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Mego (label)
Founded 1994
Founder Ramon Bauer
Andreas Pieper
Peter Meininger
Peter Rehberg
Genre Electronic, Glitch, Noise, Post-Industrial
Country of origin Austria
Location Vienna
Official website

Mego was an experimental electronic music independent record label based in Vienna, Austria.

Impact and critical acclaim[edit]

The label's efforts were awarded a distinction at the Ars Electronica 1999. In the jury's statement, Jim O'Rourke lauded the label's work as defining "a brand new punk computer music".[1]

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External links[edit]

  • [1] Official site of Editions Mego
  • [2] Previous official site


  1. ^ "Rather than splitting the prize between the two Mego entries: Christian Fennesz's Hotel Parall.lel and Pita's Seven Tons for Free Remaster Version 1.2, the Jury [decided] that the Distinction should be awarded to the Mego label as a whole." Eshun, Kodwo (1999), Music from the Bedroom Studios - Prix Ars Electronica 99 / Jury-Statement, Ars Electronica Archive, archived from the original (– SCHOLAR SEARCH) on February 3, 2006, retrieved 2007-12-26 [dead link]