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Megacable Holdings S. A. B. de C.V.,[1] doing business as Megacable Comunicaciones, is a Mexican cable operator and provider of internet and phone service. It has its headquarters in Colonia El Fresno, Guadalajara, Jalisco.[2]

Since June 2006, Megacable has been in direct competition with Telmex — offering telephone service in the city of Guadalajara under Megafón. Megafón provides service to 48 cities in twelve states in Mexico which makes it the largest cable company with nation-wide presence. It also has regular broadcasting in HDTV format. Per their web site they claim to have approximately 1.77M video subscribers as of 6/30/11.


Megacable has its origins in two small cable companies called VICASIN and VICASON serving a handful of cities in the states of Sinaloa and Sonora, around 1983. Soon after initiating operations, the companies were merged and began the process of acquiring rights to operate other cable systems on the Pacific coast. In 1996 the company relocated its headquarters to Guadalajara where Megacable then focused on technological improvements.

In 1997, Megacable become the second broadband internet operator in Latin America (after Intercable in Monterrey) when it launched MegaRed, Internet por Cable.The company produces its own advertising and buys national TV and radio spots to promote itself.

Since June 2006, Megacable started to offer the new Megafón telephone service, becoming an official "triple play" communications company. In 2009 Megacable began offering 10MB BroadBand Service throughout most of its service area.

Though its website claims the availability of HDTV converter boxes as of November 1, 2010, many cities in its network do not have access to the Converter boxes.


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