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Korean soybean malt-Meju-01.jpg
Meju sold at Gyeongdong Market, Seoul
Korean name
Hangul 메주
Revised Romanization meju
McCune–Reischauer meju

Meju (< HS code: 2103.90.9040 > or Mae-zoo or Mezu or Meh-zu), also known as maljang (말장), is a brick of dried fermented soybeans in Korean cuisine.[1][2] While not consumed on its own, it serves as the basis of several Korean condiments, such as doenjang, gochujang, or ganjang. Meju is produced by boiling soybeans, then crushing them in a mortar. Frequently, other grains are also mixed in when making meju. The specific process followed when making meju varies slightly depending on which food it will be used to make.[3] The Meju undergoes fermentation with Aspergillus oryzae and/or Bacillus subtilis. [4]

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( Meju or Mezu or Meh-zu )