's population). In 1890, Medri Bahri was conquered by the Kingdom of Italy.


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