Meechai Ruchuphan

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Meechai Ruchuphan
Native name มีชัย ฤชุพันธุ์
Born February 2, 1938
Nationality Thai
Occupation Currently (2011) Chair of Thailand's Law Reform Commission, former President of the National Assembly of Thailand

Meechai Ruchuphan (born February 2, 1938 in Bangkok[1] Thai: มีชัย ฤชุพันธุ์, RTGS: Michai Ruechuphan). Currently[when?] Meechai is the chairman/president of Thailand's Law Reform Commission, Council of State. He was the acting Prime Minister of Thailand following a military takeover of the government that took place in February 1991. He served only seventeen days, from May 24, 1992 to June 10, 1992, and was succeeded by Anand Panyarachun. He had been appointed by Royal Command to take over after highly unpopular General Suchinda Kraprayoon resigned under public and state pressure.

Meechai served as President of the military-appointed National Legislative Assembly of Thailand after the coup d'état in 2006.[2] After another coup d'état in 2014, Meechai—as one of two civilians—was appointed as a member of the junta which calls itself the National Council for Peace and Order.[3]


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Preceded by
General Suchinda Kraprayoon
acting Prime Minister of Thailand
Succeeded by
Anand Panyarachun