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Melissa Grelo is a Canadian television personality, best known as a cohost of CP24 Breakfast[1] and The Social.[2] Her other roles have included coanchoring CTV's Olympic Morning during the 2010 Winter Olympics and Toronto's annual Santa Claus Parade.

Originally a teacher,[3] Grelo studied broadcast journalism at Seneca College after deciding to pursue a change of career. She subsequently worked as a reporter for CKVR-TV and CITY-TV before becoming cohost of CP24 Breakfast in 2009.[1]

Grelo is of Portuguese and Filipino descent.[3] With her husband Ryan Gaggi,[3] Grelo gave birth to a daughter, Marquesa, in 2014.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Grelo's interests include travelling, reading, fitness training, and horseback riding. Her love for giving back and educating inspired her to become a teacher. From this, Grelo became involved with multiple charities such as Artbound and Free The Children. By speaking at fundraising events, she encourages the youth of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to become involved in charity work and inspires them to make a difference in their communities. [4]


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