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Meez Logo
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Registration Required
Owner Donnerwood Media
Created by Donnerwood Media
Launched March 28, 2006

Meez is a social network service based in San Francisco, CA.

Meez was developed Donnerwood Media (the License-Holders for Tringo) as an "online entertainment" web service. It was founded by Sean Ryan, former VP of Music Services of RealNetworks. Meez's CEO, John Cahill, is a former Yahoo executive. Meez launched on March 28, 2006. Currently, Meez has 3 million unique users, who average around 60 hours per month on the site. There are 13 million registered Meez users, 90% of which are in the United States.[1] Meez advertisers have included Nike, Rocawear, the NBA, and the NHL.[2]

Meez: Virtual World[edit]

In the Meez Nation there are several regions, known as "Hoods," that users can explore. These include the urban centered "Uptown", business oriented "Posh Heights", celebrity styled "Meez Hills", artist-oriented "Arcadia", beach-themed "Chillville", model living "Burbia", and edgy "Hell's Kitchen". [3] Within these hoods there are multiple "hangouts". These are essentially custom designed chat rooms created by users.

Users also can create a personalized avatar for use both in Meez's Virtual World and other online social networks. It is meant to be a virtual three-dimensional representation of the user. There are Rules and Guidelines that everyone must follow to be on Meez. Failure to do so will result your account being banned permanently or temporarily.

Meez Forums[edit]

The Meez Forums are a place where members can discuss the latest Meez News, create tutorials and make suggestions.


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