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Pakistani actress Meera's photo shoot.jpg
Native name Irtiza Rubab
Born Irtiza Rubab
(1977-05-12) 12 May 1977 (age 38)[1]
Sheikhupura Punjab Province, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Ethnicity Punjabi
Citizenship Pakistan
Education Lahore
Occupation Actress
Years active 1995–Present
Notable work Nazar
Awards Pakistan Media Award
Nigar Awards Pride of Performance from Govt. of Pakistan

Irtiza Rubab[2] (born 12 May 1977), better known by her stage name Meera, is a Pakistani film actress, television presenter, model and leading philanthropist.[3] Meera started her career as stage actress and model in a very young age but later she was observed acting in Pakistani films and dramas[4] She made her movie debut in 1995, but earned nationwide critical acclaim in 1999 for her lead performance in Khilona (1996–97). For her acting in Khilona she won her first Nigar Award and received significant praise for her work. With the release of Inteha, another critical and commercial success, Meera won the second consecutive Nigar Award for Best Actress of the year for her break-out performance. In 2004, she played a prominent role in Salakhain which lifted her image internationally.[5] In 2005, she acted in a joint Indo-Pakistani film, Nazar with which she debuted in Bollywood.[6]

In 2013 election she announced to launch herself in Pakistani Politics [7][8] but later she stepped back nominating her mother as candidate for national assembly reserved seat(which her mother lost by taking 100 votes only).[9] after this she announced to build a health trust for which she is still unsuccessful.[10]

Bollywood stardom[edit]

Meera did her first movie in India, named Nazar[11] which had her as the first Pakistani actress to be seen in India like Begum Para, as well as it was the beginning of the India Pakistan peace talks. Nazar was a film directed by Soni Razdan and it was the first Indo-Pakistani joint movie venture in 50 years. The film introduced Pakistani actress Meera to Bollywood. Her second movie was Kasak[12] starring Lucky Ali. Although Kasak failed critically and commercially, Meera still kept working in Bollywood. Her third film Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore was an average grosser at the Box Office. The film was not screened for Press and Critics as the director Faisal Saif wanted to show the film directly to the audience.The film managed a decent opening of 50% with its limited cinema release. However, The Times of India listed the film in Bollywood's Top 10 Bold Films category of 2012.[13]


Year Film Language Notes
1995 Kanta Urdu Genre: Family drama, Note:- This Was A Debut Film Of Meera.

Director: Aman Mirza, Producer: Malik Saeed Ahmad, Musician: Wajahat Attray, Cast: Meera, Mohsin Khan, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Nargis, Natasha, Talish, Shafqat Cheema

1996 Chief Sahib Urdu Director: Javed Sheikh, Music: Amjad Bobby

Cast:Neeli, Javed Sheikh, Meera, Saleem Sheikh, Asif Khan, Mustafa Qureshi, Behroz Sabazwari, Zeba Bakhtiar, Ismael Tara, Naghma

1996 Hawaen Urdu irector: Syed Noor

Music: M. Arshad Cast: Reema, Saud, Meera, Jan Rambo, Shafqat Cheema and Nadeem

1996 Miss Istanbul Urdu Director: Shamim Ara, Music: Wajid Ali Nashaad

Cast: Reema, Babar Ali, Saud, Meera, Ismael Tara, Shafqat Cheema, Bahar, Zeba Shehnaz, Shakil Siddiqi

1996 Cheez Bari Hai Mast Mast Urdu Director: Shahid Mehrban

Music: Zulfiqar Ali, Nazir Ali Cast: Sahiba, Jan Rambo, Meera, Faisal Qureshi, Nargis, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Sana, Izhar Qazi, Shafqat Cheema, Humayun Qureshi

1996 Khilona Urdu Director: Sangeeta, Music: Zulfiqar Ali

Cast: Saima, Saud, Shaan, Meera, Saleem Sheikh Won Best Actress Award on Nigar Awards

1996 Be-Qabu Urdu Director: Masood Butt, Music: Tafoo

Cast: Reema, Babar Ali, Jan Rambo, Nargis, Saud, Meera, Abid Ali, Humayun Qureshi

