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Meg Saligman is an American mural artist.[1] Saligman has painted more than fifty murals all over the world, including Philadelphia, Shreveport, Louisiana, Mexico City, and many other places. Saligman has a way of mixing the classical and contemporary aspects of painting together.

Saligman's most famous mural is "Common Threads" in Philadelphia. It is painted on the west wall of the Stevens Administrative Center at the corner of Broad and Spring Garden streets. Other major works include "Philadelphia Muses" on 13th and Locust streets, a multimedia "Theatre of Life" on Broad and Lombard streets, "Passing Through" over the Schuylkill Expressway, and the paint and LED light installation at Broad and Vine streets, "Evolving Face of Nursing".[2] Saligman's work can be viewed nationally in Shreveport, Louisiana, with "Once in a Millennium Moon", and in Omaha, Nebraska, with "Fertile Ground."


Saligman grew up in the small town of Olean, New York. In high school she helped to paint one of the murals in Olean. Saligman's first independent mural was painted on the front of a sweater factory that no longer exists, owned by a man that is now her husband.

In 2009, Saligman completed one of the largest murals in the country, "Fertile Ground", in Omaha, Nebraska. It is a 32,500-square-foot (3,020 m2) figurative landscape centered in downtown Omaha.

Saligman currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband Peter and their four children.

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