Mihr Narseh

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Mihr Narseh
Born 4th century
Pars, Iran
Died 5th century
Allegiance Sasanian Empire
Rank Grand Vizier
Battles/wars Roman–Sasanian War (421–422)
Battle of Avarayr

Mihr Narseh, was a powerful Sasanian nobleman and grand vizier of Sasanian Empire during the reigns of the Sasanian kings Yazdegerd I (399-420 CE), Bahram V (420–438), Yazdegerd II (438–457) and Peroz I (457–484).

Mihr Narseh was a member of the noble House of Suren, one of the Seven Great Houses of Iran. After having served several Sasanian kings, Mihr Narseh retired to Pars, his native homeland.[1] He may have been succeeded by Suren Pahlav, and had three sons named Zurwandad, Kardar, and Mahgushnasp.

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