1996 Ham Hayn Aapkay Ghulam Urdu Director: Altaf Hussain, Music: M. Arshad

Cast: Reema, Babar Ali, Jan Rambo, Meera, Babar, Nargis, Khushbu, Rangeela, Bahar, Humayun Qureshi

1996 Rani Khan Punjabi irector: Azmat Nawaz, Music: Tafoo

Cast: Saima, Sultan Rahi, Nargis, Meera

1997 Dunya Hay Dil Walon Ki Urdu Director: Shamim Ara, Music: Wajid Ali Nashaad

Cast: Reema, Jan Rambo, Saud, Laila, Meera, Shafqat Cheema

1997 Ham Tumharay Hayn Urdu Director: Aslam Dar, Music: A. R. Najaf

Cast: Reema, Babur Ali, Nadeem, Meera, Saud, Andleeb, Kashif

1997 Mard jeenay Nahin Detay Urdu Director: Altaf Hussain, Music: M. Arshad

Cast: Neeli, Rambo, Meera, Humayun Qureshi, Izhar Qazi

1997 Sharafat Urdu Director: Altaf Hussain, Music: M. Ashraf

Cast: Saima, Saud, Resham, Meera, Jan Rambo, Humayun

1997 Fareb Urdu Director: Masood Butt, Music: M. Arshad

Cast: Laila, Shaan, Saud, Neeli, Andleeb, Meera, Rambo

1998 Ehsas Urdu Genre: Family drama, Director : Sangeeta

Producers : I.H. Shah and Jameel Gishkori, Writer: Iqbal Rizvi, Musician: M. Arshad Cast: Meera, Shaan, Javed Sheikh, Laila, Saleem Sheikh, Saira Khan, Haidar Sultan(Son Of Sultan Rahi.

1998 Harjai Urdu Genre: Family drama, Director: Sangeeta, Producer: Zulfiqar Ali Mana, Musician: Zulfiqar Ali,

cast: Meera, Babar Ali, Neeli, Jan Rambo, Iram Tahir, Abid Ali

1998 Too Chor main Sipahi Urdu Director: Agha Riaz Gul, Music: M. Ashraf

Cast: Sana, Jan Rambo, Mohsin, Meera, Arbaz Khan, Nargis, Shafqat Cheema

1998 Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye Urdu Director: Javed Sheikh, Music: Amjad Bobby

Cast: Resham, Shaan, Saleem, Meera, Shan, Abid AliAbid Ali, Ismail Tara, Asif Khan

1999 Guns And Roses Urdu Genre: Action film

Director: Shaan Shahid, Producer: Tanvir Fatima, Musician: M. Irshad, Cast: Meera, Shaan, Faisal, Resham, Saira Khan, Farooq Zamir, Javed Sheikh

1999 Inteha Urdu Genre: Family drama, Director and Producer: Samina Peerzada

Writer: Dennis Issaq, Humayun Saeed, Meera, Zeeshan Sikander, Resham

1999 Dunya Say Kya Darna Urdu Director: Daud Butt, Music: Nazir Ali

Cast: Saima, Javed Sheikh, Meera, Masud, Tamanna, Humayun, Izhar Qazi

1999 Mujhay Jeenay do Urdu Director: Javed Sheikh, Music: Amjad Bobby

Cast: Javed Sheikh, Meera, Babur Ali, Sana, Ismail Tara, Nayyar Ejaz, Qaisar Mastana, Parvez Kaleem, Won Special Award Nigar Awards

1999 Virasat Urdu Director: Masood Butt, Music: Tafoo

Cast: Saima, Moamar Rana, Jan Rambo, Resham, Meera, Humayun Qureshi, Kanwal, Anwar Khan

1999 Babul Da Vehra Punjabi Genre: Action film, Director: Kaifee

Producer: M. Sarwar, Musician: Zulfiqar Ali, Cast : Meera, Shaan, Moammar Rana, Babar Ali, Sana, Sardar Kamal

2000 Ghar Kab Aao Gay Urdu Director: Iqbal Kashmiri, Music: Amjad Bobby

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Noor, Zeeshan, Sikandar, Meera, Ehsan Khan, Sana, Babar Ali

