Melatonin Magik

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Melatonin Magik
Studio album by Canibus
Released February 9, 2010
Genre Hip hop
Label War Lab
Producer Engineer, Rob Fatal, The Architect, Blastah Beatz, X, Sicknature, The Legendary Charlie G, Beat Butcha, Khrome, Nickel Plated
Canibus chronology
For Whom the Beat Tolls
Melatonin Magik
C of Tranquility
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
HipHopDX 3/5 stars[1]
aboveGround Magazine 4.5/5 stars[2]
Muddled Medley 3/5 stars[3]
Beat-Town 3.5/5 stars[4]
RapReviews 9/10[5]
Parlé Magazine 4/5 stars[6]

Melatonin Magik is the ninth studio album by rapper Canibus. It's his first album since his 2007 effort For Whom the Beat Tolls, and his debut on the new label War Lab Records. The album contains a consistent guest appearance by Professor Griff of Public Enemy, who provides vocals on nearly every track. The album also features other artists, such as DZK, Warbux, Blaq Poet, K-Solo, and D12 among others. On the track "Air Strike (Pop Killer)", both Canibus and DZK dis Eminem and D12, the track is considered as bait to reel Eminem into giving a response, and the track samples an interview from 2002 that Eminem had with Tim Westwood.[7]


Artwork for Melatonin Magik features a scene inspired by movie The Matrix. Canibus sits in meditation position breaking through chains of government tyranny and lies and through the computer monitor/television screen, bringing to every potential protagonist a choice of red pill or blue pill. Similar to Redpill analogy in The Matrix listeners that choose to research Germaine's lyrics are taking the red pill, while those that disregard information Germaine presents in his lyrics choose a blue pill. It also depicts Canibus with his third eye open. Canibus commissioned this artwork after finding a Northamptonshire based graphic design artist on Spitboss.

Track list[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Melatonin Magik Intro"   Rob Fatal & The Architect 2:13
2. "Melatonin Magik" (featuring Professor Griff) Blastah Beatz 4:59
3. "Kriminal Kindness" (featuring Professor Griff) Blastah Beatz 3:04
4. "Hip-Hop Black Ops" (featuring Professor Griff) Flip Da SoulFisher 3:35
5. "The Dragon of Judah" (featuring Professor Griff) Sicknature 3:18
6. "Post Traumatic Warlab Stress" (featuring DZK & Warbux) Sicknature 5:53
7. "Air Strike (Pop Killer)" (featuring D12 & DZK) Engineer 5:28
8. "Fraternity of the Impoverished" (featuring Professor Griff) Sicknature 4:28
9. "Dead by Design" (featuring Professor Griff) Engineer 4:54
10. "Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M."   Engineer 4:18
11. "Ripperland" (featuring The Goddess Psalm One) The Legendary Charlie G 3:50
12. "Stomp On Ya Brain" (featuring Journalist) X 3:35
13. "Beat Butcher Get Em'" (featuring Jaecyn Bayne, Son One & Chopp Devize) Beat Butcha 4:43
14. "Do It Live!" (featuring Blaq Poet, Skarlet Rose & Presto) Nickel Plated 4:30
15. "Sharpshootaz Blazin' Caps" (featuring K-Solo, Born Son, Willie Dynamite & Maintain) X 5:34
16. "Gold & Bronze Magik" (featuring Bronze Nazareth & Copywrite) Krohme 5:33


Charts (2010) Peak
U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums[8] 91


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