Megan Oster

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Megan Oster
Megan Oster 2006 JGP The Hague.jpg
Oster in 2006.
Personal information
Country represented  United States
Born (1989-07-14) July 14, 1989 (age 25)
Height 160 cm (5.2 ft)
Former coach Denise Myers, Debbie Stoery
Former choreographer Susie Wynne, Scott Brown
Skating club Wagon Wheel FSC
Retired July 1, 2008
ISU personal best scores
Combined total 135.73
2006 JGPF
Short program 49.25
2006 JGP The Hague
Free skate 86.81
2006 JGPF

Megan Oster (born July 14, 1989 in Kenosha, Wisconsin) is an American figure skater. She is the 2006-2007 Junior Grand Prix Final bronze medalist.

Oster was originally assigned to the 2007 Skate Canada International and 2007 NHK Trophy competition. However, she withdrew from Skate Canada, and NHK Trophy due to injury. She placed 5th at the Upper Great Lakes Regional Championships in the 2007-2008 season, and did not advance to Sectionals.

She announced her retirement from competitive skating on July 1, 2008.

Competitive History[edit]

Event 2003–04 2004–05 2005–06 2006–07 2007–08
JGP Final 3rd
JGP Canada 2nd
JGP Czech Republic 1st
JGP Japan 11th
JGP Netherlands 2nd
JGP Ukraine 4th
Triglav Trophy 3rd N.
U.S. Championships 3rd N. 3rd J. 14th 11th
Midwestern Sectionals 1st N. 1st J. 4th
Upper Great Lakes Regionals 1st N. 5th
JGP = Junior Grand Prix; Levels: N. = Novice; J. = Junior


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