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Gender Male
Word/Name Iranian/Persian
Region of origin Iran (Persia)
Other names
Related names Mihrdat,Mitradat
For other uses, see Mithridates (disambiguation).

Mehrdad (Persian: مهرداد‎; About this sound [mɛhrdɑːd] ) is an Persian (Iranian) male given name.

'Mehrdad' derives from Middle Persian Mihrdat, a theophoric name meaning "Given by Mihr." 'Mihr' in turn derives from Avestan Mithra, the Zoroastrian divinity and hypostasis of covenant.

In present-day Iran, the name Mehrdad is also retroactively applied to several historic figures that appear in western literature as Mithridates, a hellenized or philhellenic form of the Old Iranian name.

People named Mehrdad[edit]


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