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Route 16
Melbourne University - Kew
D1 class tram.jpg
System Melbourne tramway network
Operator Yarra Trams
Depot Malvern[1]
Vehicle Z class, D class
Locale Melbourne, Australia
Start Melbourne University
Via Carlton
Melbourne CBD (Swanston St)
St Kilda
St Kilda East
End Kew
Length 20.2 km (12.6 mi)[1]
Zone(s) Zone 1 for the entire route
Annual patronage 8.2 million[2]
Timetable Route 16 timetable
Map Route 16 map
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Tram route 16 is a public transport service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It runs from Melbourne University to Kew in the eastern suburbs. It runs through the suburbs of Melbourne, St Kilda, Balaclava, Malvern, and Kew. Like most tram routes in Melbourne, it is entirely within myki ticketing Zone 1.

The route is operated by a mix of Z1, Z3, D1 and D2 class trams.

In response to the State Government's 2001 Melbourne 2030 planning policy, the Public Transport Users Association lobbied to extend route 16 to Kew Junction, so far without success.[3]


There are 80 stops on route 16.

Starts at Melbourne University' (stop 1), Swanston and Faraday Streets; then runs via:

Terminates at the intersection of Glenferrie Road and Cotham Road, Kew (stop 80).

This route is the amalgamation of the longstanding cross-suburban route 69 from Kew to St Kilda Beach and the 16 (a former cable tram route) from Melbourne University to St Kilda Beach. As both of those old routes used to through-route during the peak hours, it was decided that the routes be merged with the number 16 being kept. The through-routing took effect on Sunday 17 October 2004.

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