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Mehria or Mahiwal
Jat Clan
Location Punjab (Pakistan), Punjab (India), and Rajasthan
Language Punjabi and Rajasthani
Religion Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism
Surnames Chaudhary, Singh or Sharma

Mehria (also Meheria, Mahiwal/Mehiwal, Mahe or Mahit) is a gotra or clan of Jats or Brahmins found in the states of Punjab and Rajasthan in India.


These are very old gotras. In the eighth generation of the Mirhas, there lived a king called Mahit. His descendants were called Mahi or Mahe. They founded the Mahe dynasty. People settled on the banks of Mahi River were called Maheria.[1] In about the first century AD, Darunpur, somewhere near Sujangarh, was the capital of the Mahe kings.Meharia is also known as Singh.


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