Meinhard II, Count of Gorizia

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Meinhard II, Count of Gorizia
XIngeram Codex 091b-Görz.jpg
Coat of arms of the Albertine line of the Counts of Gorizia, depicted in the Codex Ingeram, 1459
Spouse(s) Kunigunde of Peilstein
a daughter of Henry I of Tyrol
Noble family Meinhardiner
Father Engelbert II, Count of Gorizia
Mother Adelaide of Scheyen-Dachau-Valley
Born c.  1160
Died 1231

Meinhard II, Count of Gorizia, nicknamed Meinhard the Elder (c. 1160 – 1231) was a member of the Meinhardiner dynasty. He was a ruling Count of Gorizia and Vogt of Aquileia.

He was a son of Margrave Engelbert II and his wife, Adelaide of Scheyen-Dachau-Valley, a daughter of Count Otto I of Dachau-Vallay, an early member of the House of Wittelsbach.

Meinhard II married three times:

  1. Kunigunde, a daughter of Count Conrad I of Peilstein, a member of the Sieghardinger dynasty, from whom the Meinhardiner claimed to descend.
  2. Adelaide, about whom little is known
  3. a daughter of Count Henry I of Tyrol

From these marriages he had several children, but none of them survived childhood.

In 1220, Meinhard II succeeded his brother Englebert III as Count of Gorizia. He died in 1231 and was succeeded by his nephew Meinhard III.

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Meinhard II, Count of Gorizia
Born: c. 1160 Died: 1231
Preceded by
Engelbert II
Count of Gorizia
Succeeded by
Meinhard III