Melody Bell

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Melody Bell
Doctors character
Portrayed by Elizabeth Bower
Duration 2007-09
First appearance 31 July 2007
Last appearance 4 June 2009
Introduced by Peter Eryl Lloyd
Classification Former; regular
Occupation General practitioner

Dr. Melody Bell was a fictional character in the soap opera Doctors. She was played by Elizabeth Bower and made her first appearance on 31 July 2007. She left in June 2009.


Melody arrived at The Mill, as the new GP Registrar. Melody was mentored by Dr. Joe Fenton. In Series 10, it showed that her good friend and colleague Ruth Pearce was suffering from a breakdown when she kept pretending and declaring that she is Michelle Corrigan psychotically. Due to this, Melody felt it would be best to refer Ruth to a mental health institute, where she had been later sectioned upon the mental health act from endangering herself with other people. Melody felt guilty of what she had done to her best friend and went to visit Ruth, but she wasn't eager to see her and psychotically berated her to leave. After this, Melody called for Michelle's help in which she was also shocked of what had happened (due to them discovering Ruth in bed with Michelle's half brother Adam) and told Melody that she was selfish because she knew that Melody would've felt guilty of referring her best friend Ruth to a mental health institute and told her that it was her problem to deal with. On the 20th May 2009, Melody had to assess Ruth, to see if she was fit enough to come back to work or not. Ruth passed the assessment.

In June 2009 Melody was on call overnight, during which she was unexpectedly called to the house of a man, Terry, who had visited her earlier with a pregnant girl, Kim. Once in the house Melody discovered Kim and another girl, Alicia, were both giving birth. Melody insisted the girls needed to go to hospital to continue the birthing, but Terry refused to let any of them leave. It was revealed that the babies were to be sold to cover debts. Kim gives birth but bleeds severely and Melody begs that Terry takes her to a hospital, which he agrees to. When taking them, Terry realises he is being pursued by a colleague of Melody's and pulls into a scrapyard. Terry takes the baby and hands it to a man at the scrapyard, and signals for his van to be crushed, with Melody and Kim still locked inside. Melody's colleague witnesses the van being crushed and screams in terror only to see Melody and Kim emerge. How they escaped was never revealed. In June 2009, Melody received her test results which would determine whether or not she would be able to enter the Mental Health career path she wants to. Melody is too nervous to look at her results but Heston Carter sneaks a look in the envelope, to find she has passed and plans a small celebration for her. With these results Melody phoned to confirm acceptance of a job she was offered and leaves The Mill.

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