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Location of Mega Manila within the Philippines: Red and maroon according to the Philippine Information office, while maroon according to AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media. Malaysia is marked in black.

Mega Manila is the term used for the megalopolis in the Philippine regions of Central Luzon, Calabarzon, Mimaropa and Metro Manila. It is frequently used in the press, advertising, television, and in radio to refer to provinces bound to Manila. In contrasts with the term Greater Manila Area, which is academically used describe the urbanization process that has long spilled out of Metro Manila's borders, also known as built-up area. Mapping out the built-up area around Manila requires finer granularity than the more generic term Mega Manila allows for. Mega Manila is a general reference to relationship of surrounding provinces to Manila with only reference to provinces, not exact settlement patterns of cities, towns, and barangays—of which may be urban, suburban, mountains, and rural areas that happen to be part of provinces that are close enough to Manila to be lumped into those definitions.

Two Definitions[edit]

Mega Manila, as a loose metropolitan area defined by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA),[1] is divided into the national capital region (Metro Manila) and the suburbs of regions 3 (Central Luzon) and 4 (Calabarzon and Mimaropa). Mega Manila's 2010 population is projected at 35,607,000, or 37.8% of the country's population, and covers roughly half of Luzon, about 50,000 square kilometers, including many rural areas.

TV ratings agency AGB Nielsen Philippines and Kantar Media Philippines consider of Metro Manila and the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal as "Mega Manila"[2] for their TV ratings gathering (area highlighted in maroon on the map), a much stricter definition than the PIA. Using 2010 census projection figures the area has a population of 25,066,000 or about 26.6% of the population in an area roughly the size of Los Angeles County and average density over 2000 people per square kilometer. As a comparison, only the cities of Tokyo, Jakarta, and Mexico City have reached 25 million people, Shanghai may have but there is not enough detail in suburban statistics on it. Both Mega Manila definitions only include entire provinces, without finer detail.

This Nielsen defined area has a higher ownership of televisions per household anywhere in the country due to its relative economic prosperity as compared to other areas in the country. Radio ratings agency Radio Research Council (provided by KBP) also provide measurement of audience ratings.

The stricter Nielsen definition closer reflects the built-up area surrounding Manila than the PIA definition, Yet even the Nielsen definition of Mega Manila cannot be merely equated to the built-up area; the Nielsen definition includes significant undeveloped forested areas, while completely excluding contiguous developed settlements in such places like northern Batangas. Thus the academic definition as used for urban studies for built-up area surrounding Manila requires yet another term (e.g. Greater Manila Area) to disambiguate from the already used terms Mega Manila and Metro Manila.

Broadcast media[edit]

These are radio and TV stations that are seen throughout Mega Manila (not just several provinces), hence this is largely restricted to Metro Manila media outlets, and inactive stations are omitted.

FM radio stations in Mega Manila[edit]

Frequency Callsign Branding Format
88.3 DWJM Jam 88.3 Modern Rock
89.1 DWAV Wave 891 Rhythmic Contemporary
89.9 DWTM Magic 89.9 Top 40 (CHR)
90.7 DZMB 90.7 Love Radio Top 40 (CHR), (OPM)
91.5 DWKY 91.5 Win Radio Rhythmic Top 40, (OPM)
92.3 DWFM Radyo5 92.3 News FM News radio, Talk radio
93.1 DWRX Monster Radio RX 93.1 Urban Contemporary Hit Radio
93.9 DWKC 93.9 i! FM Hot AC, (OPM)
94.7 DWLL Mellow 947 Adult Top 40
95.5 DWDM Pinas FM 95.5 Adult Contemporary, (OPM)
96.3 DWRK 96.3 Easy Rock Lite Rock
97.1 DWLS Barangay LS 97.1 Adult Top 40 (CHR), (OPM)
97.9 DWQZ 97.9 Home Radio Natural Adult Contemporary
98.7 DZFE Master's Touch 98.7 Classical music
99.5 DWRT 99.5 Play FM Modern AC
100.3 DZRJ RJ 100 Classic Hits, (Adult Contemporary)
101.1 DWYS Yes! FM 101.1 Hot AC, (OPM)
101.9 DWRR-FM MOR 101.9 For Life! Hot AC, (OPM)
102.7 DWSM 102.7 Star FM Hot AC, (OPM)
103.5 DWKX 103.5 K-Lite Hot AC
104.3 DWBR 104.3 Business Radio Talk radio, Big band
105.1 DWBM 105.1 Crossover Smooth AC
105.9 DWLA Retro 105.9 DCG FM Classic Hits
106.7 DWET 106.7 Energy FM Hot AC, (OPM)
107.5 DWNU Wish 1075 Modern Rock, (OPM)

AM radio stations in Mega Manila[edit]

Frequency Callsign Branding Format
558 DZXL Kasama Mo (Your Companion) News radio
594 DZBB Super Radyo (Super Radio) News radio
630 DZMM Radyo Patrol (Radio Patrol) News radio
666 DZRH Kaunaunahan sa Pilipinas (First in the Philippines) News radio
702 DZAS Agapay ng Sambayanan (Alongside with Society) News radio/Religious broadcasting
738 DZRB Radyo ng Bayan (National Radio) News radio
774 DWWW The Music of your Life / Your Ultimate AM Radio Classic Hits
810 DZRJ The Voice of the Philippines (in English) News radio
846 DZRV Veritas846 - Radyo Totoo (Radio of Truth) Religious broadcasting
882 DWIZ Todong Lakas (Full Power) News radio
918 DZSR Sports Radio Sports radio
954 DZEM Iglesia Ni Cristo / Tinig ng Katotohanan (Voice of Truth) Religious broadcasting
990 DZIQ Radyo Inquirer (Inquirer Radio) News radio
1026 DZAR Sonshine Radio News radio
1062 DZEC Radyo Agila (Eagle Radio) News radio
1098 DWAD Radyo Ngayon (Radio Today) Community radio
1134 DWDD Armed Forces Radio News radio
1242 DWBL DWBL 1242 Community radio
1278 DZRM Radyo Magasin (Magazine Radio) News radio
1314 DWXI El Shaddai / Himpilang Pinagpala (Blessed Station) Religious broadcasting
1350 DWUN UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350 News radio/Religious broadcasting
1494 DWSS DWSS Talk radio
1530 DZME Radyo Uno (First Radio) News radio
1602 DZUP DZUP 1602 College radio
1674 DZBF Del Radio (Radio of Marikina) Community radio

TV stations in Mega Manila[edit]

Active Stations[edit]

Channel Callsign Branding
9 DZKB CNN Philippines
23 DWAC ABS-CBN Sports+Action
25 DZEC Net 25
29 DZRJ 2nd Avenue
33 DZOZ Light Network
41 DWNB AksyonTV
45 DWVN 3ABN/Hope Channel Luzon

Inactive Stations[edit]

Channel Callsign Branding
27 DWDB Citynet Television/GMA Network

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