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Megatrend University
Мегатренд универзитет / Megatrend univerzitet
Logo of the Megatrend University
Established 2000
Type Private
President Walter Schwimmer
Rector Prof. Mića Jovanović, PhD
Admin. staff 500
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Main building in New Belgrade

The Megatrend University (Serbian: Мегатренд универзитет / Megatrend univerzitet) is a private university located in Belgrade, Serbia. Megatrend Business school, later became megatrend university, was founded in 1989.[1]

History and profile[edit]

The very first institute of the university was Belgrade's Megatrend Business School which was established 1989, and later on was the founder of all other institutes which comprise the present Megatrend University.

During 1991, Megatrend Business School, together with the Technical Faculty of Bor carried out the project of management graduate studies introduction. This project which was the first one of this type in South-East Europe, was financially supported by the European Union TEMPUS Fund which was specifically intended for the development of business education. This success has caused further expanding of Megatrend educational network.

In the previous educational system, institutes were missing that could provide the similar kind of knowledge. Most notable is the Faculty of Geo-economy the first institute of this kind in this part of the world.

In February 1997, Megatrend Business School has stipulated the agreement of collaboration with L`Ecole Superieure de Commerce from Grenoble, France. This agreement allowed students to be transferred directly from each of the schools to the corresponding school.

In June 2000 the Serbian Ministry of Higher Education approved the formation of the Megatrend University of Applied Sciences in Belgrade.[2] Similar agreements were stipulated with "Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli" from Italy, with Berlin University of Applied Sciences from Germany, then, with Yanbian University of Science and Technology from China, Bournemouth University from United Kingdom, Academy Eliteâ from Moscow, European School of Business, Rome, Italy and Faculty of Economics, Donetsk National University, Ukraine.

Megatrend University is a member of the Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA), which runs yearly conferences in Europe and Asia to discuss economic and management issues as well as promoting research and publishing.


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