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Mehandipur Balaji Mandir (Hindi/Rajastani: मेहंदीपुर बालाजी मंदिर) is a mandir in the Indian state of Rajasthan dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman. The name Balaji is applied to Sri Hanuman in several parts of India because the childhood (Bala in Hindi or Sanskrit) form of the Lord is especially celebrated there. It is important to note that the temple is not dedicated to Balaji another name for Krishna. Unlike similar religious sites it is located in a town rather than the countryside. Its reputation for ritualistic healing and exorcism of evil spirits attracts many pilgrims from Rajasthan and elsewhere.[1][2]


The temple is situated in Karauli district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is 100 km from Jaipur, 44 km from Hindaun City, and 74 km from Karauli and is quite close to the Bandikui railway station. The temple is located at 3 kms from the Jaipur - Agra national highway from Balaji Mod. This pilgrimage center is the roughly at the following distances from these places:

City Km
Delhi 255
Gurgaon 225
Rewari 177
Meerut 310
Agra 140
Hindaun City 44
Alwar 80
Bharatpur 80
Shri Mahaveerji 51
Dausa 35
Hindaun 40
Mahwa 17
Bandikui 27
Lucknow 470
Chandigarh 520


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