2000 Dil Se Na Bhulana Urdu Genre: Family drama, Director: Nazar Shabab

Producer: Arshad Abbas Bukhari Cast: Meera, Saud, Rambo, Sahiba, Laila, Nazo, Arshad Bukhari

2000 Billi Urdu Director: Syed Noor, Music: M. Arshad

Cast: Noor, Arbaz Khan, Saima, Nadeem, Meera, Saud, Ehsan Khan, Sonu

2000 Mr. Faradiye Urdu Director:- Zahoor Husain, Producer:- Tariq Saeed,

Cast:- Meera, Shaan, Saud, Sana, Arbaz Khan, Deedar, Sardar Kamal

2000 Lazawal Urdu Director: Shahid Mehrban, Producer:Waqar Piya,

Cast: Meera, Suad, Babar, Sana, Arbaz, Khushboo, Ghulam Mohyuddin

2000 Ghulam Punjabi Director: Masood Butt, Music: M. Arshad

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Moamar Rana, Meera, Bahar, Shafqat Cheema

2001 Rukhsati Urdu Directed And Produced By: Shehzad Rafiq

Cast: Meera, Moammar Rana, Resham, Ghulam Mohyuddin, Jiya Ali

2001 Musalman Urdu Director: Iqbal Kashmiri

Music: Wajahat Attray Actors: Sana, Shaan, Babar Ali, Zeba Bakhtiar, Arbaz Khan, Meera, Javed Sheikh, Shafqat Cheema

2001 Khoey Ho Tum Kahan Urdu Director : Ajab Gul, Producer: Saqib Khan

Writer: Syed Noor, Cast: Ajab Gul, Meera, Babar Ali, Nagma, Deeba, Won Best Actress Award on Nigar Awards

2001 Gharana Urdu Director: Sangeeta, Music: Wajid Ali Nashaad

Cast: Resham, Babar Ali, Megha, Saud, Meera, Shahid, Chandni, Arbaz Khan, Khushbu, Ehsan

2001 Toofan Mail Punjabi Genre: Action film, Director: Younis Malik, Producer: Javed Hafeez

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Noor, Saud, Meera, Nargis

2001 Munda Rang Rangeela Punjabi Director: Iqbal Ansar, Music: M. Arshad

Cast: Resham, Moammar Rana, Jan Rambo, Meera, Deedar, Bahar, Humayun Qureshi

2002 Chalo Ishq Laraen Urdu Directed by: Sajjad Gul, Produced by: Sajjad Gul

Cast : Meera, Zara Sheikh, Ali Haider, Sabira Sultana, Imran

2002 Kalu Shahpuria Punjabi Director: Sangeeta, Music: Wajahat Attray

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Meera, Laila, Khawaja Saleem

2002 Billa Punjabi Director & Producer : Tanvir Ahmed

Cast:Meera, Lucky, Saud, Nargis, Asif, Shafqat Cheema

2002 Toofan Punjabi Director: Parvez Rana, Music: Wajahat Attray

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Moammar Rana, Resham, Nargis, Meera

2002 Jahad Urdu Director: Sangeeta, Music: M. Ashraf

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Meera, Babar Ali, Nargis, Saud, Humayun Qureshi

2002 Raqasa Punjabi Director: Pervez Rana, Producer: Ismatullah Afridi

Cast :Meera, Shaan, Resham, Moamer Rana, Laila, Rambo, Nagham, Raheela Agha

2002 Fire Urdu Director: Asif Khan Ali Pota, Music: Wajid Ali Shah

Cast: Reema, Mohammar Rana, Nirma, Saud, Meera, Abid Ali, Badar Munir, Noman

2003 Meri Awaz Suno Urdu Director:Masood Butt, Music:M. Arshad

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Meera

2004 Salakhain Urdu Director: Shehzad Rafiq, Music: M. Arshad

Actors: Ahmad Butt, Zara Sheikh, Meera, Sami Khan, Saud, Shafi Mohammad and Sajad Hassan

