Mehmet Baransu

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Mehmet Baransu
Born 1977
Nationality Turkish
Employer Taraf
Awards Sedat Simavi Journalism Award (2009)

Mehmet Baransu (born 1977) is a Turkish journalist and author of Kurdish origin.[1] He is a correspondent for Taraf, and previously worked for Aksiyon (1997–2000).[2] He is the winner of a 2009 Sedat Simavi Journalism Award.[3] He is known for investigating the Turkish military, including publishing documents in January 2010 revealing the "Sledgehammer" coup plan, and earlier the "Cage Action Plan" which became part of the Ergenekon trials.[4][5]

In 2010 it was revealed that the phones of both Baransu and his wife, Esra Baransu, had been tapped by the Turkish Gendarmerie on false pretences. The Gendarmerie had obtained warrants for the phone taps by falsely representing the IMEI code numbers of the Baransus' phones as belonging to fictional Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) suspects.[6][7] In 2011 five military officers were each sentenced to five years in jail for these actions.[8] In 2011 a voice recording posted online, allegedly by a military official, said that Baransu should be killed as a warning to others.[9]

His books include Mösyö: Hanefi Avcı’nın Yazamadıkları (2010), which alleges that former police chief Hanefi Avcı had committed torture and developed connections with the Devrimci Karargâh group, and that Avcı had published his book on Ergenekon to try to ward off arrest.[10] His 2012 book Pirus alleged plans to assassinate Chief of the General Staff Hilmi Özkök in order to permit a 2004 coup, and suggested that the plans were foiled when US officials found out about them.[11]

Baransu studied in the United States[clarification needed] for over three years, working on a thesis on child murders.[12]


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