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Melbourne Polytechnic
Melbourne Polytechnic logo.jpg
Established 2013
Type Polytechnic Institute
CEO Dr Andrew Giddy[1]
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Australia
Campus Prahran, Epping

Melbourne Polytechnic is a hybrid educational organisation developed and administered by Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) offering vocational education courses encompassing Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma levels and Bachelor degrees at Prahran campus.[2][3]

NMIT Bachelor degrees in Business, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, and Writing and Publishing will initially be offered by Melbourne Polytechnic. Further degree courses are envisaged to be developed through a partnership between La Trobe University and NMIT,[4] with the first degree being the Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology based at Epping Campus.[5]


The Melbourne Polytechnic partnership was announced in August 2013,[6] and is one of several Polytechnic partnerships in Australia between established universities and TAFE colleges.[7]

In 2013 NMIT negotiated the purchase of the Prahan campus of Swinburne University of Technology.[8] Melbourne Polytechnic is based at the Prahan campus and has a special emphasis offering courses in the Creative arts industry.[9]


Higher Education[edit]

Melbourne Polytechnic is initially offering in 2014 a number of existing NMIT Bachelor degree courses at the Prahran campus in Business, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, and Writing and Publishing, as well as the Higher Education Diploma of Tertiary Studies.

The first higher education course developed and delivered by Melbourne Polytechnic is the Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology, which is taught at NMIT's Yan Yean farm and Epping campus. Graduates will have their degree conferred by La Trobe University.[10]

Vocational Education[edit]

Initial VET courses being offered in 2014 include in the areas of Accounting, Beauty Therapy, Community Services Work, Cooking and Patisserie, Costume for Performance, Digital Media, Events, Graphic Design, Hospitality, International Business, Information Technology, Interior Design and Decoration, Justice, Live Production and Theatre Arts, Music and Music Business, Photography, Writing, Sound Production, Specialist Make-Up services, Travel and Tourism, Visual Arts, Visual Merchandising.

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