2005 Aik Gunah Aur Urdu Director: Altaf Husain, Music: M. Arshad

Cast: Meera, Moamar Rana, Saud

2005 Nazar Hindi Note:- First Hindi Movie, Directed by: Soni Razdan, Written by Mahesh Bhatt

Cast: Meera, Ashmit Patel, Rupak Mann, Aly Khan, Music By : Anu Malik and Roop Kumar Rathod

2005 Kasak Hindi Directed by: Rajiv Babbar, Written by: Rajiv Babbar,

Cast:Lucky Ali, Meera, Music by: M. M. Kreem

2006 Pappu Gujjar Punjabi Genre: Action film,

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Momamar Rana, Meera

2007 God Father Cast: Meera, Ajab Gul, Shafqat Cheema
2007 Potra Shahiye Da Punjabi Cast: Saima, Shan, Moamar Rana, Meera, Saud, Nadia Ali, Babar, Fakhar Imam, Arbaz Khan, Shafqat Cheema
2007 Bichhu Urdu Director: Shahid Rana

Cast: Saima, Shaan, Meera, Babar Ali, Shafqat Cheema

2008 Khulay Aasman Ke Neechay Urdu Directed And Produced By: Javed Sheikh

Written by: Babar Kashmiri and Javed Sheikh Cast: Nadeem Baig, Saleem Sheikh, Sana, Meera, Humayun Saeed, Behroze Sabzwari, Badar Khalil Ismail Tara, Javed Sheikh

2009 Hakim Arain Punjabi Meera, Shaan, Babar Ali, Asif Khan
2009 Faraeb Urdu Directed by: Masood Butt,

Cast:Meera, Shan, Saud

2010 Haseeno ka Mela Urdu Director: Sangeeta, Music: K. B. Khan

Cast: Sana, Moamar Raan, Meera, Asha, Nadia, Arzoo, Jan Rambo, Mohsin, Babboo Biral, Tariq Shah

2010 Numberddarni Punjabi Director: Masood Butt, Music: Zulfiqar Ali

Cast: Nargis, Shaan, Meera, Saud, Rashid, Rahila, Saba, Hina, Tariq Shah, Shafqat Cheema

2011 Son of Pakistan Punjabi Directed by : Jarar Rizvi, Produced by : Chaudhry Hameed

Written by : Muhammad Tariq Cast: Meera, Shamil Khan, Ghulam Mohiuddin[disambiguation needed], Sana Nawaz

2011 Bhai Log Urdu Directed by : Syed Faisal Bukhari, Produced by: Ch. Ijaz Kamran

Written by: Pervaiz Kaleem Cast: Saima Noor, Shamoon Abbasi, Noor Bukhari, Meera, Nadeem Baig, Javed Sheikh, Nayyar Ejaz,Sila Hussain.

2012 Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore Hindi Directed by: Faisal Saif, Produced by: Dr.Joginder Singh Padam, Written by: Faisal Saif

Cast: Meera, Abhishek Kumar, Kavita Radheshyam, Music by: Leonard Victor

2013 Ishq Khuda Punjabi Director: Shehzad Rafiq, Music: Wajahat Attray

Cast: Shaan, Saima, Meera, Ahsan Khan, Wiam Dahmani, Shafqat Cheema

2013 Orbal Pashto Director: Arshad Khan, Music: Shakir Zaib Noshehrvi

Cast: Shahid Khan, Meera, Khusboo, Sumbal, Ahmad Butt, Jahangir Jani

2013 Bhadaas Hindi Directed and Produce by Ajay Yadav

Cast: Meera, Aryeman Ramsay, Shree Rajput, Anant Mahadevan, Rudra Kaushik, Ashutosh Kaushik, Mushtaq Khan, Shiva Rindan, Gargi Patel

2014 Zargia Khwar She Pashto Director: Arshad Khan, Music: Shakirzeb

Cast: Shahid Khan, Meera, Jahangir Khan, Sunbal, Dilbar Munir, Imran Khan, Shehnaz Begum, Mumtaz Zeb

2015 Devdas Urdu Director: Iqbal Kashmiri, Music: Wajahat Attray

Cast: Zara Sheikh, Nadim Shah, Meera..


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