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Route 82
Moonee Ponds – Footscray
Z3 145 at Moonee Ponds junction, route 82
A Z3-class tram at Moonee Ponds junction running on route 82.
System Melbourne tramway network
Operator Yarra Trams
Depot Essendon
Vehicle Z3-class
Locale Melbourne, Australia
Start Moonee Ponds
Via Maribyrnong
Ascot Vale
End Footscray
Length 9.2 km (5.7 mi)[1]
Zone(s) Zone 1 for the entire route
Timetable Route 82 timetable
Map Route 82 map
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Tram route 82 is a public transport service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It runs from the corner of Leeds and Irving Streets near Footscray railway station in Footscray to the corner of Ascot Vale Road and Puckle Street (Moonee Ponds Junction) in Moonee Ponds. It is one of only three tram routes which does not travel through the Melbourne CBD, the others being the 78 and 79. Part of its route is the last surviving segment of the Footscray tram network.

Like most Melbourne tram routes, route 82 operates entirely in Metlink ticketing Zone 1.

The route passes Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong. A short section (less than 700 metres) of the route is a light rail reserve track parallel to Wests Road, Maribyrnong.

The route overlaps route 57 between the intersection of Maribyrnong Road and Union Road, Ascot Vale, and Raleigh Road and Wests Road, Maribyrnong.


Starts at Moonee Ponds Junction, Moonee Ponds (stop 32), then runs via:

  • Ascot Vale Road (stops 32 - 34)
    • Maribyrnong Road (stop 34)
  • Maribyrnong Road/Raleigh Road (stops 35 - 48)
  • Light Rail Reserve/Williamson Road (stops 47 - 50)
    • Williamson Road (stop 50)
  • Rosamond Road
  • River Street (stops 52 - 54)
  • Gordon Street (stops 55 - 58)
  • Ballarat Road
    • Droop Street (stop 59)
  • Droop Street (stops 60 - 62)
    • Geelong Road (stop 61)
    • Nicholson Street, Little Saigon, Nicholson Street Mall (stop 62)
  • Hopkins Street
    • Leeds Street, Footscray Market (stop 63)

Ends at Footscray, Footscray railway station (stop 64)

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