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Mehdi Saeedi (Persian: مهدی سعیدی ‎ was born in Tehran), is an internationally renowned artist and designer based in New York. His aesthetics have become a mainstay of design in many regions, especially in those using the Arabic and Iranian scripts as their alphabet. His special focus and proficiency in typography and calligraphy leads him to be recognized as the first designer who employed shaping of letters in forms and shapes (Zoomorphism) in graphic design. Moreover, in another part of his works, he tries to use the principles of calligraphy in type design. accordingly, Mehdi determined and founded “Letters Melody” course and teaches in Iran’s Universities as well as holding some international workshops in other countries to make people with different language background familiar with beauty of letters in art and graphic design. In 2013, he also founded “First International Exhibition of Type Design”, as part of Silver Cypress biennial, a competition that devoted to Persian type design for the first time.

In consideration of Mehdi Saeedi's art works, a large number of them have been selected for exhibition in many prominent museums, collections, major domestic and international exhibitions worldwide. They have also been published in several reputable international magazines. Mehdi won several prestigious and well-grounded awards both locally and internationally resulting in becoming known as the most awarded Iranian graphic designer in Iran’s graphic history. Among which are: Grand Prize, Taiwan International Poster Design Award, Taiwan, 2007; Grand prize, “Five Stars Designers’ Banquet”, International Invitational Poster Triennial of Osaka, Japan, 2009; Top Award, 15th International Invitational Poster, Colorado, USA, 2007; First Prize, 12th International Poster Triennial, Ekoplagat ́11, Slovakia, 2011 and Gold Medal in “Graphis poster annual 2013”, USA etc.

There are additionally several publications of Mehdi Saeedi’s collection as well as selection of artworks that the recent one of those in 2013 was published with the title of “From Contour to Calligraphy” in 384 pages. furthermore, he is included among 30 designers in Second edition of "New Masters of Poster Design" that features the best poster designers currently working all over the world.


Since now, three books of Mehdi Saeedi’s collection of works have been published in both English and Persian. In 2005, Mehdi’s first collection of works, “Mehdi Saeedi: Collection of Graphic Works 1999–2004” (ISBN 9786006413082), was published by Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. This book, which is in 90 pages, consists of approximately 70 color reproductions of posters and 46 logos and accompanied with two introductions by Ghobad Shiva (AGI) from Iran and Thierry Sarfis from France.

His Second book “From Script to Calligraphy: Collection of Mehdi Saeedi's Posters” , which is a collection of Mehdi’s works in a decade, was published in Germany in 2008.

In 2013, Mehdi published his recent book “From Contour to Calligraphy” in 384 pages. This book is a collection of his works through 14 years of professional efforts demonstrating Mehdi’s approach to figurative calligraphy (Zoomorphism or Tasvir-Negari) and Graphic Design. The content of the book is divided in to three sections. First section consists of art-pieces that inspired by Persian calligraphy and second and third parts are based on works that created by two diverse kinds of an innovative type design titled “Modern Persian1” and “Modern Persian2”. This book begins with fifth introductions of world-top masters in visual arts including: Alain Le Quernec (AGI) from France, Rene Wanner and Niklaus Troxler (AGI) from Switzerland, U.G Sato (AGI) from Japan and Aydin Aghdashloo from Iran.

In addition, Mehdi authored “5th generation of young Iranian graphic designers” , that is a book of selected works of those who born in 70’s and 80’s and pioneer in having different look on contemporary Iranian posters. Mehdi Saeedi is also featured in various world valid publications and collections that among them are:

Learn World Calligraphy that offers a unique glimpse of scripts worldwide and the calligraphers who write them and Covering nearly all of the world’s writing systems, New Masters of Poster Design[1] that features around 30 top poster designers currently working all over the world, Atlas of Graphic Designers[2] a comprehensive collection illustrates the world of graphic design country by country, featuring the best graphic designers from all over the world., 1000 Type Treatments[3] and The Design of Dissent that examined graphic work focusing on social and political concerns from around the globe and is written and designed by Milton Glaser and Ilic’.


Mehdi Saeedi's art-works have been published in numerous national and international art and design magazines such as:

  • New Graphic, China, 2008
  • D.P.I Magazine, Taiwan, 2010
  • Durrah Magazine, Bahrain, 2010
  • 2+3D, Poland, 2002
  • Communication Art Magazine, USA, 2003
  • Kak, Russia, 2004
  • Etapes, France, 2004
  • Concept, Indonesia, 2005
  • Etapes, France, 2005
  • International Etapes, France, 2005
  • Communication Art Magazine, USA, 2005
  • Etapes, France, 2007
  • International Etapes, France, 2008
  • D[x]I Magazine, Spain, 2008
  • Art Brazil Magazine, Brazil, 2009
  • Vorn Magazine, Germany, 2009
  • Zero Mile Magazine, U.S.A, 2010
  • Fake Plastic Magazine, Italy, 2010
  • 2+3D Magazine, Poland, 2010
  • Textile View Magazine, United Kingdom, 2011
  • Kulttuuri Magazine, Finland, 2011
  • Adbusters Magazine, Canada, 2011

Honours and Awards[edit]

