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Birth name Melodía Ruiz Gutiérrez
Born (1990-10-12) October 12, 1990 (age 24)
Dos Hermanas, Spain
Origin Puerto Serrano, Cadiz, Spain
Genres Pop, Latin pop, dance-pop, hip hop
Occupation(s) singer-songwriter, dancer,
Years active 2001–present
Labels Sony / Disparate Records
Website Web Oficial

Melodía Ruiz Gutiérrez (born October 12, 1990 in Dos Hermanas, Spain), better known in the Spanish music world as Melody, is a pop singer. Some close relatives used to belong to a music group named Los Quillos. She has sold a combined 10 million copies of her albums worldwide.


She released her first album, Melody in 2000. Her single El Baile Del Gorila (Gorilla Dance) became a number one hit all over Latin America, even received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Children's Album in 2002. In 2001, she had a long and extended tour throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

She released a second CD in December 2002 and she went on tour in Latin America again in 2003. For her new tour, it was said that some cities she visited have requested three concerts in a row to be performed by her at those locations. Her third CD, "T.Q.M", was released 2003, and became No.1 in Spain and No.7 in France. Later on she released "Melodía" in 2004 which showed much growth and maturity. She waited three years to release another CD since she wanted to grow and for it to be reflected in her music. She released "Los Buenos Días" in 2008, a much more mature album with great lyrics and music. She co-wrote some of the tracks in it and was more involved in the process. She's currently working on her sixth studio album.

Her parents are former dancer Ana Gutierrez and singer Los Quillos Lorenzo Ruiz. She has travelled to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Texas, and Miami for concerts and award ceremonies. Melody was in the running to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia. She won the first semifinal, and thus qualified for the final with her song "Amante de la luna", but ultimately came second to Soraya. Melody has switched to another discography and has made a new album different from the others named "Mucho Camino Por Andar", where she expresses another side of herself. She did a pre-show of what the album will be, and the single is "Cuidaito Conmigo" a disco song, she sang in Club Eleccion February 28, 2012.


  • De Pata Negra (October 30, 2001) #1 Spain (2 Weeks), #3 US: Latin, #7 France
  • Muévete (October 29, 2002) #2 Spain, #9 US: Latin, #5 France
  • T.Q.M. (October 7, 2003) #1 Spain (4 Weeks), #4 France
  • Melodía (2004) #9 Spain, #14 France
  • Los buenos dias (2008) #1 Spain
  • Mucho Camino Por Andar (2014)


  • El Baile del Gorila ("Gorilla Dance" in English) (2000) #1 Spain (9 Weeks), #1 US: Latin (2 Week), #1 Argentina (4 Weeks), #4 France
  • De Pata Negra
  • Muévete
  • Será
  • Dabadabada
  • Y Ese Niño
  • La Novia es Chiquita
  • Te Digo Adiós
  • Cuidaito Conmigo
  • No sé featuring DJ Pana (2013) #1 Venezuela
  • Mucho Camino Por Andar(2014)

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