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Melicious (aka Melissa Lefton)
Studio album by Melissa Lefton
Released Never commercially released
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop, Electronica, Comedy
Length 36:50
Label Jive Records, Zomba Recording
Producer The Matrix (production team)

Melicious is the debut and only solo album by singer Melissa Lefton. On many promotional copies it was simply titled "Melissa Lefton". The album was originally stated to be due for release on August 21, 2001 on Jive Records.[1] It was later said to be due for release in Spring 2002,[2] but was eventually suspended indefinitely. The album was produced by The Matrix.

The only copies of the album that exist are full length promotional copies, none of which include the publicized album cover. There are two variations: one is an acetate promo which has a stick-on label and comes in an orange jewel case. The other comes in a cardboard sleeve and features Lefton in a t-shirt with a jolly roger on it. A three song sampler also exists which plays the songs "My Hit Song," "Ozone" and "Sugar Daddy".

Melicious took on topics like pollution,[3] date-rape, occultism and murder, with tongue in cheek lyrics. The month before it was due for release, the Seattle Weekly gave a favourable review of the album,[3] as did the Autumn 2001 edition of Elle Girl.[4] Allmusic also spoke highly of the album, saying it "matches the pop sassiness of the Go-Go's and Cyndi Lauper".[5] Five years after it was cancelled, Stylus Magazine gave the album a positive review and referred to Lefton as "[T]he queen of shelved teenpop".[6]

Two songs on this album were commercially released on other albums. "I Love Life" appeared on the soundtrack to The Princess Diaries. "My Hit Song" appeared on the soundtrack to On the Line and also appeared on the compilation album Cool Traxx! 3. The track "Radio Rainbow" appears in the film Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, though the film did not release an accompanying soundtrack.

A promotional short film was created to promote the album. Called Behind the Muse, it was a mockumentary spoofing the Behind the Music program and format. In it, Lefton is depicted as an already-famous musician who rose to fame as a pop star only to succumb to an IV addiction to SunnyD. After a nearly fatal car crash she records a critically panned album titled "Ouch!", and then revitalizes her career as a Las Vegas lounge singer. The humor in the film is decidedly not for young people; for example, regarding her addiction, Lefton states: "I was making love to sweaty bums just to score a hit of SunnyD, and it didn't feel good on my vagina." The film was promotionally distributed on VHS and MiniDV tapes.


  1. My Hit Song
  2. ...Now I Got Punk Rock Fever
  3. Radio Rainbow
  4. Ozone
  5. Last Summer
  6. Sugar Daddy
  7. Bionic Man
  8. Sunnyville
  9. I Love Life
  10. Who Shot Jennifer?
  11. I Know You Want Me (How Can I Blame You?)


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