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Industry Lighting
Founded 1994, Germany[citation needed]
Area served
This article is about the lighting manufacturer. For the video game franchise, see Mega Man. For the eponymous game, see Mega Man (video game). For the TV series, see Mega Man (TV series). For the character, see Mega Man (character).

MEGAMAN is a producer of energy efficient lighting products, particularly LED and CFL bulbs. Its products are distributed in more than 90 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and South America.[1]


MEGAMAN began production in 1994.[2] In 2002, the company launched the world’s first CFL GU10 reflector as an energy saving alternative to halogen spots.[2] In 2005, they produced dimmable lamps and in 2008 total sales of lamps exceeded 250 million.[2] In 2009, MEGAMAN launched their LED range.[2]


In 2013, the MEGAMAN LED 6W GU10 was voted 'Best Value for Money' in LUX magazine.[3]


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