Megan Hathaway

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Megan Hathaway
Megan Hathaway.jpg
Miranda Wilson as Megan Hathaway
Days of our Lives character
Portrayed by Miranda Wilson
Duration 1984–85
First appearance June 20, 1984
Last appearance February 8, 1985
Created by Margaret DePriest
Sheri Anderson
Introduced by Betty Corday
Al Rabin
Classification Former, regular

Megan Hathaway is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. She was played by Miranda Wilson from 1984 to 1985.


Megan Hathaway comes to Salem in 1984 with her adopted father Maxwell Hathaway, though she is secretly the daughter of Stefano DiMera. Megan wants her old boyfriend Bo Brady back, and stops at nothing to have him. Megan convinces Bo that they had a child together that she gave up for adoption.

In 1985, Megan plots to kill Hope Brady by electrocuting her in a hot tub at Chris' health club, The Body Connection. Megan's plan backfires when she overhears Larry Welch talking to a Russian contact about the 3 prisms Larry's father had invented. When Larry finds Megan spying on him they fight, and Larry ends up killing Megan. Larry dumps her body in a hot tub, and Megan is found by Hope, who becomes the prime suspect in her murder.

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