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Meendum Jeano (Tamil: மீண்டும் ஜீனோ, English: The Return of Jeano) is a Tamil science fiction novel written by writer Sujatha in 1987[1] as a sequel to En Iniya Iyanthira.

Prior to release, it was believed that Rajini’s film Enthiran was based on these two novels [2] mentioned above, however claims proved to be untrue.


Jeano change body

Ravi and Mano have made a holographic Image called Jeeva and ruled the country without public knowledge. but they made a protest against Jeeva with public and took over Jeeva's dictatorship. since Nila is beautiful among all women, they made her as queen of the new kingdom. but Nila is queen for name sake., Ravi and Mano were controlling the entire government. Jeano, the robo pet for Nila helped her to find her husband and revealed her many truths about current situation. with self learning mechanism, it learns many things from various authors in a variety of book collection and kept it in its knowledge base. since its interfering in Ravi and Mano's secret government, they have banned all robopets in the country. but still Jeano found Nila and tried to help her.


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