  • Grand Prix, Exhibition of Visual Arts, Iran, 1998 & 1999
  • Special Award, Poster Design Competition: “Books, Children and the Family”, Iran, 2003
  • Diploma of Honour, The 1st Book Cover Design Exhibition in the 16th Tehran International Book Fair, Iran, 2003
  • First Prize, The 1st International Biennial of the Islamic World Poster, Iran, 2004
  • Art Residency, Cite, Paris, France, 2004-2005
  • Honouring Scientific and Cultural Elite, Saudi Arabia, 2006
  • Letter of Commendation, Tehran Municipality Art, Iran, 2006
  • Third Prize, “4th Block” 6th International Triennial of Eco Posters and Graphics Art, Ukraine, 2006
  • First Prize, 1st Competition of Best Self-promotional Logo Design, Iran, 2008
  • Honourable Mention, 2nd International Socio-Political Poster Biennial, Poland, 2008
  • Art Residency, Academy Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany, 2009
  • Third Prize, International Biennial of Graphic Design of the Islamic World, Iran 2010
  • Art Residency, Guestroom Maribor, Slovenia, 2011
  • Bronze Medal, Taiwan International Poster Design Award, Taiwan, 2011
  • First Prize, 12th International Poster Triennial, Ekoplagat´11, Slovakia, 2011


  • Poster Design, Abrar Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2002
  • Poster Design, Jahad Daneshgahi University, Tehran, Iran, 2006
  • Poster Design, Enghelab University, Tehran, Iran, 2007
  • Poster Design, Typography and logo design, Personal Studio, Tehran Iran, 2006, 2007 and 2014
  • Melody of Persian Letters, School of Visual Communications, Tehran, Iran, 2011, 2012
  • Melody of Persian Letters, Corporate identity and Poster Design, Sooreh Art University, Tehran, Iran, 2011, 2012 and 2014


  • Handwriting-Typography, Tehran International Book Fair, Tehran, Iran, 2006
  • Typography, Tehran International Book Fair, Tehran, Iran, 2007
  • Poster Design, Metro Cultural House Tehran, Iran, 2007
  • Handwriting-Typography, Melody of Persian Letters, École intuit.lab , Paris, France, 2007
  • Handwriting-Typography, Plus International Design Festival, Birmingham, U.K., 2007
  • Typography, Metro Cultural House Tehran, Iran, 2007
  • Handwriting-Typography Workshop, Xalapa, Mexico, 2008
  • Handwriting- Typography, Isfahan University of Art , Iran, 2009
  • Typography, International Conference of Typography and Calligraphy, Anadolu University , Eskishehir, Turkey, 2010
  • Handwriting-Typography, Khalij University, Kuwait, 2010
  • Social & Polotical Posters, Hozeye Honari, Lorestan, Iran, 2012
  • Social & Polotical Posters, Emad House of Art, Lahijan, Iran, 2012
  • Institute of Technology Guwahati, India, 2013
  • Democracy workshop, Antalya, Turkey, 2014
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, American University, Qatar, 2014. [5]
  • Social & Polotical Posters, Amm University, Morelia, Mexico, 2014


  • Osaka University of Fine Art, Osaka, Japan, 2009
  • International Conference for World Typography Day, Mumbai, India, 2010
  • The 4th International Conference of Typography, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2010
  • Ecole Intuit-Lab, Paris, France, 2007
  • Form Script to Calligraphy”, Xalapa, Mexico, 2008
  • Iranian CMYK”, International Forum of Digital Design, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2009
  • Eastern”, Isfahan University of Art, Isfahan, Iran, 2009
  • East of Imagination”, ITESO University, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2009
  • World Design Congress: ICOGRADA, Beijing, China, 2009
  • China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, China, 2009
  • Anadolu University, International Conference on Typography & Calligraphy, Eskishehir, Turkey, 2010
  • Noqat International Conference, Khalij University, Kuwait, 2010
  • Academy Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany, 2011
  • Ministry of Culture, Shiraz, Iran, 2011
  • The China International Design Competition, Beijing, China, 2011
  • Hozeye Honari, Lorestan, Iran, 2012
  • Emad House of Art, Lahijan, Iran, 2012
  • Institute of Technology Guwahati, India, 2013
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, American University, Qatar, 2014
  • ”Democracy Conference” in Antalya, Turkey, 2014
  • The 6th sharjeh international calligraphy exhibition, museum of sharjeh, UAE, 2014
  • House of Artists, Isfehan, 2014
  • 13th International Poster Biennial, Mexico, Morelia, Mexico, 2014
  • Metropolitan university, Mexico, 2014

Selection Of Works In Museums[edit]

  • Museum of Modern Arts, Toyama, Japan
  • Ogaki Poster Museum, Ogaki, Japan
  • Osaka Poster Museum, Osaka, Japan
  • Wilanowie Museum of Posters, Warsaw, Poland
  • Pompidou Centre of Art and Culture, Paris, France
  • Trnava Museum of Posters, Trnava, Slovakia
  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art , Tehran, Iran
  • Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Arts, Isfahan, Iran
  • The Netherlands Museum of Posters, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Lahti Poster Museum, Lahti, Finland
  • Franz Mayer Museum , Mexico City, Mexico
  • Zurich Poster Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Chaumont Museum of Posters, Chaumont, France
  • Dansk Plakat Museum, Aabyhoj, Denmark
  • Museum of Iranian Graphic Designer Society, Tehran, Iran

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