Megiddo Junction

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Coordinates: 32°34′23″N 35°11′31″E / 32.57306°N 35.19194°E / 32.57306; 35.19194

The Megiddo Junction (Hebrew: צומת מגידו‎) is an intersection of Highways 65 and 66 in northern Israel, located near kibbutz Megiddo. A major landmark is a large prison (formerly a military prison). Nearby are the sites of some ancient battles of Megiddo and the ruins of Megiddo (Armageddon).

The five kilometre stretch of Highway 65 east towards Afula is called Kvish HaSargel, lit. 'the Ruler Road', since it is virtually flat and straight as a ruler.

This is currently a very important junction for the residents of the northern district of Israel, because it sits at the entrance to the Wadi Ara mountain pass which connects the north to Highway 6 and other highways in Israel's coastal plain and, by that, to the rest of the country. Its importance slightly diminished when Highway 6 was completed to the Ein Tut interchange on July 20, 2009. It can now be used to as an alternate route for reaching Highway 6 via another mountain pass located to the north of Wadi Ara.

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