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Mehmed (Pasha) Bushati was an Albanian Pasha and a noble of the Bushati family in the Ottoman vilayet of Shkodra, which nowadays is known as Albania. Mehmet Bushati was also known as Mehmet Plaku (Mehmet the Old) a title given to him since he was the Sufi Shaykh of the Terzi Esnaf of Shkodra. He is credited with the creation of the Pashalik of Scutari and ruled it from 1768 until 1774, when he was succeeded by Mustafa Pasha Bushati. During his rule he managed to subdue the Arab and Berber Muslim pirates of the port cities of Tivar and Ulqin, who together with many Albanian pirates were disrupting the trade of the Italian city states with the Orient. During the Ruso - Turkish war of 1768 – 1774 he managed to become the Kapudan-i-derja of the Western Ottoman fleet.

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Preceded by
Post created
Pasha of Scutari
Succeeded by
Mustafa Pasha Bushati