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Meek (born 1978, Melbourne, Australia [1]) is a notable street artist operating out of Melbourne, Australia, and specialising in the sub-genre of Stencil graffiti.

Meek started putting up street art in early 2003 and enjoys the irony of his name in a subject area that is all about bragging and boasting.[citation needed]

He lived in London for some time and was exposed to the work of Banksy. As well as stenciling prolifically, Meek has also hijacked billboards, and used wheat paste and stickers.[citation needed]

The book Stencil Graffiti Capital devotes a chapter to Meek.[2] Other books that display his works are Stencil Pirates by Josh McPhee,[3] Conform by Saskia Folk[4] and Street art uncut by Matthew Lunn.[5] Meek also appears in feature documentary RASH 2005, a film which explores the cultural value of street art in Melbourne, Australia.[6]

His work has been exhibited in:

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