Melati untuk Marvel

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Melati Untuk Marvel
Directed by Akbar Bhakti
Starring Chelsea Olivia Wijaya
Rezky Aditya
Fendy Chow
Opening theme "P.U.S.P.A."
by ST 12
Country of origin  Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesian
No. of episodes 349
Running time 90 minutes
Original channel SCTV
ITV1 Meridian(October 19, 2008-March 13, 2010)
Original run October 23, 2008 – March 13, 2010
Preceded by Cinta Maia
Followed by Bayu Cinta Luna

Melati Untuk Marvel (Melati For Marvel)is an Indonesian TV serial that was aired on SCTV.


Melati is an independent woman, firm and responsible. On the other hand Marvel is a guy who is still looking for his future. Marvel lives with Anggi, he loves Anggi very much and respects women in general. Melati and Marvel often bump into each other accidentally.

Like when Melati's car gets jammed, Marvel luckily comes there and helps her. After that meeting, Melati feels something different. Meanwhile, on the other side, there is Aditya, a bright cool guy who really likes Melati. He always considers her as his girlfriend although there are no such legal exclamations about that. When Marvel comes to know about Melati and Aditya's relationship, he is jealous. The show then follows the love story between the three of them and who eventually wins Melati's heart.


  • Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati/Jasmine
  • Rezky Aditya as Marvel
  • Fendy Chow as Dika
  • Neshia Putri as Shafa
  • Christ Laurent as Aditya
  • Gracia Indri as Kezia
  • Ryan Delon as Fariz
  • Afifa Syahira as Aurel
  • Donny Michael as Reyhan
  • Mpok Ati as Bu Lily
  • Devi Permatasari as Bu Anggi
  • Krisna Murti Wibowo as Pak Surya
  • Emma Waroka Hawkins as Bu Selva
  • Marcello Djorghi as Pak Slamet
  • Ochi Anggraini as Bu Fatimah
  • Fikri Ramadhan as Tukul
  • Yoelitta Palar as Bu Dewi
  • Kiky Azhari as Julia
  • Ridwan Ghani as Dhimas
  • Gaxel Anyndra as Melati kecil
  • Raphael Purnama as Marvin
  • Ayudhia Bing Slamet as Syarifah
  • Adhi Pawitra as Bagus
  • Cut Keke as Salma

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