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MegaZebra GmbH
Industry video games, social network service
Founded 2009
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Key people
Henning Kosmack, CEO
Christian Meister, CPO
Mark Gazecki, Chairman

MegaZebra is a European social network game developer and distributor located in Munich, Germany.[1] The company develops browser-based free-to-play games for social networks like Facebook and is now publishing[2] games from other developers, i.e. from the Germany-based skill-gaming firm Tipp24games.[3]


MegaZebra pioneered the social gaming space in Europe in late 2008.[4] Behind MegaZebra is the team around Henning Kosmack (CEO), Christian Meister (CPO), and Mark Gazecki (Chairman).[5] Since then, MegaZebra developed several games and at the moment 21 MegaZebra games are available on Facebook.[6]

In September 2009 the company got backed by the founders of through Kizoo Technology Ventures.[7]

With Mahjong Trails [8] they launched their first game, reaching more than two million monthly players in January 2011.[9] Today the game has still more than 2 million monthly active players.[6]

In March 2011 MegaZebra raised ‘multiple millions Euros’ [10] in a second round of funding, led by Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. Furthermore, Kizoo Technology Ventures participated again, alongside with private investor Markus Stolz.[11]

With Gaute Godager, founder of Funcom, and Jürgen Goeldner, two Gaming veterans joined the company`s board of directors in January 2012.[12]
Both have a long-standing experience in the gaming sector. Apart from Goeldner and Godager, the MegaZebra board consists of Sitar Teli from Doughty Hanson, Matthias Hornberger from Kizoo, and Mark Gazecki of the founders.[13]

MegaZebra’s latest game Solitaire Castle followed the footsteps of Mahjong Trails and reached more than 1.5 million monthly active users in October 2012.[14] and reached more the 2 million user per month in January 2013.[6]


According to AppData, in January 2011 MegaZebra is one of the top 25 fastest growing developers on Facebook,[15] reaching almost 4 million monthly users and is with more than half a million daily active users,[16] among the Top 3 European developers in terms of daily active users.
With Mahjong Trails and Solitaire Castle, MegaZebra has now two games exceeding the 2 million monthly active user mark.[6]



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